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Introduction and points to consider

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An overview of important issues to be aware of before applying plants for any healing purposes can be read under Herbs in oral (and other) healing Introduction, general advice & considerations.

A German saying goes: "There is a herb for every illness." In fact there may be even much more than just one herb for every illness. In addition to many if not most vegetables and fruits, numerous herbs and plants have been (and continue to be) reported as having either specific cancer-healing benefits/components or to generally boost the body's ability to heal from a variety of conditions involving below-par health. Three prime examples are furnished by the humble "weeds" stinging nettle, dandelion and St. John's wort.[1]

Dr Wolf-Dieter Storl, eminent German-American anthropologist and ethnobotanist and the prolific author of 30+ books. feels that plants are conscious healers and will settle where they are needed by the people living in that particular location — so if you find your balcony or garden suddenly invaded by a certain type of "weed", you might wish to "take it as a sign" and start exploring the therapeutic uses of that herb.

Did you know that even a number of chemotherapy medications are derived from herbs? Vincristine and Vinblastine for instance are derived from the herb periwinkle, and Taxol is made from the bark of the Pacific yew.

There is a lot more money to be made once these herbs are chemically manipulated to become patentable while preserving some of the characteristics/effects of the herbal base and this is likely the reason why herbal preparations that have proven efficient with many people are either denounced or actively suppressed by the medical establishment.

One graphic illustration among several: the history of the Hoxsey formula, known to be highly effective with many cancers and reportedly extremely effective with basal cell carcinoma.[2].

All of that said, a person well-versed in alternative cancer treatments commented on the use of herbs in cancer treatment (paraphrased) that he felt that while herbal cancer remedies used to be quite powerfully cancer-healing, with people and environment becoming increasingly polluted (and it should be added, with soils becoming increasingly depleted[3] and electromagnetc pollution becoming more and more pervasive[4]), herbs overall had become less effective today.

But even if this were true — this shouldn’t discourage anyone from using what clearly continues to be a most powerful healing modality — herbs!

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3 See Rising atmospheric CO2 decreases micronutrients in plants world-wide and Quality matters: organic vs conventional food and cancer.

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