Budwig Diet & Protocol: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find here expert answers to 138 questions asked about the "finer points" of Dr. Johanna Budwig's dietary and lifestyle self-treatment for cancer and other illnesses.


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Budwig Diet and Protocol: get answers to the following 138 questions:

  • Which flaxseed oil offers the best quality based on the way it is manufactured?
  • Is there a vegan alternative to cottage cheese/quark?
  • Is the basic flax oil/cottage cheese (or quark) mixture enough? Or must one have the ground flaxseeds in order to gain maximum benefits?
  • What is the purpose of the sauerkraut juice? Is drinking saurkraut juice mandatory even if I juice several times a day?
  • Can one cook with flaxseed oil or would coconut or some other oil be better?
  • Should I shake the bottle of flaxseed oil before use? (The short answer is an emphatic NO).
  • Should I preferably buy flaxseed oil with lignans?
  • Should I add Vitamin E to the flax oil to prevent it from going rancid/take Vitamin E along with flaxseed oil to prevent oxidation within the body?
  • How long, if at all, can flaxseed oil be stored / preserved in the freezer?
  • Can supplemental antioxidants interfere with the Budwig protocol?
  • Could even ingestion of too many natural foods with high antioxidant properties have a detrimental effect on the protocol, i. e. could too much of a good thing (antioxidant foods) be bad?
  • Thoughts on supplemental vitamins & minerals
  • What is Dr. Budwig’s treatment advice for very ill cancer patients who are very weak and/or unable to eat?
  • What is the advantage of the Budwig Protocol over other frequently successful nutrition-based therapies against cancer?
  • If antioxidants block the oxygenation that Dr. Budwig was striving for, then I don't understand why it's okay to eat them in natural food but not okay to supplement with them.
  • Can I take a vitamin B12 supplement on the Budwig protocol or would it interfere with its effects?
  • If cell oxygenation is a major factor of how the flaxoil/cottage cheese mix works then would adding things like "Cell Food" or germanium, both of which increase oxygenation, help improve the bio-oxygenation?
  • What about antioxidants that work intra-cellularly, e.g. using carnitine to improve using fats for cell energy or CoQ10 to improve electron transport chain function (which could be fantastic as it might work with the increased cellular oxygen transport from the flaxoil/cottage cheese mix)?
  • Vitamin C as adjuvant therapy?
  • Can I have intravenous vitamin c therapy/undergo chemotherapy while on the Budwig diet?
  • When can tumor-destroying therapies such as vitamin C high-dose infusions, Ukrain, Galvanotherapy make sense with the Budwig protocol?
  • Does the Budwig protocol require additions such as supplements and vitamins? What about using different therapies with it, such as Essiac?
  • Can Pau d'arco (aka Lapacho or Taheebo) and Essiac be used with the Budwig Protocol?
  • Are there self-administered supplements or protocols which can work in tandem with the Budwig diet? I'd like to add more self-treatment weapons to my cancer battle arsenal.
  • Is there a possible need for the use of supplemental (digestive etc.) enzymes?
  • Which supplements, medications, etc. are definitively incompatible with the Budwig diet?
  • Can I take artificial hormones (such as Lupron) designed to suppress estradiol and testosterone production on the Budwig Protocol?
  • What do I definitely have to avoid when using the Budwig approach to healing cancer?
  • Do apricot kernels or laetrile (Vitamin B17) interfere with the effectiveness of the Budwig Protocol.
  • Which complementary therapies did Dr. Budwig recommend, endorse or allow? On treatment modalities compatible with Dr. Budwig’s protocol and natural healing approach to cancer & other diseases.
  • Which sweeteners are allowed in the Budwig diet and are more recently developed natural sweeteners such as agave syrup compatible?
  • Is spelt bread compatible with the Budwig diet?
  • Can the Budwig protocol be combined with medicinal mushrooms?
  • Are medicinal mushroom powders and extracts compatible with the Budwig protocol?
  • Why use organic dairy in the Budwig diet?
  • Should I buy low-fat quark or quark with 20 or 40% fat content?
  • Is low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese best to use with the flaxseed oil?
  • I read a number of assertions re the "True Budwig Protocol" online which contradict what I have learned here particularly re the importance of low-fat quark/cottage cheese.
  • When low-fat organic cottage cheese is unavailable, which is better used in Dr Budwig's diet, organic high fat or non-organic low fat?
  • Difference between taking fish oils and flax oil/cottage cheese as a source of omega-3s: Is substituting fish oil for flax oil as good or better than using flax oil?
  • Flaxseed vs. fish oil: why did Dr. Budwig prefer flaxseed oil over fish oil?
  • Estrogen-receptive tumors:. replacing flaxoil with fish oil
  • Can I consume both fish oil and flax in the same day (and is there a maximum daily allowance of omega 3s)?
  • Can I use all types of spices?
  • Using whey powder/Correct ratio sulfurated proteins to flaxseed oil: What amount of sulfurated proteins is found within 100 g of cottage cheese or quark? I.e. how much of these proteins should be combined with each tablespoon of flaxoil? I am asking since I use whey protein powder instead of quark or cottage cheese.
  • Can I take unflavored, pure whey protein isolate to help maintain muscle strength and size without jeopardizing the diet's effects?
  • Is flaxseed oil dangerous?
  • Does flax oil (polyunsaturated fatty acids) in large quantities create free radical damage?
  • Does flaxseed oil promote prostate cancer?
  • Fruit and sugar: Dr. Budwig recommends fruit and juices, but isn't sugar in any form a cancer feeder?
  • I suffer from extreme gas, bloating and constipation after starting on Dr. Budwig’s protocol.
  • I suffer from nausea after ingesting flaxseed oil plus cottage cheese.
  • I am on the Budwig diet and am suffering from swelling and weakness in my arm after blood test/excessive bleeding after an operation.
  • What are the "Respiratory Poisons" Dr. Budwig refers to?
  • I thought animal fats were prohibited, but the Budwig cookbook says "the heavy eater is allowed all types of cheeses."
  • Which vegetables & fruit are allowed on the Budwig diet? How do sprouts, sprouting and juice made of sprouts for instance coincide with Dr. Budwig's protocol?
  • Is butter allowed?
  • When making my own yoghurt or quark, can I use goat’s milk?
  • When making my own yoghurt or quark, can I use kefir?
  • Can Fromage Blanc be used instead of cottage cheese (or quark)?
  • Can I use ricotta instead of cottage cheese or quark?
  • Can I use Greek yogurt as a cottage cheese or quark substitute?
  • Can I use sour cream with or in place of the cottage cheese?
  • I am currently using organic LOW-FAT yogurt, unfortunately homogenised. Other options where I live are organic FULL FAT goat's yogurt and organic FULL FAT cow yogurt (both non-homogenised). Should I quit the low fat homogenised version and if so, should I pick the goat's or the cow's full-fat yogurt?
  • Dr. Budwig’s cookbook mentions comfrey root. Is this really what she meant us to use?
  • Can MSM be used with flax oil to supply the necessary sulfur?
  • Will taking barley greens in pill form interfere with the Budwig diet’s healing effects?
  • Is there a difference between golden and brown flaxseeds as well as between linseed and flaxseed?
  • Should the flaxseeds be soaked (such as overnight) before being ground and used?
  • Substituting Linomel with freshly ground flaxseeds in the breakfast muesli: why does Dr. Budwig suggest the 2:1 ratio, i.e. 4 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds for 2 tablespoons of Linomel?
  • When making my own linomel, are there specific ratios for flaxseed to honey to observe? Are there other substances one could mix the freshly ground flaxseed with to prevent its oxidation, such as water?
  • I'm ambivalent about the addition of dried fruit to the breakfast muesli, as this clashes with food combining rules.
  • Is is really necessary to grind the flaxseeds separately or is it OK to mix them in directly?
  • What are sulphurated (or sulfurated) amino acids?
  • Are there flaxseed oil substitutes for treating cancer?
  • Can I use hempseed oil instead of flax oil?
  • Can I use olive oil with the Budwig diet?
  • Is it ok to use a blender to mix the flaxseed oil/cottage cheese or should a hand beater be used?
  • Is it all right to use yogurt in place of milk in the preparation of the breakfast musli? Or does the addition of milk in the muesli actually affect the effectiveness of the cottage cheese/flax oil mixture?
  • Did Dr. Budwig actually recommend the use of yogurt in place of cottage cheese/quark?
  • Is honey added to the breakfast muesli for taste reasons or does it enhance the therapeutic effect of the Budwig Diet?
  • I find it difficult to eat other foods in addition to the flax oil/cottage cheese in the recommended amounts. I've been depending on the flax oil/cottage cheese primarily because I'm assuming that is the most important.
  • Flaxoil capsules: is there any danger in just taking flaxoil capsules instead of mixing oil and cottage cheese together?
  • What about the "warning" concerning rough-ground flaxseeds appearing in one of Dr. Budwig's books?
  • "Maintenance dose": I have been doing the Budwig diet on and off in addition to traditional treatments for Hodgkin's Lymphoma and am in remission. When do I go on maintenance dose only?
  • How long did Dr. Budwig advise cancer patients to stay on the "strict" Budwig diet & protocol as laid out in her oil-protein cookbook?
  • However I prepare it, I tend to find the taste of the mix slightly oily and unappetising.
  • I find the Budwig diet somewhat monotonous, what can I do?
  • Why does the cookbook allow flax oil to be used without cottage cheese although Dr. Budwig states elsewhere that flaxseed oil alone could cause more harm than good?
  • Why is some alcohol & champagne allowed on the protocol? Does it have to be organic? Wouldn’t it be preferable to drink the ground flaxseeds stirred into papaya juice?
  • I don't live in a Western country and our culture often uses different foods than those found in Dr. Budwig's cookbook. Can I adjust the recipes accordingly?
  • Can I use Stevia with the Budwig diet?
  • Will using colloidal silver interfere with the Budwig protocol?
  • Lack of sunlight: how can I compensate for a lack of sun exposure in winter when following the Budwig protocol?
  • My loved one with cancer is in great pain. How can I manage his pain if painkillers can interfere with the healing effects of the Budwig protocol?
  • Dr. Budwig reports an over 90% cure rate. Are there current percentage numbers of how many people cured their cancer after starting flaxoil/cottage cheese?
  • Tumor enlargement (tumor growth) after adopting the Budwig diet
  • How long until I can count on seeing tumor shrinkage/response?
  • Can patients get worse before getting better (tumors swelling and becoming inflamed, tumor markers going up, pain, etc.)?
  • I have followed the Budwig protocol for a long time but don’t see a noticeable effect concerning the cancer I want to heal.
  • I have been progressing towards being cancer-free, but my body, the immune system has not completed the healing. If Budwig works why did the healing process stop?
  • Is Proscar for prostate safe to take while on the Budwig Protocol?
  • Tamoxifen
  • Weaning off medications (drug intake can jeopardize the healing effectiveness of the Budwig protocol)
  • Danger of growth hormones in cottage cheese?
  • How should I store flax oil?
  • How do I keep flaxoil fresh?
  • How do I tell when flaxseed oil is rancid (or starts to go rancid)?
  • How long will the flaxoil/cottage cheese mixture, the Budwig mayonnaise & oleolux last if made in advance?
  • I don't understand the Oleolux. I thought Budwig said the flax oil has to be mixed with protein to be effective. Why is it mixed with coconut fat in the Oleolox?
  • To make oleolux, are there alternatives to garlic and onions?
  • Can I use frozen fruits and vegetables in the Budwig diet?
  • Is surgery advisable to accelerate cancer healing (anesthetics impede the immune system)?
  • Anti-VIRAL aspect of the Budwig Diet?
  • Diabetes and the Budwig Protocol Is flax good or bad for diabetes type II?
  • What do I do when the liver is affected?
  • Has this protocol been effective with pancreatic and liver cancers, breast cancers, lung cancers, brain cancers, prostate cancers, bladder cancers, colon cancers and pet cancers?
  • Cholesterol levels: on the impact of taking (even low-fat) cottage cheese/quark daily
  • I read many testimonials from folks who "quit" chemo, went on the "diet", and then got better, giving all the credit to the diet. Maybe the chemo had something to do with their recovery and not the Johanna Budwig diet?
  • Cesium Chloride Therapy, PolyMVA and the Budwig Protocol
  • In the "China Study", Dr. Campbell argues that animal protein and particularly milk casein is the main cause of cancer and other diseases. How can the Budwig diet help with cancer if that is true?
  • What can I do about recurring diarrhea with danger of dehydration?
  • Does the Budwig protocol heal ANY condition of disease within ANY human/animal body?
  • Details on Dr. Johanna Budwig’s use of flax oil enemas
  • What are Eldi oils and what are they used for (oil enemas, packs etc.)? Are Eldi oils available online?
  • What do I do when traveling/on vacation?
  • Does it matter whether I use (only) ground flaxseed or must I also use flax oil in the Budwig protocol? I prefer using the ground flaxseeds exclusively because then I get the full nutritional value of the seed, along with the fiber.
  • Allergies/allergic reactions to flax oil and/or flaxseed
  • Where can I obtain flaxseed oil in India?
  • Buying flaxseed oil in South Africa
  • Buying cottage cheese in South Africa
  • I went off the diet to be able to go out to dinner- now my tumor has increased.
  • Radiation damage makes my stomach hurt when I eat flax oil or cottage cheese
  • Do you have more information on the "cancerobes", the worm-like micro-organisms Dr. Budwig discovered in all blood samples of cancer patients?
  • In Cancer-The Problem and The Solution, page 35, Dr. Budwig says about the patients she would reject...: "I also reject patients with breast cancer whose arm is already swollen ...." So Dr. Budwig would have REJECTED me as a patient?
  • In Cancer-The Problem and The Solution" Dr. Budwig says she doesn't accept patients with an ileostomy or colostomy bag or women with breast cancer whose arms are swollen. Is her protocol not effective with these malignancies?
  • What exactly is the purpose of the cottage cheese in the Budwig protocol?
  • Why and how do the sulphurated amino acids from cottage cheese change the dynamic of flaxseed (omega-3) and provide the cancer-fighting components?
  • Can I dilute the quark/flaxseed oil mix with freshly pressed juices? (smoothie)
  • What is the exact dosage for the Budwig blend for people of different weight and height?
  • Can I overdose on quark/flax oil?
  • Feeling terrible & developing dry cracked skin, joint pains etc. on the Budwig diet
  • On the question why the cancer always/sometimes will come back with a vengeance when the Budwig diet is abandoned
  • How can one overcome a lack of appetite?
  • Can I use sodium bicarbonate (such as one or two teaspoons a day in a glass of water) with the Budwig protocol?
  • If Dr. Johanna Budwig’s discoveries and approach to healing cancer are valid, why aren’t they taught in medical school?
  • What are the main differences between Dr Budwig's diet for cancer patients compared with her dietary recommendations for the "healthy" person specified in her second (yet untranslated) cookbook? Does a healthy person incur any risks following the strict diet?
  • How many sulfurated amino acids can be found in flaxseeds?
  • Why is it important to go for a walk after a meal?
  • Tip: Chemo, nausea & flaxseed oil/cottage cheese
  • Tip: making the Budwig mix into a tasty dessert while helping its digestion
  • Tips for grinding flaxseed

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