Welcome to this twelth page of Healing Cancer & Your Mind devoted to the powerful cancer-fighting tool of Visualization.

Favorite Cancer-Healing Visualizations

by Leonard (leonardleonard1 at earthlink.net)

"An army of white blood cells coming, attacking, and overcoming the cancer." (Simonton)

"A white light entering the body, bringing in energy, coursing through the body, then leaving the body and taking with it the `bad stuff'--pain, tension, discomfort, or cancer cells. Or...white blood cells as ‘knights on white horses' riding through the body attacking and destroying cancer cells." (Altman & Sarg, 2000, p. 141)

"Cancer as small, easily squashed creatures being lanced by white [blood cells] knights on horses. [Imagine] goodness and purity of the immune system." (Jeanne Achterberg)

"Cancer as a very dark color slowly turning paler until it’s the same color as the surrounding body. Cancer being attacked by tiny bullets of energy. Weakened and dying cancer cells being flushed out through the liver and kidney by your white blood cells."

"Visualizing the tissue normalizing, being embraced by all the normal cells around it and counselled lovingly to change, to lose the prickles and the hostility."

"Take a sick limp cancer cell and gently carry it in my arms. I walk through the meadow where the wildflowers are blooming. Birds are chirping and Bambi is leaping along side at the edge of the forest clearing. We come to the edge of a cliff, where...I drop [it]."

"Cancer cells as misfits who do not belong, always fighting for more power because they are aberrations and they don't know love and they are lonely. So any decision I make about treatment I must temper with love, love for them no matter what they try to do to me. I envision little angels stroking them, blowing on them sweet baby's breath to cool their fire." (Linda Lewandowski)

The film "Question of Faith" (true story of cancer recovery) contains visualizations.

Audiotapes of healing imagery for cancer patients can be ordered thru the following:

  • www.marilynjoyce.com/products.html; 800-352-3443
  • Simonton Cancer Ctr www.simontoncenter.com: 800-459-3424 or 310-457-3811;
  • www.academyforguidedimagery.com/store.php 800-726-2070 ph/fax
  • www.ralphmoss.com/catalog.html 800-980-1234
  • Hay House (Louise Hay) 800-654-5162 www.hayhouse.com
  • Audio Renaissance Tapes 800-452-5589
  • www.innertalk.com; 800-964-3551
  • www.touchstarpro.com
  • www.fightcancerwithin.com (Marty Rossman; Guided Imagery for Self-Healing)

Cancer Healing Visualization

excerpted by S.L. from Adam: DreamHealer 2-Guide to Self-Empowerment

The following visualization, specifically for cancer, can be used on yourself or somebody else. As with other mental programming techniques, for greatest effectiveness it may be advisable to do nightly before sleep.
(First know as much as you can about the type of cancer you are dealing with):

Ground yourself, by visualizing all of the universe’s energy flowing in through your head and expanding your aura.

Close your eyes and picture the person/animal in front of you. (You can visualize yourself, or work directly in your body.)

Picture the person/yourself in flames, the flames are burning the cancer cells and the heat causes the white blood cells to multiply.

Send the white blood cells to the tumor and visualize them eating it and cutting off its food supply and waste exit. Send the blood cells wherever there is cancer. Stop their ability to communicate with one another. If you like, you can use the white blood cells to gather up the cancer cells, put them in a garbage bag, and send it to a black hole in the universe.

Visualize the person (yourself) being rained on with blue healing energy.

Next form a grid around the person (you) that seals in the healing energy.

Finally, visualize this person (yourself) completely healthy.

You can change anything above that you want, do what feels right to you.

Stay positive.....Avoid everything negative......Believe!.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

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