Terminal cancer cured thanks to the macrobiotic diet

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Lung cancer healed

Nurse Janet Vitt had "terminal" stage 4 lung cancer (small cell adenocarcinoma) with metastases to liver, pancreas, abdomen and lymphatic system. She underwent one chemo session after which she vomited day and night. She was given a few weeks or months to live, but recovered thanks to macrobiotics.


Recurrent brain cancer

Diagnosed in 2004, Kevin Raymond had surgery and radiation "therapy" but in spite of doctor's assurances that now he was fine, his cancer soon returned. Disillusioned, he started looking for alternatives, chose the macrobiotic diet and was healed after just six months (testimonial from 2013, eight years after his cure).


Terminal acute lymphocytic leukemia

In 1983 (at age 26), Christina Pirellowas was given six months to live, but one month after starting on the macrobiotic diet she was in remission (testimonial from 2000).


Re chronic lymphocytic leukemia, refer to Cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment: misdiagnoses abound — do be aware! (scroll to "Celiac disease misdiagnosed as leukemia?").

Metastatic malignant melanoma plus intestinal tumors

After having been given nine months to live, Marlene Marcello Mckenna cured her cancer in five months without chemo and radiation thanks to macrobiotics and spiritual and lifestyle changes.

(video testimonial 23 years after her healing)

Books by cancer victors who used the macrobiotic diet

Two of the above-featured cancer victors have written a book about their experience, see Books: cancer victory thanks to the macrobiotic diet which features seven works written by former cancer patients who successfully used the macrobiotic diet to achieve what looks like permanent remission. They used to suffer from breast, bone, ovarian (with liver, bone and lymphatic system metastases), pancreatic, lung, intestinal and prostate cancer as well as malignant melanoma, respectively.

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