Breast cancer healed after breast and lymph node surgery

with "sun remedies", prayer and silent meditation

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The following is the summary of medical reports by both the patient and the doctors treating her translated from a German site devoted to the mystic Jacob Lorber (1800-1864). Lorber described various recipes for making "sun remedies" by exposing substances of mineral, plant, or animal origin to what he described as the healing energy of the sun.[1]

A 37 year old female was diagnosed with cancer of the right breast at the end of May 2006. Her detailed medical diagnosis (of 19 June 2006) reads:

"Sure-cut-biopsy revealed an invasive-ductal carcinoma and ductal carcinoma in situ. classification: pT-1c(3), N-1a(2/22), (SN positiv), M-x, L1, G-3, R-0; pT-is, G-3, R-0.
Hormone receptor status: ER: medium-grade positive score 6. PgR: high-grade positive score 12. Her2/neu: high-grade overexpression (score 3)."

She had two surgeries, one on 2 June 2006 and a follow-up on 8 June 2006.

Her medical records state that she went through the following treatment: Tumorectomy, frozen section histology, sentinel-node biopsy, axillary lymph node dissection (2 June 2006) and a follow-up resection on 8 June 2006. "The patient did well postoperatively without any complications. Due to microscopic residual tumor at the edges of the resected tissue, a follow-up resection was done on 8 June 2006 which led to complete R0 (resection-boundaries free of cancer cells)."

After the surgeries: patient rejects further treatment with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy

Although urgently advised by the clinic's doctors and given detailed information as to what could/would happen is she declined to follow the above course of action, the patient refused. She even turned down certain additional screenings and decided to follow alternative therapy options.

Subsequent self-treatment and its effects
(from 8 June 2006 to December 2009, the time of reporting)

After her two surgeries, the patient exclusively used sun remedies made according to Lorber's instructions including sunned camphor milk powder, light globuli, and sunned oil made with poppy petals.

She did have regular medical checkups (on 9 January 2007, 24 January 2007, 26 April 2007, 28 August 2007, 3 December 2008, and 24 November 2009).

The positive effects on her body

As shown via detailed examination of all her organs including her blood everything was in perfect working order, including an excellent blood count (see details further down).

Positive effects on/changes in her psyche and mood

The patient reported that basically she had been feeling positive all along, in spite of her diagnosis.

The sun remedies/methods/dosages used

Camphor milk powder: in the first four months 3 x daily one pinch of the powder, in the following three months once daily, and at the time of reporting every couple of days 1 pinch of the powder. The powder is allowed to slowly dissolve in the mouth.

Light globuli: in the first four months 3-5 globuli three times a day, in the following three months 3-5 globuli once daily, at the time of reporting 3-5 globuli every couple of days. Allow the globuli to slowly dissolve in the mouth.

Poppy petals oil: used as a daily embrocation. After surgery while still in hospital, the patient started massaging her wounds with the oil. Her doctors were amazed at the speed at which her wounds were healing. She has since rubbed her breasts, abdomen, kidney area and right hand with the oil on a daily basis.

Since she had lymph nodes removed during surgery, she occasionally had problems with her hand due to lymphedema. By carefully massaging her hand with the oil, it resumed normal functioning without any other type of treatment. She has since recommended the oil to others, particularly people with skin problems. They used it with similarly great success (even a case of neurodermatitis who had used cortisone cream for years to no avail).

The patient was very content with the effect of the above remedies which she has used since June 2006. She experienced no negative side effects.

The patient also followed the dietary and other guidelines recommended by J. Lorber very strictly as laid out in his book "The Healing Power of Sunlight".

Excerpts from the oncological follow-up examinations

9 January 2007: "Patient is in good general health and her nutritional status is good. No evidence of disease. Patient increased her weight. Occasionally experiences lymphedema in upper right arm when working too hard.

Her surgery scar is bland, there is no indication of recurrence or metastasis, with the nipple slightly retracted. The residual breast is nodular and compacted in the upper outer quadrant. The contralateral breast is normal upon palpation. Lymph node status normal. Mammography shows no evidence of malignancy."

28 August 2007: "Postoperative substance defect after IDC and DCIS in the right breast and axillary dissection. Otherwise age-appropriate normal status of both breasts (BI-RADS II). No evidence of malignancy.
Thorax x-ray: heart and lung normal.
Blood count (CBC): all values within the reference range.
Liver: of three values all within the reference range.
Mineral balance: Calcium within the reference range.
Markers of inflammation: within the reference range.
Tumor markers: 2 values, both within the reference range."

24 January 2007: "Abdominal CT scan with particular attention to the liver: negative".

During each follow-up examination done between 26 April 2007 and December 2009, all 22 blood and mineral counts incl. inflammation and tumor markers without exception were in the normal range. Each time, the university professor in charge attested the patient "good general health and nutritional status", with no evidence of disease and her weight remaining constant.

The patient herself added that "all my counts continue to be beautiful... I feel wonderful in all other respects as well. Currently I am taking the sun remedies only very sporadically, such as when I have a cold like last week when I had a fever and a very sore throat, but with camphor light oil, the light globuli und camphor milk powder those symptoms abated within two days. I continue to use camphor light oil (now used instead of the slightly weaker poppy petals oil) for daily massages."

Finally an email of 13 December 2009 reads: "Enclosed please find my current medical findings. At this moment I am regularly taking the light globuli and the camphor milk powder (about twice weekly starting 2 months ago) due to the flu season to strengthen my immune system. I continue to use poppy petals oil or rather camphor light oil on a near-daily basis for massages."

The all-important spiritual aspect to this healing

The former breast cancer patient writes: "I must add here that after my diagnosis I've turned with all my heart to our Lord Jesus Christ (which up to that point unfortunately I had done very half-heartedly only).

I saw and continue to see my main source of trust regarding my healing in Jesus himself. These remedies only serve as a support. I have since spent from 90 to 150 minutes a day in prayer and silent meditation. I believe — in fact I am convinced — that this is the crucial, decisive factor in healing and that the remedies will only help when these conditions are met. I also consider the additional application guidelines laid down by Lorber essential for success — after all all of this comes directly from God."

Comments by a manufacturer of sun remedies

This woman's feeling that she was primarily helped by Jesus Christ and that the sun cure remedies produced according to a 150 year old formula were merely an "adjuvant adjunctive therapy" is quite plausible. After all, we have ample reports of healing and help provided mainly by confidently addressing prayers to Jesus Christ.

Positive effects of healing light have been known from time immemorial. Due to their having received the sun's energy for several months, sun cure remedies are able to supply much energy (biophotons[2]) to body and soul.

Various user reports suggest that stored "light forces" such as found in light globuli, poppy petals oil, camphor light oil, camphor milk powder and other sunned remedies possess certain expelling or even destroying/blocking effects on microparasites.

At least these sunned products will add so much regulating and harmonising information and vitalising, restorative energy (light energy) to body and mind that the bases for self-healing and self-regulation are laid.

Without comprehensive recognition of causes and wide-ranging holistic changes in the spiritual, energetic, emotional and physical areas of one's life and without lifestyle changes which help strengthen the immune system one can hardly expect comparable successes in cancer therapy or post-treatment, however. But if all these conditions are met, the above report shows us just what can be possible.

To rely on any one material "miracle cure" is simply unwise, however.

While the above certainly does not fulfill the criteria of scientific research, it is still a remarkable confirmation or enlargement upon the original statements made by Jakob Lorber in 'The Healing Power of Sunlight' and the effect of sunned natural products.

We also have some confirmation from scientific testing of our sun remedies using the Oberon system 4021.


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1 A simplified explanation for how Lorber felt that his solar remedies worked is that illness is due to a lack of energy. Healing energy from the sun transferred to various materials such as water, globuli, poppy oil, camphor milk powder etc. will be passed onto body and soul, allowing the body to heal itself.

2 Scientific references to biophotons under Biophotonics: Basic theory of cancer development and defense.

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