One Month of Super Size McDonald's Fare and Its Health Effects


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Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is the author and main actor of the documentary "Super Size Me: A Film of Epic Portions" in which he guinea-pigged and documented the effects of eating nothing but McDonald's fast food on his waistline and general health.

Aged 33 and in excellent health at the outset of his experiment, with three doctors monitoring him during what turned out to be a rather dangerous self-test, Spurlock for one month exclusively ate McDonald's meals three times a day.

The first symptoms that something was amiss were the headaches and depression he developed within a few days, along with a vanishing sex drive and last but not least, occasional vomiting.

At the end of the month, according to one of his physicians, Dr Daryl Isaacs, it was his liver that had sustained the greatest damage and tested "very, very abnormal". Spurlock's cholesterol increased from 165 to 230 and his weight went up by a whopping near-12 kg (c. 25 pounds). In his own words, he became desperately ill, with a splotchy face and a "huge gut, which I've never had in my life ...".

I've watched the DVD Super Size Me and it was both interesting and entertaining. I have two critical thoughts, however:

1. One man’s experience obviously does not constitute proof that his personal results are applicable to everyone.

2. Spurlock’s developing health problems supposedly were due to his exclusively ingesting McDonald's fare 3x per day, containing among other “nasties” a daily pound of sugar. He was however also taking in about double the caloric amount his nutritionist told him he required, i.e. instead of 2500 nearly 5000 calories.

Now how many of his nascent serious health problems were attributable to the simple fact that he “grossly” overate? In other words, would a person eating solely McDonald's fare but within their caloric requirements be less negatively affected? My feeling is that this would indeed be the case.

Let me hasten to add that I do consider most fast food rather unwholesome, unecological/non-sustainable and unethical and personally have never eaten it in my life (...oh yes, I once had a cheeseburger!).

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