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A book review of "A Time To Heal" by Beata Bishop

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Beata, born under a Scorpio sun in 1925, is (or was) a BBC journalist and psychotherapist based in London. Shortly before Christmas 1979, she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma.

I just read her book and could not put it down. It reads like a captivating novel, actually a thriller, in which with both humour and great poignancy, she describes her journey through surgical hell to her final triumph over cancer implementing the Gerson diet.

So many things become apparent in her story and give much food for thought...

One is the repeated feeling she had from the start that "all is well" in spite of appearances, filling her with serenity. Or the reverie she had at an early point in her journey, after suffering much pain due to surgery, of just letting herself go into the peace and serenity of death (she never was afraid of dying), which she was abruptly jerked out of with the clearly implied message "this is not your time".

All this makes me think of the "pre-birth contracts" researchers such as Dr. Michael Newton have been investigating.[1]

A recurring theme of her story are the numerous synchronicities she encounters: she originally went through the officially recommended procedure — surgery and skin graft — which led to months of extreme pain and physical mutilation but did not prevent — as she had been made to believe — the melanoma from spreading to her groin. Then her best girlfriend, a psychotherapist, stumbles upon the Gerson diet as a possible alternative route to take when it became apparent that more surgery as recommended would not stop the cancer.

More lucky coincidences: Dr Gerson's granddaughter Margaret happened to live in London at the time and Beata found two doctors willing to support her alternative treatment, one of them actually familiar with the Gerson approach.

Since the Gerson diet basically is a full-time job and difficult to implement on one's own (especially in the early 1980s in the UK where organic food was most difficult to come by), Beata went to the only Gerson clinic in the world at the time in Mexico for a number of weeks.

She meets two other malignant melanoma patients, one by the name of Carl who is upbeat and positive as herself, another, Mike, who is negative and pessimistic. While Carl goes on to eventually heal exactly like herself, Mike won't get better and will leave the clinic never to be heard of again.

This is a stark demonstration of just how much the patient's attitude will influence the end result of his or her attempts at healing themselves (see the entire MIND section of this website).

Again and again, Beata reveals insights about her inner life including her dreams which kept giving her guidance.

When she had nearly finished her two years course of the strict Gerson regimen and started to work with her "inner demons", one beautiful Sunday morning she was convinced to have done all the "forgiving" she felt she needed to do to release her previous "offenders" and thus free herself of the burden of resentment. As her significant other took her on a jaunt through London that morning, they happened upon her former surgeon at the exact moment he stepped out of a hospital. In a flash she realised that he was the most important person she hadn't made peace with yet — another powerful synchronicity since had she been there just a minute before or after, she would not have happened upon him.

Beata's physical healing was finalised with surgery. What had happened is that her body in its wisdom had encapsulated the tumour in her groin in an "impenetrable" cover several millimeters thick. While surgery done on a "live" tumour can easily lead to the spreading of cancer cells (see Biopsy & Surgery Can Spread Cancer), cutting out an encapsulated tumour is a totally different matter and is in fact considered safe by Gerson (and likely other) practitioners.

While Beata attributes this encapsulation to the Gerson diet and it is well possible that without it and without her determination to heal (since she still had "work to do in this life"[2]), it's actually well-known that many people's bodies harbour encapsulated tumours, cf. the observation by Prof. Dr. Dr. Gyula de Szilvay quoted under Cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment. The body IS self-healing when we don't hinder it with our actions (diet and lifestyle), thoughts and emotions.

Was the Gerson diet the only approach that could have healed her melanoma? Personally I think there are a number of promising approaches and my current preference goes to a combination of the Budwig diet (which has much in common with the Gerson diet), the apán mushroom supplement and homeopathy according to the Banerji protocols. And of course, always detoxification on all levels including Dr Gerson's coffee enemas. There are also many impressive approaches listed unter Greatest Hits. But as Beata's example shows so beautifully, listening to inner guidance before deciding on any one route to take seems to be paramount.

We also have quite a similar report: Malignant melanoma cured thanks to juicing, raw food diet and exercise which additionally lists many other terminal malignant melanoma cure testimonials.

Thank you, Beata, it was beautiful to read your insights, to learn about the loving true friends in your life, and to laugh out loud now and then at your great sense of humour.

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1 For those who would like a scientifically credible source confirming the idea of soul contract or life plan, the books by Dr Michael Newton are highly recommended. These are "Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives", "Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives" and "Memories of the Afterlife: Life Between Lives Stories of Personal Transformation".

2 In fact in an interview she gave at nearly 95 years of age, she said she continued to be an activist.

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