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Illuminating a neglected but important subject

While much has been written on the influence of various other environmental factors on health, the light that surrounds us on a daily basis — which since the invention of the light bulb has become increasingly unnatural — has received comparatively little attention.

The following books show that light does have a decisive part to play in questions of health and healing and that we would be well advised to consider light a nutrient of similar importance as diet and nutrition. Details on healing with light

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The Influence of Ocular Light Perception on Metabolism in Man and in Animal
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by Dr Fritz Hollwich

Professor Fritz Hollwich MD (1909–1991) was an eminent German ophthalmologist ("eye doctor") as well as researcher and author of several books including the "Pocket Atlas of Ophthalmology".

In "The Influence of Ocular Light Perception" he summarizes decades of observation and research showing the decisive impact on healthy metabolic and neuroendocrine / hormonal functions of natural light. And conversely, he also demonstrates the deleterious effect of extended exposure to unnatural (artificial) light spectra and lack of natural light.

Day Light Robbery — The Importance of Sunlight To Health
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by Dr Damien Downing

See excerpts from this book under Skin Cancer, Malignant Melanoma and Sunlight and Sunlight — the ultimate detoxifier?.

Health & Light: The extraordinary Study that Shows How light Affects Your Health and emotional well being
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by John Nash Ott

By now a classic, this book published by the pioneer of light and health research Dr John Ott (1909–2000) shows the many surprising effects different types of light have on human and animal physiology and healthy or unhealthy functioning including cancer genesis and healing.

For background to Dr Ott's discoveries of the link between cancer and what he dubbed "malillumination" (the lack of full-spectrum light coupled with the exposure to distorted light spectra as occurring behind normal window glass, sunglasses as well as under most manmade lighting fixtures), see Full-Spectrum Sunlight and Cancer and Sunlight, cancer, leukemia & cancer prevention.

Ott's research was confirmed and endorsed by Professor Fritz Hollwich (whose book on the subject of light and health is listed above).

Light, Radiation And You
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by Dr John Ott

Another must-read — the last book published by the author of "Health and Light".

Light : Medicine of The FutureLight : Medicine of The Future
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by Jacob Liberman, Ph.D.

An eye-opener as to the importance and curative/ health-maintaining value of natural full-spectrum light. Skin and other cancers may be due to other factors than those strongly promoted by the mainstream (or to a combination of factors) such as long-term exposure to neon and other artificial lighting, the use of chemical-laden sun lotions, various deficiencies incl. long-term underhydration, etc. This and much more (including the early detection and healing of cancer) is discussed in this truly ground-breaking work on light and health.

More on Light: Medicine of The Future (incl. cancer treatment

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