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Make Your Own Fresh Green Barley Grass Juice

How to grow barley grass at home

excerpted and complemented by Healing Cancer Naturally from article on GREEN BARLEY JUICE[1]

For an introduction to the benefits of barley grass powder, see Barley Green as "Medicine" in Cancer and Other Diseases.

Put barley seeds in water to accelerate germination. After 24 hours, put seeds in soil in a very large flowerpot (or in a very large and deep tray). For "healthiest" results, make sure your soil has the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements by using ripe organic compost or at a minimum, adding ground-up seaweed or similar products to the soil.

Keep the pot in a warm and bright area to stimulate growing and photosynthesis. Water seeds daily. During 14 days, they will grow about 20 cm, 100 grams of seeds producing about 100 grams of grass.

Process in a blender 100 — 200 grams of grass + 1/2 liter of water. Filter the juice and dilute it with 1/2 — 1 liter of water (not chlorinated). Plant every week 700-1400 grams of barley seeds, if you consume daily 100-200 grams of grass.

Note: Until barley grass is ready for harvesting, you may consume other green juices diluted with water, made from lettuce, spinach and parsley leafs (or wild herbs such as dandelion and nettles[2]).

After 2 weeks, the first flower pot may be harvested within 1 week, meanwhile other barley crops will ensure the consumption for the following weeks. Repeat the cycle. For each new cycle, you need to put new soil in flowerpots.

First day
Saturday: Put barley seeds in water.
Sunday: Plant the first very large flowerpot.

After 1 week
Saturday: Put another batch of barley seeds in water.
Sunday: Plant the second very large flowerpot.

After 2 weeks
Saturday: Put another batch of barley seeds in a pot that was filled with water.
Sunday: Plant the third very large flowerpot.

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1 previously published at http://cancer.home.ro/greenbarleyjuice.html

2 Both count among the healthiest (nutrient-rich) and most medicinal foods available, see Stinging nettle medicinal effects and Taraxacum (dandelion) medicinal effects.

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