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Note: This page complements and partially overlaps the list of Books on the history of alternative cancer treatments.


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Politics in HealingPolitics in Healing – The suppression and manipulation of American medicine

by Daniel Haley


This is not the rantings of some whacko as your own doctor or government official might try to ‘sympathetically’ inform you. The evidence is there--from personal letters between top medical university researchers, to testimony before Congress: you are systematically being deprived of the means by which to save your own life!

Haley should be awarded the nation's highest tribute as a true American patriot and a national hero. Read this book and decide for yourself. You will never think about our health care system the same way again.”

Forbidden Medicine: Is Effective Non-toxic Cancer Treatment Being Suppressed?

by Ellen Hodgson Brown

A riveting book on the life of natural cancer healer Jimmy Keller which encapsulates everything that is going wrong in our health "care" systems. Keller himself had cancer in 1968 and nearly died after going the conventional route (radiation and surgery, with the latter badly disfiguring his face). Given a few months to live, he started investigating and using natural alternative treatments such as laetrile.

After his recovery, he began helping people diagnosed with cancer in his own clinic. Often given up on by their doctors, they were treated with a variety of natural non-toxic therapies tailored to each individual. In those 30 years, Keller was viciously persecuted by mainstream medicine, having to face raids, robberies, a beating that nearly killed him, a kidnapping, and imprisonment of nearly five years after having been brought to trial in 1991.

While his successes directly threatened the pharmaceutical/medical complex's cancer profiteering, former patients fondly remember Jimmy Keller (who died in 2009 at age 75) as a great and compassionate human being.

Racketeering in MedicineRacketeering in Medicine: The Suppression of Alternatives

by James P. Carter

Detailed documented evidence on how the AMA, FDA and big pharma have discredited less expensive and invasive therapies for many years.

The Assault on Medical FreedomThe Assault on Medical Freedom

by P. Joseph Lisa

A real eye-opener which "proves medical corruption beyond any doubt". Investigator Joe Lisa obtained direct access to the actual AMA files. To his surprise, he discovered that the American Medical Association closely followed and kept records on each and every practitioner or clinic which did NOT practice drug-based medicine, and that it worked hand in glove with government agencies such as the FDA, CDC, FTC, ACS, etc. to actively suppress or distort information on any therapeutic approach competing with conventional medicine's drugs and procedures.

For a short introduction, compare the video presentation of the author sharing first-hand knowledge of conspiracies within the AMA at (22:55).

The American Health EmpireThe American Health Empire – Power, Profits and Politics – A report from the Health Policy Advisory Center (Health-PAC)

by Barbara and John Ehrenreich

Written as early as 1970, this book discusses how Big Pharma "owns" the US government, sabotages health care, rigs diagnostic tests and administers "phony" treatments.

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