Can water and sea salt help heal cancer?

Cancer survivorship reports

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While we already know that fasting with only water has anecdotally helped heal cancer[1], here are similar testimonials[2] (slightly edited and anonymized) from cancer survivors following a variation of the water-and-salt protocol instituted by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.[3], including one who combined this natural approach with conventional cancer treatment.

Cervical Cancer

Date: 2-12-2012
From: Lisa
To: Drew Bauman

Cured of Cervical Cancer By Restoring Her Immune System Using the Water Cure and Diet.

Dear Drew,

My name is Lisa and I’m 24 yrs old. A few years ago I went to the gynecologist for a check up. My pap smear was positive. The repeat pap smear was "more positive".

My doctor scheduled another test — a "colposcopy". I was told I had stage 3 "Cervical Interplastic Neuroplasia" which meant I was in the beginning stages of "Cervical Cancer".

He suggested removing my cervix surgically. I had wanted to get married and have children so I was very scared.

I contacted Andrew Bauman [whose story appeared on www.watercure2.org on the Cancer testimonials page] and is published in Dr. Batmanghelidj’s books. He coached me in using the water cure and some herbal supplements he used in his battle with Cancer while doing "Water cure" which he also learned in Chinese Medicine school (Water cure and supplements).

He sent me to an Acupuncturist where I lived. She agreed with what I was doing and is fascinated with the "water cure" and she did some Acupuncture on me as well. Drew Bauman told me that hydration and nutrition are important acupuncture principles he studied in school.

On my birthday this July 2009, I will be 25 years old. My recent pap smears are normal as was my follow-up colposcopy after using the water cure. By drinking 8 times daily, eating raw sugar and sea salt, eating good carbohydrates and eggs, nuts, seeds plus lots of fruits and vegetables and exercising, my body has changed its metabolism and I have normal tests and no cancer.

Uterine cancer

Date 9/10/2013 (email sent to Robert Butts)

My local gyn sent me to Dallas to a gyn/oncologist (dba: GOD). In our twelve minutes together, he did not know his success rate, informed me that he cuts, turns me over to the chemo and radiation department. I asked him "are you not concerned about operating on me with my body 100 percent acidic and zero alkaline?". He said, "Mam, I do not know what you are talking about". My husband and I got up, and left with the understanding that no future appointments would be made with him.

From the day that you responded to me, I immediately started the regimen, 45 minute sea salt baths, sea salt on the tongue five times a day, drinking half of my body weight in ounces water, eating all raw vegetables. No dairy, coffee, alcohol, all animals products, no carbs and no SUGAR.

After leaving the GOD in Dallas, I requested my gyn doctor here to give me a CT scan. They confirmed that the cancer was contained in the uterus. My friends got busy and found me a gyn/oncologist @ UMAS in Little Rock, Ar, a female Doctor/surgeon, who definitely thinks outside the box.

In our meeting, she was quick to tell me that chemo does not touch the rare kind of cancer that I have. I informed her of all the things that I was doing to help prepare my body for surgery. This doctor said and I quote "I like what you're doing, I agree with what you're doing and do not stop what you're doing". I cried.

That day, UMAS, which is a teaching hospital/cancer center/university performed a lot of tests including their own CT scan. Are you ready?? In only two weeks, my cancer was reduced. My uterus was much smaller, which the doctor said that I had starved the cancer, she said journals would be written on how I did this, again I cried.

Twelve days ago, I had a radical hysterectomy, removed all twelve lymph nodes, all female organs and the outside lining of my stomach. Under the knife for 6 1/2 hours. Surgery was a success, because of my perfect blood work, was released after one day. I am waiting for pathology results on all tissue removed.

Mr. Butts, I was on the program for thirty-five days prior to surgery, I am convinced that the regimen is going to save my life. I will not be taking chemo or radiation. And by the way, I lost 17 pounds in thirty-five days, which I needed to lose. My doctor was very appreciative, made surgery easier for the both of us.

Again, thank you for all the info you sent me, my body is now alkaline, I feel great and as soon as my doctor gives me the green light, back in the sea salt water baths I go.


Pseudomyxoma peritonei

...I wanted to share a brief testimonial with you and with any one you feel may benefit from the encouragement. As you know, God has been sustaining me for nine years through a very rare cancer called pseudo-myxoma peritonei. Since the doctors said there was no cure, but still wanted to dissect me like a fish with surgeries and poison me with chemotherapy, I chose instead to allow God to heal me or take me home.

I have only been using prayer, a variety of natural remedies, and letting food be my medicine. However, something was missing and I was getting weaker and weaker — I felt that my life force was leaving me; I went from being 212 lbs and athletic to 163 lbs and skinny.

The day I called you, I felt so weak that I was actually going to text you to say that I would call you later, but I wanted to be man of my word, so I prayed and mustered the strength to call. That call changed my life! Praise be to God!

You were so gracious to take the time to share with me the water, sugar and salt remedy from Dr. B, and even coached me through my first glass, in which I felt an immediate surge of energy.

Later that evening, you drove out several hours to bring me some good salt and your book, Goof Proof Health, [by Jim Bolen] which has been an invaluable resource. I have been following your recommendations: drinking the water with salt and sugar throughout the day, taking chlorophyll, flax oil, B-6, zinc, probiotics, and eating raw eggs and Yukon potatoes, walking for about 15–20 minutes twice a day, and getting about 15–20 minutes of sunshine daily!

I haven't felt so good in years; my energy level is up, and the swelling and pain in my abdominal area is down. I truly feel that God has answered my prayers, and that I am on the road to a full and complete recovery!

Cancer be gone in the precious name of Jesus! It's only a matter of time! Thank you for willingness to share of yourself, your knowledge and resources — you are a blessing from God! Thank you!

Endometrial Cancer

My Mom, at 71 years young, was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer, but it was a very rare and aggressive kind of cancer. It is called Clear Cell Adeno carcinoma. Clear Cell is normally not associated with Endometrial cancer. She had a full hysterectomy in the fall of 2010 and by her 3 month follow-up appointment it had not only returned, but returned with a vengeance, so large, it was visible to the naked eye upon exam, and metastasized to stage 4, appearing behind her clavicle, mid chest, abdominal region and behind the bladder.

We were told, at Lankenau, in Philadelphia, by the top gynecological oncologist, due to clear cell's aggressive nature, if we "did nothing" she would have less than 5 months to live. That was February 2011.

Obviously we could NOT "do nothing", so I started looking into everything. My husband called his friend, Mikey Gallagher, knowing he was familiar with the strength of natural benefits. Mikey immediately told me to stop looking and he would get me the contact information for people who could help me. He said he'd get me to Bob Butts and Jim Bolen. He gave me Mr. Bolen's email address and I wrote him immediately. Mr. Bolen told me to go to CeeKay and told me exactly what to get, information, books, salt, etc.... Mr. Bolen personally called me and my parents. The things he was saying sounded so logical, yet so crazy. We were scared, and not fully on-board yet.

The doctors suggested 6 chemo treatments in total, and we did. I was too scared not to. Monday, March 1, 2011 she had her first Chemo (she had CarboPlatimun/Taxol every 21 days — very strong — very nasty). The Doctor's suggested after 3 chemo treatments, to test to see if it is even going to work, and how she holds up taking it. If the results do not outweigh her quality of life, we can decide to continue, or....... go on a three month cruise. I asked him if he had ever treated clear cell cancer. He responded that he did have two previous clear cell patients. I asked him how they fared treatment. His response to me...after taking a deep breath..."neither survived treatment". That was a very hard sentence to hear. We all swallowed hard and left the room.....we were now fully on-board, logical or not, crazy or not..we were all in.

She began changing what she ate, how she drank, salt on her tongue, and taking two 45 minute baths a day with unrefined sea salt added to the bath on Ash Wednesday, March 9th 2011. On Thursday, May 19th, 2011 she had a scan to check tumor size after only 3 chemo treatments....her cancer was reduced over 50%. The Doctor was very surprised. He believed the test may have been inaccurate. He requested the original scan, and we all viewed the two scans, side by side, confirming over 50% reduction. My mom was never hospitalized during treatment, never had an infection, had minimal side effects and for the most part went through all treatments pretty smoothly.

Dr's can't believe in holistic treatment. They need their studies. That is fine by me, I will thank everyone, especially Jim Bolen and Bob Butts. I also know, a great deal of healing was my Mom's desire, and even more so than anyone, God's Will, St. Theresa, St. Jude and the prayers of all our family and friends !!

UPDATE: (August 2011) My mom completed all 6 chemo treatments, and looks wonderful. She was never hospitalized, never received blood of any form, never had an infection, didn't get the severe mouth sores you hear about, kept a great complexion, and clear eyes. Don't get me wrong, she was very tired, nauseous at times, no appetite at times, lost her hair...but overall did great.

Her most recent PET scan revealed 4 of the 5 "locations" have been "resolved". The initial cancer site is still present but at approximately ONLY 10% of it's original size (the size of the tip of your pinky finger)
She is about to start radiation of that area within the next week or two.

UPDATE: (November 2011) My mom is doing great. Radiation is complete. She is about to go for a CT scan in mid December. The Chemo Doctor will be looking for "no active disease". If this is the case, her next follow up will be 4 MONTHS !!!!! (well past the year when we first heard she had 5 months to live if we chose to do nothing) We also had our 1 month follow up with the radiologist. He remarked at her "amazing" and "atypical", totally not the usual response, to chemo and radiation, how wonderful she looks, and how astonishing her response to the chemo and radiation was to resolve such active, aggressive disease. His requested follow up appointment is 3 MONTHS!

UPDATE (JANUARY 2012) My mom had a full scan on 12/15/2011 and we went to Lankenau in Philadelphia on 12/19/2011 to meet with the gynecological oncologist specialties Dr.... He stared blankly at us....shaking his head, almost in disbelief.... He said...and I quote....."There is nothing there, there is no active sign of disease, exam normal and CT normal". "I do not need to see you for six months, June 2012. Please make all your appointments intermittent between oncology, radiation, and myself, that way someone will see you every 3 months...go home and celebrate"....and so we did.....and continue to celebrate every day....

...My mother still continues to check her Ph balance EVERYDAY, eat the foods high in alkaline, avoids the acidic foods, sea salt dissolving on her tongue, stays very hydrated but now takes only one salt bath a day. I love you Mom !! Thank you for trusting in me as we embarked on what seemed like a doomed journey, but here we are, still walking strong."

The last update from December 2012 concludes with "Basically, all specialists and doctors have released her to 'check up' status."

Instructions how to do the "water cure" for instance in Jim Bolen's book.


1 Two Bladder Cancer Cures Achieved via Water Fasting

2 excerpted from http://watercure2.org/ run by Bob Butts which has been defunct for a number of years

3 See Chronic Unintentional Dehydration Causes Pain and Disease, including cancer: a new medical discovery by Dr. B, the author of Your body's Many Cries For Water.

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