Spirituality (II)

The Edgar Cayce Readings on the Causes & Therapy of Cancer

Role of Karma in Malignant Disease

by David McMillin, MA, Meridian Institute, December, 2002

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B. Cancer Is Sometimes A Karmic Pattern

Consistent with the perennial philosophy that acknowledges the continuity of consciousness, Edgar Cayce observed that in some cases cancer can result from past life experiences. The word karma is typically used by Cayce in such cases. Because karma is a matter of the soul’s experiences, the mental and spiritual aspects of healing are a first priority in treatment. The following selection exemplifies Cayce’s approach to karma in a case involving sarcoma:

As we find, there are disturbing conditions. This disturbance is of a nature that by some would be called karmic. Hence it is something the body PHYSICALLY, mentally, must meet, in its spiritual attitude first; that is: as the body may dedicate its life and its abilities to a definite service, to the Creative Forces or God, there will be healing forces brought to the body.

This requires, then, that the mental attitude be such as to not only proclaim or announce a belief in the divine, and to promise to dedicate self to same, but the entity must CONSISTENTLY live such. And the test, the proof of same, is longsuffering.

This does not mean suffering of self and not grumbling about it. Rather, though you be persecuted, unkindly spoken of, taken advantage of by others, you do not attempt to fight back or to do spiteful things; that you be patient — first with self, then with others; again that you not only be passive in your relationships with others but active, being kindly, affectionate one to the other; remembering, as He has said, "Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least, ye do it unto me."

As oft as you contribute, then, to the welfare of those less fortunate, visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction, visit those imprisoned — rightly or wrongly — you do it to your Maker. For, TRUTH shall indeed make you free, even though you be bound in the chains of those things that have brought errors, or the result of errors, in your own experience.

This, then, is the first spiritual approach — or the attitude with which the entity would seek to administer that which is helpful, that which will be met in nature.

For, as so oft has been indicated, each entity, each soul manifesting in the earth, is the result of that the entity has been, in its use of its opportunities, in its relationship to God the Father.

In the beginning let us consider that there is the body, the mind, the soul. The soul is spirit; the mind is as gas that may have its high or low pressure, and the body of its own; but the physical is of the earth-earthy. However, the body was made, was first created, of everything that was in the earth. Hence there are those influences that will meet these tendencies in the blood supply toward that called sarcoma in its nature. (3121-1)

Here are some additional selections that discuss the role of karma in cancer.

There are physical disturbances that are a part of the entity's karma. They are for lessons for those responsible for the body, if ye will accept it. If ye let it harden thee, ye miss the opportunity of knowing that He is the resurrection, He is the truth and life.

Put thy child rather at all times into the arms of Jesus.

In the physical we would apply those conditions that may aid. As developments progress, let that which is of the divine determine whether it is best in this consciousness or in the universal consciousness that it is to serve.

The sarcoma through the body is in the bloodstream. It may be kept localized by the application of Plaintain Salve….

Then keep the body quiet. Keep in prayer, and let it ever be "Thy will, O God — thy will be done."

Then live it, not merely say it, but live it in the daily associations with others. "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them." (3391-1)

As we find, conditions here indicate sarcoma — that is a part of the karma of this body. These may be aided, but as to correcting entirely — the suggested applications will only be helpful for the conditions….

These will bring ease. These will not cure, but are sources of help — and if studied — the juices of the Plantain weed and the keeping away from certain food values — help may be brought even to many individuals suffering with the same….

(Q) What is the origin of these cancerous tumors?

(A) Karma. We do something to start this and then we meet it in the circulation. (3387-1)

As we find, conditions are such that there may be a staying of the disturbances, but these activities are of the consuming nature.

If there is the desire, there may be used the influences that we might suggest — though these will not heal, or remove causes. For, as has been indicated oft, causes may be karma. Karma is cause oft of hereditary conditions so called. Then indeed does the soul inherit that it has builded in its experience with its fellow man in material relationships. (3313-1)

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