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Beware of new breed of flaxseed low in alpha-linolenic acid

Linola/Solin: a new variety of linseed low in ALA (omega-3 fatty acid)

Compiled & edited by Healing Cancer Naturally from materials supplied by Wilhelm H, Jane Reinhardt-Martin, RD, LD, & other sources.

A new golden yellow flax variety has been developed which has only about 2% of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid) but about 72% of linoleic acid LA (omega-6). The variety is called Linola. The generic name is Solin.

One needs to be vigilant about this low omega-3 variety since these seeds are not what we want. One also needs to watch it when buying flaxmeal. (But we don't have to worry about that part if we listen to Dr. Budwig and don't buy pre-ground flaxseeds or flaxmeal, and instead grind our flaxseed freshly for each meal.)

Jane Reinhardt-Martin adds: “As far as I am aware, if Solin is sold commercially, it must be labeled as Solin, not golden flaxseed. One still needs to read labels just to make sure.

Another example showing the importance of reading labels is flaxmeal since some flax meal sold contains less omega-3 fats than milled flax or ground flax. Why is that? PROFIT!! Companies that produce flax oil have a lot of flaxmeal left. After taking out the oil (and selling it separately), they then sell the flaxmeal for the same price as milled flax or ground flax.”

In conclusion: There seem to be thousands of hectares of Linola planted all over the world, including the US and Canada. Furthermore it has sub-varieties. "Argyle" is a common one. Linola and its offspring are possibly called "Golden Flax" in the US, and marketed as desirable nutrition in Health food stores and supermarkets.

These might be labelled generically with the original oil contents of "Linseed" (Linum usitatissimum) on the label. The label may show linseed's high ratio of omega-3 (Alpha Linolenic Acid - ALA), but in fact have none or very little.

In order to not end up with Linola when buying golden flaxseeds, you may wish to ask wholesalers of flaxseed products to advise if they sell any products made from "Golden Flax" and if so, can they find out for you the name of the crop that is "Golden Flax". If anyone answers that the crop is related to "Linola", then you may want to make sure to only buy guaranteed "Linseed" products and be wary of "Golden Flax" or "Linola"-derived products, if you expect to get the benefits of omega-3.

"Perhaps every-one's health literature should warn that seed and oil must be sourced from 'brown lin or flaxseed', not modified flaxseed, because there is a high likelihood that some flaxseed products do not contain the essential oils needed for health benefit".

What is Solin used for?

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