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Protocel®, Entelev®, Cancell®, and Cantron

Background on a confusing supplement

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Protocel is the heart and brain child of James Sheridan (1912–2001), an US-American chemist and lawyer who while having abiding faith in God, was also critical of organised religion since he believed that God communicated directly with us if we would only listen. He also believed in miracles as God's answer to prayer.

As early as his teenage years, Jim Sheridan decided to ask God to help him find a cure for cancer. The first inkling of an answer came in the form of a recurring dream in which Jim was shown a chemical formula. Several events and another dream later, Jim Sheridan embarked on the path that he would pursue to the end of his life — as long as his health allowed him to.

In the course of working on, refining, and testing his formula — with resounding success, its name was changed a number of times. While first baptised "Entelev", it was rebaptised "Cancell" by Edward Sopcak, who took over the manufacturing in the 1980s. As before, the product was given away for free to those wishing to try it.

Enter the NCI, as well as a confidant who betrayed Jim Sheridan's trust and sold the formula (hence available since 1984 from a second manufacturer under the name of "Cantron"), and many attendant problems to boot.

Like other promising approaches to cancer, Entelev/Cancell (now Protocel and Cantron) have been prevented from reaching a wider public.[1] You can read up all the convoluted details of this story under and

What I particularly like about the formula is the way it was conceived (a higher power sharing information in dreams) and that it has shown amazing successes in animals and infants both of which are less likely (or immune to) falling prey to placebo (see Protocel pet testimonials and Protocel® cancer survivorship testimonials (II) [sensational brain tumor healing testimonials and more]).

Today, the Protocel® Formula proper is sold under two forms: Protocel®Entelev (#23) and Protocel®Cancell (#50). Apparently they are each indicated for specific types of cancer or other health issues.

Only Protocel®, Entelev® and Cancell® are the original correct products and approved by the Sheridan and Sopcak (former distributor of Cancell) families.

Concurrently, however, Cantron continues to be sold by a different manufacturer. Since Jim Sheridan kept "tweaking" his formula over the years, Cantron is based on an earlier version of Sheridan's formula and not endorsed by the Sheridan family.

It's possible (or rather likely) however that Cantron and Protocel have the same ingredients, with their only small difference lying in the ratios of those ingredients. has a very detailed page on Protocel, how to use it, which other supplements are recommended or not recommended to take with Protocel and much more.

Since Protocel / Cantron among other things work as a very powerful antioxidant, the instructions for use should be strictly observed to ensure maximum benefits.

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1. Compare History of Alternative Cancer Treatment.

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