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Question 122: Should the flaxseeds be soaked (such as overnight) before being ground and used?


While flaxseed is a rich source of various nutritional elements, it also contains phytic acid, a powerful inhibitor of mineral and trace element absorption (present in oil seeds, nuts, beans and grains, see Phytic acid and the bioavailability of minerals in common plant foods). Among food sources of phytic acid, flaxseed (= linseed) ranks number 4 in a listing published on Wikipedia.

Soaking has two major benefits: On the one hand, it starts the germination process (which helps to make the nutrients contained more bioavailable). Depending on the length of soaking, it may also kickstart the breaking up of phytic acid.

So while Dr Budwig did not mention presoaking the flaxseed before grinding, it would seem a good idea in light of the above, just make sure to well cover the soaking dish to help minimize bacterial and/or fungal contamination. (credits: Healing Cancer Naturally)

Question 123: Can I take artificial hormones (such as Lupron) designed to suppress estradiol and testosterone production on the Budwig Protocol?


Hormones such as the above are one of the big no-nos in Dr. Budwig's list of items to avoid. In her book "Das Fettsyndrom" she writes that "application of hormones or radiotherapy while on my oil-protein diet is illogical and counterproductive". In "Der Tod des Tumors, Bd. II" [The Death of the Tumor, Vol. II], she goes into greater detail, explaining how she saw them interfere with her diet's healing effects.

"If the tumor is not — as previously assumed — due to cellular proliferation, to too much growth, but rather due to immature and unfinished growth, if the accumulation occurring during tumor formation is due to a congestion of the living substance which can't be pushed off (as would be called for by the natural growth process and laws of life), then one must not apply mitotic toxins [poisons that impede normal cell division] in an effort to remove the tumorous growth.

The organism must be able to epithelialize, i.e. to form plasma and lipid membrane. Only this will enable the individualization and expelling of the outer epithelial elements to occur in the first place. [Explanation:] The last phase of cellular division, the formation of the membrane, the individuation of the new cell, does not occur if the so very important unsaturated electrically active, membrane-forming fats are missing."

"Applying anti-gender hormones (designed to suppress hormone production) will always have a cytostatic effect, i.e. hinder both growth and the process of recovery. They must be avoided.

The lack of vitality, the whole complex of the manifestations of life which is flagging in the cancer patient, cannot recover via substances which impede protein synthesis and lipid metabolism and which hinder cellular growth processes which even in the [normal] adult must be completed a thousand times on a daily basis."

The entire question of hormone treatment and why it should be stayed clear off is discussed in much detail under Dr. Johanna Budwig on what to avoid when following the Budwig diet and protocol. (credits: Healing Cancer Naturally)

Question 124: What is the advantage of the Budwig Protocol over other frequently successful nutrition-based therapies against cancer?


It is true that e.g. the Gerson diet, the macrobiotic diet, and the raw food diet boast good success rates with cancer. All three however are far removed from the "average" Western diet and demand the greatest dietary discipline and self-control, particularly in the beginning. In comparison, the Budwig diet while also imposing certain dietary restrictions is easy to follow while offering a great variety of culinary experiences.(credits: Healing Cancer Naturally & Lothar Hirneise)

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