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Insider proves pharmaceutical industry puts money / profits before

patients' health — and life — massive Big Pharma corruption exposed

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While various scandals have rocked the pharmaceutical world and so-called side effects of drugs are one of the leading causes of death, at long last here is irrefutable evidence of what is really going on in Big Pharma — from an insider if ever there was one.

Dr. John Virapen MD (1943–2015) worked for a whopping 35 years in the pharmaceutical industry and got to know every single department and facet of the business (except production). For ten years, he worked for Eli Lilly and Company in Sweden, an affiliate "of one of the largest and most evil pharma corporations in the world" (his words), where eventually he rose to the position of director (general manager).

Dr. Virapen published two bestselling books about his experiences, both of them making glaringly clear that the only thing that matters to Big Pharma is business, and not what's best for the patients.

In one of his lectures on the subject (you should find several of them on youtube, bitchute.com etc.), Dr. Virapen stated among other things (near-verbatim):

  • The pharma industry is the most powerful in the world, they sleep in the same bed with governments. They use corruption to get what they want. Corruption involves money of which they have inordinate amounts. And that is how they make [more] money.
  • The pharmaceutical industry do nothing but annihilate the population of this world — because they want to make money money money money. They don't care about people's lives, they only care about their wallets.

    The pharma industry is not interested in curing any disease you may have, they are more interested in making you get diseases. They're interested in symptomatic treatment, they want patients who are diabetics, with cardiologic issues, Parkinson's disease, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), arthrosis, because these patients (typically) live a long time and the drugs they "have" to take, are taken for the rest of their life.

    They don't cure anything, they make you sick. "Is there anybody here that can tell me the last time you heard or read that a pharmaceutical company has come out with something that CURES a disease? I give you a hundred Euros right now if you tell me."
  • They also kill more people than the wars we have in the world — but long-term. They [harm] you and then they kill you. And that has to stop.
  • "They are evil, I can say that because I was part of the evil, I did a lot of bad things."
  • There are a few good things out there in the pharma industry, but most of it is rubbish.
  • Dangerous side effects are concealed.
    When Dr. Virapen woked as a "salesman for pharmaceuticals", the company used to tell him and his colleagues to "never talk side effects" — these were taboo. Instead they were taught something called FAB (Features, Advantages, Benefits).

    A particularly egregious instance of hiding dangerous side effects happened when Dr. Virapen was overseeing a clinical study of Prozac, a small trial run in one of the largest hospitals in Stockholm.

    One day the US and British doctors in charge came rushing into his office in a panic because in the first week of this trial, two of the patients on the drug had tried to commit suicide (apparently, suicide attempts are a major side effect of psychotropic drugs such as Prozac).

    Dr. Virapen simply went on to bribe a scientist at the Swedish government's equivalent of the US Food and Drug Administration to get Prozac registered in Sweden.[4] Now "Prozac is the first blockbuster of the pharmaceutical industry — one billion USD a year".
  • By law, the pharma industry is not obliged to publish information of that type, "their friends in Washington made sure of that". Dr. Virapen added:

    "Did you know that George Bush's father was on the board of directors of Eli Lilly and Company and that Rumsfeld was a vice president in the pharma industry? One of the political advisors in the George Bush administration, Mitch Daniels, was a vice president with Eli Lilly."

    Virapen's former boss was made a member of the American homeland security committee — all of this connected to the fact that "Eli Lilly is one of the largest political contributors to the Republican party".
  • All pharma companies have an "executive with a 100,000 USD wallet" walking around in Washington, saying, "Hi, come to my barbecue this weekend" — "the highest form of corruption, called lobbying" with the full approval of the government.
  • To illustrate the scale of both pharmaceutical fraud and financial gains at stake, Dr. Virapen related the following story.

    In 2009, Eli Lilly was fined US$ 1.415 BILLION by the Department of Justice in Pennsylvania — for ONE product, Zyprexa, a neuroleptic approved for use on schizophrenics. Eli wasn't satisfied with the sales resulting from this specific use and proceeded to sell it for other uses (dementia including Alzheimer’s disease, sleeping disorders etc.).

    Many patients who received this drug died of kidney problems, heart failure etc., but many also got diabetes — and Eli is the largest diabetes medication producer in the world.

    It was found that clinical studies done before bringing the drug to market had revealed side effects, but Eli Lilly had hidden them (some background found at www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2009/January/09-civ-038.html).[4] Luckily in this case, the company was taken to court and given the largest fine in the history of the nation.

    Other huge pharmaceutical companies were also fined (for other drugs), but that was never made public. The reason: just like the government, the press works hand in glove with the pharma industry. In fact, "the pharma companies use the media to implant their dirty work in you, and you never get to know the truth until it is too late."
  • The pharma industry buys the doctors. "They pick them up when they are in medical school, fourth year, fifth year, pay their tuition, frame them, the doctors don't get information from anywhere but the pharma industry."
  • With the baby boomers market eventually destined to dwindle, Big Pharma currently aims at children as new consumers.[1]

In the same lecture, Dr. Virapen also addressed possible solutions. The first step is to become more aware, to raise one's awareness to a higher level.

  • Don't take for granted what your doctor is telling you, ask him or her what it is s/he is giving you. Doctors these days don't know much about medicine, and they don't care much about their patients. They think about how much they can get paid.[2] This is how the pharma industry reigns and stays in power.
  • Only you have the power to stop these criminals with what they are doing in the industry, because you are not "sick people", you are consumers, and the pharma industry makes money because they tell everybody that you are sick.
  • I can write a hundred books, but if my message doesn't get to the people, to the consumers, nothing is going to happen. We have to get out of the grip of these people, a public outcry is needed. Such an outcry brought the Berlin wall down, and it can also clean the pharma industry. Just get some control, put some transparency into the business, and get your politicians to stop filling their pockets and to start doing something instead.
  • If you are a journalist, start writing the truth, truth is the only weapon.

Corroboration of Big Pharma's corruption and illegal practices from other parties

Thankfully Dr. Virapen wasn't the only one who knew AND (finally) told the truth. As an example, a program titled Das Pharma-Kartell shown on 9 December 2008 on the large German public-service television broadcaster ZDF and subtitled "How patients are defrauded" (www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsBpF-KzmN8 German-language only) has a number of experts speaking out on the true nature of the pharmaceutical business.

Uwe Dolata of the Bund deutscher Kriminalbeamter (German Organization of the Criminal Police) for instance said: "The pharmaceutical industry does not hesitate to use improper means. We have seen them use massive threats, stalking, make threatening phone calls, and even destroy their target's car."

Dr. Leonhard Hansen of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Nordrhein (Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Nordrhein) was shocked to see the open threats he received upon planning to lower health costs by obliging physicians to prescribe the less expensive drug whenever there were more than one available of identical quality.

"Whoever threatens the interests of Big Pharma is put under pressure and threatened using phrases such as "You've had it", "we'll sue you to smithereens", "watch out your tyre doesn't come off on the motorway".

Prof. Bruno Müller-Oerlinghausen of the Arzneimittelkommission deutsche Ärzteschaft (Drug Commission of the German Medical Association) had documents of interest to the pharmaceutical industry stolen from his locked hotel room.

Prof. Wolf-Dieter Ludwig, chairman of the same Drug Commission of the German Medical Association stated: "It's a clear mistake to think — as the public continues to do — that a drug that has been approved is safe."

Prof. Peter Schönhöfer was spied upon and had to call in the police. He learned that it was customary in the pharma industry to spy on adversaries in hopes of finding something that could be used for putting pressure on the person.

Magazines, self-help groups and politicians in cahoots with Big Pharma

The same Pharma-Kartell program also tested several high-circulation magazines and found that all of them were ready to advertise yet unapproved drugs (which in Europe is illegal) against remuneration by disguising the ad as an article (which is consumer fraud). The magazines/publishers tested were Apothekenumschau[3] (a free customer magazine provided in pharmacies reaching 20 million readers), Vogue, as well as the multinational media company giant Bauer Media Group.

Prof. Peter Schönhöfer of the medical journal Arznei-Telegramm added that "In the mid-1980s, the pharmaceutical industry discovered self-help groups as new marketing agencies for themselves by starting to sponsor them. The groups will reciprocate by advertising their pharmaceutical products. Many self-help groups are nothing but the extended arm of the pharmaceutical industry."

In Germany the industry's lobbyists "treat" politicians to incentives such as boat trips, and a number of former politicians changed over to high-ranking jobs in the pharmaceutical industry.

"Big pharma and health care: unsolvable conflict of interests between private enterprise and public health"

In 2008, The Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences published a remarkable paper owed to physician Mayer Brezis, MD, who also holds a Master's degree in public health.

Dr Brezis works for the Hadassah Medical Center & School of Public Health (affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) which in 2005, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for its equal treatment of patients without regard for ethnic, racial and religious background, extending a "hand to all".

Dr. Brezis' paper analyses the "misalignment between the interests of the pharmaceutical industry and those of public health", and addresses inter alia

  • pervasive lobbying, political ties and not-reported conflicts of interest in agencies such as the National Institutes of Health
  • research guided by marketing and long-term sales interests rather than clinical considerations.
  • skewing of study results[4]
  • safety concerns belittled and ignored[4]
  • "disease-mongering": labelling trivial conditions (example: abdominal discomfort) as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) with matching drug(s) "to the rescue"
  • other industries employing the same problematic strategy as the pharmaceutical industry (for instance the tobacco, chemical and food industries), which includes buying scientists, infiltrating universities, media and legislative agencies, and receiving support at the highest political levels
  • potential solutions

Dr. Brezis' analysis Big pharma and health care: unsolvable conflict of interests between private enterprise and public health can be read in its entirety at https://doctorsonly.co.il/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/2008_2_3.pdf .

Evil be to him who evil thinks

After nomination by US President Trump, a former President of Eli Lilly USA, Alex Azar, was sworn in as Secretary of Health and Human Services in January 2018. Under Azar's leadership of Eli Lilly, drug prices had risen substantially.

Books by Dr. John Virapen and Dr. Gotzsche exposing the pharma industry

Did you know? You can easily support the work of this humanitarian site at no extra cost to you by buying these books or any other item through one of its Amazon affiliate links.

Side Effects: DeathSide Effects: Death. Confessions of a Pharma-Insider

by John Virapen (Feb 1, 2010)


Medicine Cult - A Prescription for Side Effects and DeathMedicine Cult - A Prescription for Side Effects and Death

by John Virapen (May 23, 2011)


Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare
[Amazon partner link — commissions earned]

by Peter C. Gøtzsche (2013)

With forewords by a former editor-in-chief of the prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ) and the Deputy Editor of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), this book illuminates John Virapen's statements from a "higher perspective". A very high-profile medical personality, Professor Peter C Gøtzsche among other things is professor of Clinical Research Design and Analysis at Copenhagen University and a specialist in internal medicine.

He has worked for the drug industry and has published his scientific work in over 50 papers in the most respected medical journals (JAMA, BMJ, Lancet, Annals of Internal Medicine and New England Journal of Medicine).

His book openly exposes the pharmaceutical industry where blatant disregard for human life and suffering, widespread crime, corruption, and impotent drug regulation astonishingly are the norm.

One of the solutions Prof Gotzsche proposes is to no longer allow pharma companies to conduct their own tests, and to ban any and all advertising of pharmaceuticals.

As one reviewer lucidly observed (remember drugs are the third leading cause of death), the fact that patients trust the medicine they are prescribed is due to their extrapolating the trust they have in their doctor to the drugs he or she prescribes.

This book though not inexpensive may be an ideal present for any loved one who simply cannot fathom that drugs may not be the ideal way to deal with their disease.

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1 Eli Lilly also said to Virapen and colleagues that the company "worked for the betterment of the human race" (and Dr. Virapen drily commented "they work towards getting their wallets empty").

2 This is certainly true for many doctors but of course not all. There are some wonderful remedies (naturopathic / homeopathic etc.) and help available through caring, aware doctors.

3 The representative of this magazine even boasted that their readers trusted them so the would-be illegal advertisers had nothing to worry about.

4 Compare Fraud in Medicine and Clinical Trials A compilation of evidence.

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