On the effects of drugs, chemotherapy and radiation

on the human energy (auric) field or aura

The following is excerpted and annotated by Healing Cancer Naturally from ex-NASA physicist Barbara Brennan's classic books “Hands of Light” and "Light Emerging".

“Drugs affect the aura a great deal. I have seen dark energy forms in the liver left from drugs taken for various previous diseases. Hepatitis leaves an orange-yellow color in the liver years after the disease is supposedly cured. I have seen the radiopaque dye used to observe the spine that was injected into the spinal column to diagnose injury ten years after injection although it is supposed to be cleared by the body in a month or two.

Chemotherapy clogs the whole auric field but especially the liver, with greenish-brown mucus-like energy. Radiation therapy frays the structured layers of the auric field like a burned nylon stocking. Surgery causes scars in the first layer of the field and sometimes all the way to the seventh layer. These scars, disfigurations and clogs can be healed by helping the physical body heal itself; if they are left distorted, the physical body will have a much more difficult time healing itself.

When an organ is removed, the etheric organ can still be reconstructed and serve to keep harmony in the auric bodies above the physical body. I would imagine that someday, with more knowledge of the auric field and biochemistry, we may be able to cause organs that have been removed to grow again.”

“The spacing of [energy healing/aura clearing] sessions for cancer patients who are on chemotherapy or radiation treatment should be at least weekly and always right after a treatment, even if that treatment is daily.

Chemo and radiation cause debris in the physical body as well as the energy field. The debris from chemo is composed of the chemotherapy itself, as well as from the tissues it kills. The body must get rid of both. Chemotherapy causes low-frequency, mucusy, dark, thick bioplasma in the auric field that does not support life. It slows and interferes with the functioning of the auric field, causing a great deal of discomfort in the client.

Radiation also causes debris in the physical body because it not only kills cells, it alters the normal biological processes that occur in many cells around those that are killed. This produces a lot of waste products that also must be gotten rid of. Radiation burns the auric field, much like putting a nylon stocking into a flame. This damage needs to be repaired. Radiation also causes the auric field to splinter like glass, thus causing a lot of debris in the field that needs to be cleared. The sooner the healer clears the debris caused by chemo or radiation out of a field, the fewer the side effects will be.

... I have found [macrobiotics] very helpful for many of the people who follow it. Others were not helped. Some of the basic principles of food balancing in macrobiotics are very important. I have seen macrobiotic diets clear the energy field very nicely. If you are having any kind of radiation treatments, consider going macrobiotic. According to Michio and Aveline Kushi, macrobiotics is very effective in curing radiation sickness.”

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Addendum by Healing Cancer Naturally

Healing Cancer Naturally does not endorse chemotherapy and radiation and similar conventional cancer treatments due to their lack of efficacy and possible serious side effects. See On Chemotherapy, On Conventional Cancer Treatment, On Cancer Statistics as well as Chronic Radiation Enteritis, Chronic Radiation Proctitis, Death from Malnutrition & Other Hazards: Potential Serious Side Effects of Conventional (Mainstream) Cancer Treatment By Radiation Therapy & Chemotherapy.

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