Nature heals

Nothing compares in complexity and intelligence to nature

which includes your own body

...which is why when in search of healing we are well advised to turn to nature in the first instance

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Being into "nature cures" to me always smacked of lacking sophistication (that is what allopaths who are disdainful of nature cures seem to convey) until I happened upon a detailed description of just what the body ("nature") constantly accomplishes on its own: literally billions and billions of minute and extremely complex operations which are carried out automatically every nanosecond and which allow our body to even exist (and to proclaim ourselves as smarter than and above nature. :-)

This innate intelligence of our body orchestrates and controls all our bodily functions.

To give you just a small idea, just think of your heartbeat (occuring over 100,000 times every day, adding up to some three billion heartbeats in the course of 80 years).

Or the blood circulating through your vast system of vascular channels: two gallons of blood per minute (> 100 gallons per hour) running through some 60,000 miles of blood vessels (roughly equivalent to twice the earth's circumference).

You have 20–30 trillion red blood cells (1 trillion = 1,000,000,000,000): lined up end to end, they would reach tens of thousands of miles in length. Every red blood cell makes up to a quarter million complete circuits through your body, and several million red blood cells are lost and replaced every few seconds (and with every minute, some one hundred million red blood cells are being formed anew).

Estimates of the number of cells making up your body vary between 30 and 100 trillion cells. Every second, there are some 100,000 chemical reactions happening in every single one of these cells. Multiplied with 30 to 100 trillion cells, these 100,000 reactions amount to a mind-blowing number of chemical reactions occurring in your body each and every second — all without you having to give it a single moment's thought (and there are scientists who think that intercellular communication actually happens faster than the speed of light).

Next to all of these cells are constantly replaced and old cells discarded, from a "turnover time" of 1-5 days for blood neutrophils and 2-4 days for small intestine epithelium to 10 percent of your entire skeleton being renewed every year.[1]

Hormones — signaling molecules — are sent to distant organs to regulate functions and behavior. Enzymes are secreted to split the food you consume into its components so your blood can carry nutrients to your cells. Your kidneys know how to filter your blood to make urine and eliminate wastes. Your liver carries out dozens of critical functions and is capable of natural regeneration of lost tissue — as little as 10% of a liver can regenerate into a whole liver. Your immune system (your inner version of Homeland Security) memorizes thousands of bacteria and viruses and knows how to efficiently fight them off.

This innate intelligence at work in our body clearly is smarter than anything our own mind can conceive and immeasurably superior to our conscious abilities.

While we take our body and its miraculous incredibly complex workings for granted (until something goes wrong), this intelligence maintains order among all of our countless constituents and in fact, has created our body in the first place. It is also an instance which can heal our body.

Truly nothing compares to the exquisite complexity and intelligence of our own body — and the same intelligence is at work in nature at large, with additionally, some plants freely offered to us by nature showing sensational therapeutic potential.

To give two small examples of such "simple" plants which boast enormous capabilities in terms of health and healing, I have compiled condensed presentations of the plethora of scientific evidence supporting the medicinal use of two humble weeds — the stinging nettle and the dandelion.

This is meant to lift these free gifts of nature out of the obscurity and contemptuous relegation to the domain of old-wives tales they have been languishing in, to their rightful place as powerful medicinal plants available to near-everyone, backed by modern research, and superior to many manmade drugs. It isn't just superstition or simple-minded folklore of underdeveloped peoples — or naive Western herbalists of little education — that ascribe powerful therapeutic effects to these herbs, but there are actually numerous scientific validations of their positive influence upon a great variety of illnesses as diverse as allergies, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and male health.

Bottom line

If there is anything we should stand in awe of, it is nature and our body in their incomprehensible complexity, sophistication and unmatched-by-anything-we-do capacities, which includes their capability to heal...

All that said...

Humans too have come up with amazing discoveries in the healing field, too numerous to count. Of relevance to cancer are for instance fenbendazole and related drugs, homeopathics — finally scientifically shown to have significant positive effects beyond placebo — lactic-acid-fermented food treatment for cancer, DCA (dichloroacetate), sodium bicarbonate treatment, Protocel / Cantron, and many, many others.



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