Guided imagery: two simple but powerful meditations/visualizations

for clearing your energy field of unhelpful energy & balancing your aura

by Sarah Beck and Len Walker © 2008

Prefaced and published with permission of the authors by © 2008 Healing Cancer Naturally Copyright Notice

As healing systems such as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as well as numerous health practitioners including eminent author Richard Gerber M.D.[1] have been aware, many if not most human diseases start in what is called the human aura or multi-level human energy field (for scientific background on the aura and related subjects, see Cancer Healing & Energetics).

As one of the authors of this article who uses (and recommends using) the visualization-based aura cleansing and balancing techniques described below on a daily basis, wrote about himself, "we tend to be very healthy" and he believes with many others that keeping one's aura "clean" will do much (if not even provide the most decisive influence) in preventing any health challenges from occurring as well as help reduce and heal any such challenge that may have already arisen.

Sieving and balancing your energy field (aura)

by © Sarah Beck and Len Walker, holistic healers, UK

The following are two simple visualization-based meditations for looking after your energy field (aura). The first, Sieving, is a method of clearing the energy field of unhelpful energy, the second, Balancing, is a method for balancing and revitalizing the energy field. Sieving can be done as a stand-alone exercise, and with practice will only take a few minutes. We recommend however if you wish to perform the balancing technique you do the sieving beforehand and then go straight to the balancing.

Sieving the aura

Adopt a comfortable seated or lying position. It is preferable to keep the body aligned so avoid crossing legs and arms. Sit upon a chair or lay straight along the ground if you can.

Using your power of imagination, imagine a large golden sieve, large enough to encompass your energy field, sitting beneath your energy field, let this sieve be a very fine mesh of golden light.

Once your sieve is created, start to draw the sieve upwards, passing through your energy field, up through your feet then legs and so on, gradually moving up through your body and energy field. The sieve is combing through the subtle energies of your body and its energy field, realigning your energies and removing any unwanted stuck energy.

As your sieve moves upwards you are combing out this stuck energy into the sieve until you complete the sieving above your energy field. You will probably be surprised how heavy the sieve now feels.

Golden sieve aura cleansing technique

You are now ready to empty the sieve. Imagine there is a drain into the ground some distance from you and imagine the dark, heavy contents of the sieve flowing downwards into the earth, like water passing down through a plug hole. When you feel your sieve is empty simply bring the sieve beneath your energy field and begin again, sieving twice more making a total of three passes through your body and your energy field.

Do observe what you encounter as you sieve, noticing if you find there are areas of your body which are more difficult to sieve, these may be areas of damage or disease requiring release, perhaps there are areas where the mind just does not want to go, areas which are closed off.

In either situation don't worry. As you persevere with the sieving over the coming days and weeks, eventually it will become easy to pass through these areas.

We cannot stress enough the importance of cleansing on a regular basis. We believe a healthy clear energy field helps protect one from disease and promotes the rapid recovery from illness. Also we are continually interacting with others on an energetic level so this technique helps us to restore the harmony and balance of our energy field; if you have ever been in the presence of another human being and come away feeling drained, irritated and down then you will know what we mean.

After using this technique for a few weeks you will begin to notice you have more energy, and in the winter for instance you are less likely to suffer from colds and flu than usual and chronic ailments will improve.

At first perform the sieving sitting or lying down, then after a few weeks of regular practice you can try making this part of your everyday ablutions performing this sieving during a shower or a bath.

A word of caution: This is a powerful technique so please do not attempt to sieve standing up until you have performed the technique a few times whilst sitting as it may initially cause you to feel a little light-headed.

An even stronger word of caution: whether you are sieving yourself or a building always dispose of the sieve and its contents into the earth and seal it. Never dump it on someone else or into another building. You have been warned!

Balancing your subtle energies

When you have sieved thoroughly start to consolidate your energy field. From your navel start to send a channel of energy downwards, through your legs and leave through your feet, continue to travel downwards, entering the earth beneath you, continuing downwards through the earth, through the levels of rock, continuing ever downwards towards the center of the earth passing into the ever moving molten heart.

As you approach the centre of the earth you will come to an area of incredible density that you probably cannot penetrate, this is the absolute centre of the planet, drawing your channel of energy with you go right around this dense area and back to the top of it so anchoring your energy channel.

Now begin to ascend returning by the same path, feel you are drawing the earth energy upwards until eventually you are drawing the earth energy into your body. Let this energy fill your body to navel height and notice the qualities of this energy, how this energy feels, does it feel solid, warm, heavy, does it have a colour?

Once you feel grounded and filled with this supportive earth energy, start to focus upon your heart and begin to send a channel of light upwards through your crown, traveling through the ceiling, and on upwards into the sky above, traveling ever upwards to the edge of the atmosphere, you are moving towards the highest place in the heavens you can reach, when you feel you can go no further open yourself to the incredible energy available to you here, pause for a short time, then begin to retrace your steps, feeling yourself to be drawing this light downwards as you descend.

Then as you enter your crown then heart, allow this energy to begin to fill your upper body to the level of your navel. Notice how this energy feels, does it feel spacious, light, cool, does it have a colour?

Now just as two colours upon a palette can be mixed to create a third colour, begin to allow the two energies to merge until you feel your inner energy has become a third thing, a balanced state. Imagine the two energies moving and flowing until they eventually still within this new balanced state.

Finally, just sit and imagine you are at the centre of a large egg-shaped energy field. You can draw a straight line upwards from beneath your feet to just above your crown and a horizontal line from side to side; you are sitting at the very centre of your energy field.

When you are ready, open your eyes and resume your day.

This meditation is very useful when performed daily and with practice it can be done in just a very short time. You may find it is something you can do after a morning shower as you stand in the cubicle or you may prefer to take a few minutes lying or sitting in the day.

The Sieving technique has been slightly adapted from a technique originally taught at the College of Healing in the UK. We adapted it and developed the Balancing technique originally as a preparation to be used before commencing healing, then found both to be an excellent daily exercise to promote balance and harmony in daily life.

About the authors

Sarah Beck is an Ayurveda Educator and a healer as well as a Yoga teacher trainer.

Len Walker is a full-time healer who concentrates mainly on Negative Energy and Entity Clearing, Cancer and Physical and Emotional imbalances.

Their website which gives details on their healing work as well as their contact information can be found here.

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1 who wrote the classic Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

Is there a cure for cancer? After 20 years of research

discover what this German expert thinks.

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