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On the Natural Self-Healing of the Human Body

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”The bottom line is this ..: The human body "WILL HEAL"... If we get out of our own way and allow it, it heals itself. It is our basic nature. Anybody who tells you other than that is trying to sell you something. No matter what you have been told. Don't give up on yourself and don't buy into the lines like ... ‘oh well you've had a good life'... 'at your age'... and the worst of all ...'there's nothing further I can do, I suggest you finalize your affairs'... How dare anyone tell you to give up! So much in society combines to convince us of the propaganda that some things never get better. It's up to you ... do you want to get better? Make things better? It is human nature to make things better, evolve and grow.”
Shé D'Montford, Shambhallah, Australia

The human body is generally “designed” to be self-healing and will heal (often accompanied by an uncomfortable healing crisis [or several of them] involving the increased shedding of toxins) if the proper conditions conducive to healing are reestablished.

Did you know for instance that the Chinese have been healing cancer and other “incurable” disease solely via an increased supply of life force energy [chi] to the organism, or that there is a connection between fever and spontaneous remissions?

“The body is self-healing” is a concept possibly common to all schools of thought embracing naturopathic approaches to healing and certainly the central tenet of the healing system known as Natural Hygiene.

This belief is perhaps the only “bold” assertion you will find on this eclectic healing site without qualifications added, except maybe the following:

According to various “esoteric” sources, disease can also be (subconsciously) deliberately created to allow the indwelling spirit to leave physical existence, for instance because the person feels that their life purpose or mission has been fulfilled — or in the presence of a (probably mostly unconscious) death wish before an existence considered too unpleasant to be worth continuing.

A good illustration of this kind of determination to “go” may be found in those instances where people are healed from any one serious disease only to succumb to a traffic accident shortly thereafter. This kind of “death wish” (also see a naturopathic physician’s lucid comments on purpose for living) is obviously also amenable to being uncovered and healed.

For specifics on natural self-healing addressing the physical, emotional, mental, “spiritual” and energetic aspects, see

For additional powerful statements on the self-healing nature of the human body, see On Nature & Self Healing.

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