A simple but powerful self-healing technique

involving visualization, intention and — saliva!

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The following article written by holistic healer Len Walker (UK) reveals an astonishingly simple but apparently very powerful technique he used to heal himself of two serious and painful health issues (scoliosis and a gallstone trapped in the duct leading to excruciating pain), the former having been of very long standing.

The same healing technique is now successfully applied by others he has shared it with, to help heal a number of different health issues. While Len has no experience with using this technique for cancer, he feels certain that it will reduce recovery time.[1]

We do not know how the saliva used in the technique contributes to the healing effect, but it is interesting to note that qigong practitioners consider saliva (which they call 'jade liquid') to be full of life force energy or chi and actively incorporate swallowing saliva for instance in a qigong "walk" particularly geared to help heal a person of cancer (for details how to learn this specific qigong technique without charge, see Self-Applied Qigong for Cancer: Chinese Qi Energy [Wellbeing] Walk Demonstrated Online.

When watching this free video, you may notice that the qigong grandmaster demonstrating the technique swallows his saliva repeatedly as if having a surplus of fluid in his mouth).

The reader may also wish to combine this technique with the oil pulling method proposed for detoxification and healing purposes.

On self-healing

by Len Walker, holistic healer, UK, © 2008

Many years ago before I'd even thought about becoming a healer, I healed myself of a bad case of scoliosis. I'd like to share the very simple method I used with others, though if everyone started to use it, half the doctors and healers in the world might be put out of work.

The only problem is, it's so simple, most people I tell about it seem to think this just can't work and don't continue for more than a day or so, although the few who give it a chance, end up using it all the time.

My self-healing of scoliosis: the basic technique

My mother had seen a TV program about (this was a long time ago and I don't remember the details) doctors in the US using this for pain control for operations with no anesthetic. She phoned me to tell me about it because she knew how much pain I was in, but the thing I do remember her saying was, there had not been one case of postoperative infection using the method.

This struck me as strange; even then I knew the body was far more intelligent than doctors even today give it credit for. So I just took it one stage further, and I was desperate at the time!

All one has to do is to allow about a tablespoon of saliva to build up in the mouth and hold it there for a period, whilst visualizing oneself without the problem e.g. if one had eczema on the hands, see them as normal. If one is not very good at visualization, one can tell the body to return to its natural balance instead (this technique is somewhat slow but acceptable).

Too simple to be true, yes! But it works! Add to this the Emotion Code (magnets) technique for any emotional component to the problem, and the healing potential would seem endless and apply not just to physical symptoms, but also to emotional ones.

If one needs to talk, drink, and so on, just swallow and then start again, there's no need to concentrate the whole time, if one holds the saliva in the mouth for an hour visualizing five or six times for thirty or forty seconds, that would be OK, though the more often the better, but one can get on with one's life. Personally I tend to do it when I am driving or doing something else that only takes part of my concentration.

I had been in pain for years with the scoliosis refusing an operation and spending a small fortune at my osteopaths, just to keep the pain at a tolerable level. For less than a month I spent about an hour a day using this method, and the first week I got rid of the pain.

Then I decided to see if I could fix the scoliosis, after two weeks the spine was straight, I gave it one more week and went back to the osteopath, the scoliosis had gone. I've had no problems with my back since.

Serious gallstone pain healed avoiding surgery

Nine years ago I developed a terrible pain in my stomach around my solar plexus. For days I attempted to heal the problem and kept the pain at bay with the saliva technique (though obviously it's best to deal with the main problem) but I didn't know what it was.

A few days later, my partner Sarah came home and said I had turned bright yellow, so off to the hospital I went with my tail between my legs. Thank god for doctors' brilliant diagnostics, I had a gallstone trapped in the duct, the gallbladder was backing up giving me the pain and turning me yellow.

I was scheduled for surgery the next day. The last thing I was going to do was let them cut me open and remove something I was designed with.

So instead while holding saliva in my mouth, I started to imagine the stone coming out of the duct and going back into the bladder. I also moved my hand in an anticlockwise direction over where I hoped the gallbladder was. A few seconds later I felt and heard a whoosh in my side. Leaving it at that, I went to sleep.

In the morning my eyes were almost back to normal but my skin took a few days to assume its normal colour. I won't bother mentioning what the doctors wrote on my notes because no one would believe me, but there were a lot of exclamation marks. Sarah changed my diet and I dealt with the emotion of resentment that had caused the stones to build up in the first place. I've had no problems with the gallbladder since.

What health issues and/or other purposes can this
visualization/intention cum saliva self-healing technique be applied to?

Personally I think the saliva technique can be used to deal with a wide spectrum of issues and really do think this is a fantastic method of self-healing. Hence one can apply it to all kinds of problems, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other bone and joint problems all the way out to the skin. For pain issues, one simply tells the pain that one has got the message, and to go away.

While I have no idea if this technique is of use for cancer, it will certainly reduce recovery time.

So if you have any health problems, please try it out yourself.

I even had a client I told about the method (as I do with most clients) who told me she changed her figure in this manner to make it more in line with what she wanted her figure to be.

In fact, sometimes we even use the saliva for endurance in addition to healing. So if you try it for better sports performance or a long walk uphill, just remember to start before you get out of breath and have to breathe through your mouth.

Can anyone apply this technique?

I believe so. In fact I've found that the only time people seem to struggle is when they have a blocked nose.

Is the healing effect just due to the well-documented power of intense and repeated visualization?

I have tried just visualizing, to good effect but there's something almost magic with the saliva, so I think the saliva is indeed an essential part of this. Hopefully in the future someone will be able to tell us how it works.

I find it interesting that now when I hurt myself instantly extra saliva is produced, We have two Doberman Pincher dogs who are always bashing into things as they play fight. I've noticed they seem to produce extra saliva when they are in pain too, I've often wondered about all of this.

As far as cancer is concerned you may have heard of the experiments done with visualizing zapping cancer, I would love to see the same done using the zapping visualization combined with the above saliva technique.

About the author

Len Walker is a full-time healer who concentrates mainly on Negative Energy and Entity Clearing, Cancer and Physical and Emotional imbalances. His website which gives much background information on his healing work as well as his contact information can be found here.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways healingcancernaturally.com knows to heal cancer

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1 And interestingly, Kelley Eidem (author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer and the "habanero pepper recipe" against cancer) speculates in "Does Your Saliva Cure Cancer?" (http://kelleyeidem.hubpages.com/hub/cure-cancer-with-saliva) that there is a chemical connection linking abundant salivation to the healing of cancer via the effect of the enzyme amylase on cancer cells (based on research carried out by Roger Scott Cathey).

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