"Terminal" cancer patient in constant pain heals

after "changing his mind" about pain

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The following highly interesting anecdote reported by Peter and Helen Evans, Founders of OneCenter, brings to mind the observation occasionally offered by doctors that ill people at some level of their unconscious actually "want" to be ill, difficult as this may seem to accept... According to others, this wish may even include the wish to die (see Dr. Zimmermann's observation).

“A few years ago we met a fellow who having been diagnosed as terminal, had already had 13 cancer operations and was living in constant pain. After trying everything else, he meditated, tried to know himself and found when he contacted the vital mind, it was delighted with the pain, it was a sensation and the vital mind just wanted more and more and more.

Guess what, "he" finally "changed his mind" about pain and is now cancer-free. He did have to do a basic horizontal switch to pleasure instead of pain which was quite alright in his circumstance; now he has the pain-free freedom to do his consciousness work without the interruption of operations, doctors and all the stuff that happens.

How would you like to change your 'minds'?”


1 One of the possibly most beneficial "switches" a cancer patient might do is to (re)discover purpose and meaning in his or her life and thus the will to live, see Cancer Healing & Your Mind.

2 See this excerpt (click to download the complete text) from "The Eye of Revelation" (1939 and 1946 Editions) by Peter Kelder which confirms the above statements regarding the nature of the subconscious:

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