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Bruises turning into tumors?

Folk remedy to help prevent former bruises turning malignant

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Russian doctor Natalya Alexandrovna Novikova MD writes[1] that "there are numerous cases reported in the scientific medical literature of malignant tumors arising in places which many years prior had been damaged by a blow".

Even some Western studies have pointed to a possible link between breast bruises and breast cancer that later developed.[2]

Cancer researcher Dr. Johanna Budwig quotes a child sarcoma case likely caused by repeated bruising.[3] In a similar vein, "readings" by noted medical psychic Edgar Cayce frequently indicated that precancerous conditions could turn malignant by irritation or bruising.[4]

Russian folk remedy to help prevent former bruises eventually turning malignant

Dr Novikova recommends the following home-made tincture to help prevent a bruise from later giving rise to a cancerous tumor.

Cut up two garlic (Allium sativum) bulbs, put into a dark glass jar and fill up with 1/2 l (c. 17 oz or 0.52834 quarts) of homemade apple cider vinegar.[5] Close the lid tightly and store in a cool place for seven days, making sure to repeatedly shake up the contents.

Massage the finished tincture into the affected area for ten to twelve minutes, once or twice a day. With bruises in the eye area, apply the tincture as a daily poultice for six to eight days. Wet a piece of cotton or linnen in the tincture and hold the cloth against the affected spot for 30 minutes. This tincture keeps its healing qualities for six to eight months.

Other remedies to help prevent bruises eventually turning malignant?

There are of course many natural ways to help heal a bruise more quickly including poultices made with well-washed fresh wormwood herb (Artemisia absinthium), freshly grated onion or onion juice (Allium cepa)[8], well-washed fresh plaintain leaf (Plantago major) etc.

The above garlic recipe however is the only one specifically mentioned by Dr Novikova to help prevent bruise locations to later turn cancerous.

Based on their anecdotal "track record" against cancer and many other diseases, Healing Cancer Naturally would possibly additionally consider the following treatments:

  • cabbage leaf poultices (Brassica oleracea)[6]
  • Swedish bitters which "serve against swelling and bruises, be they caused by a blow or a fall".[7]

You may also wish to try raw honey, see the "reverse" testimonial under "Various cancer testimonials involving unheated honey application" in Treating Cancerous Tumors with Pure Raw Honey Packs.

Generally, a healthy lifestyle (see this entire website for inspiration, perhaps starting with Preventing Cancer the Natural Holistic Way) will go a long way towards preventing malignant developments.

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1 in her book Russische Volksmedizin (the German translation of the Russian original)

2 See Breast bruises and breast cancer.

3 See Alternative Cancer Researcher Lothar Hirneise Interviews Johanna Budwig.

4 See Edgar Cayce’s perspective of cancer causation which includes “injury... specifically, chronic irritation or bruising ... triggering factors producing tumors which could become malignant.” and for specific detail Chronic Irritation Is A Primary Etiological Factor in Cancer (also scroll to "A. Cancer Can Often Be Prevented" to see Cayce's advice for preventing lumps and tumors from becoming malignant).

5 High-quality store-bought organic apple cider vinegar should work fine. As you may be aware, apple cider vinegar in itself has been credited with numerous health and healing benefits.

6 Compare Tumors healed thanks to cabbage leaf poultices and ... unconditional love.

7 Compare Swedish Bitters Healing Testimonials.

8 As with the garlic used in the above recipe, onions also have cancer-preventative effects in themselves, see Garlic, onion and other Allium vegetables against cancer.

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