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Our energetic makeup (see Energetics & Cancer) is the true foundation of our body and its state of health or dis-ease. The following books address this vital and decisive basis without specifically focussing on cancer.

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Energy MedicineEnergy Medicine

by Donna Eden (Author), David Feinstein (Contributor), Caroline Myss (Foreword)

"Your body is designed to heal itself..."

Based on Eden’s c. 30 years of experience practicing energy medicine and teaching the methods of applied kinesiology (as well as dealing with her own numerous health problems), this self-help energy healing reference book (referred to as “essential reference book”, a “gold mine of information” and a “landmark work in energy medicine” by two readers) “will show you how to work with the electromagnetic and more subtle energies that give your body life ...[and]... form the foundation of your health."

Contains clear instructions for many DIY energy healing techniques (or techniques done with a partner) and 100+ “quick fixes” for allaying everyday ailments and stresses. Describes the body's energy meridians, chakra balancing, and how to do the "celtic weave".

Includes clients’ stories (even from cancer and chronic pain patients).

Some readers’ comments:

“... a priceless addition to any energy healer's bookshelves”.

“...includes a vast assortment of fascinating real-life stories of energy healings that Donna Eden has been involved in...”

“Among the hundreds of books in the category of Energy this book STANDS OUT as the only book to my knowledge that addresses so many different energy systems. ... full of practical information.”

“The short Daily Energy Routine in Chapter 3 has benefited everybody who continues to do it.”

“Optimal health has been defined as the unlimited and unimpeded free flow of life force energy through body, mind and spirit. This book introduces you to techniques which make that possible.”

“If you have health challenges, ... by all means use the techniques in this book, and the energy kit.”

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

by Barbara Brennan


Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing

by Barbara Brennan

For an introduction to Dr. Brennan's work see Energetics.

Wheels of Light

by Rosalyn Bruyere


The EFT manualThe EFT manual (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques)

by Gary Craig
The “classic” on EFT.

Your Body Doesn't LieYour Body Doesn't Lie

by John Diamond

“BEST book ... for beginners.” “Dr. Diamond looks in detail at some of the aspects of our lives that affect us negatively, and gives simple, effective ways of overcoming these stresses.”

“A Health Classic ... showing that stimuli, whether physical or otherwise, affect our Life Energy constantly for better or worse. Furthermore, these effects tend to be the same for all observers: unconsciously, this painting, that food and so on all affect us the same, regardless of what we think in our conscious minds. ... In short, this has to be one of the most important health books of the twentieth century.”

“...required reading [for] anyone interested in the field of kinesiology, its origins and applications. ... clear direction given on how to properly perform the technique of muscle testing.

Vibrational MedicineVibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

by Richard Gerber M.D.

"The Subtle Energy Healing Bible": This hefty volume is a must-have and (if you have the time ;-) must-read for anyone interested in having an essential reference book and overview of subtle-energy therapies.

Available in a recently revised and updated edition, erudite Dr. Gerber’s captivating classic very methodically discusses what nearly looks like the entire field of energy medicine.

Based on scientific and psychological research into what we know of the energy body and the fact that even the “physical” body at its most basic level consists of electrical vibrations, Gerber’s book and its theoretical framework of energy medicine also provides a bridge connecting allopathic and subtle-energy medicine.

It allows the reader the easy mental transition from the mechanical/chemical Newtonian view of body and health to the Einsteinian view revolving around the “uncertainty” of the quantum.

Subjects discussed range from radiology to radionics, electrotherapy to EAV (electroacupuncture according to Voll), flower essences, Bach Flower Remedies and homeopathy to acupuncture, crystal healing, psychic healing, experiments with healing hands and magnets to the neurophysiology of kundalini. Chapters include:

The Einsteinian View of Living Systems; X-Rays and the Beginning of Vibrational Medicine; Frequency and Subtle Planes of Matter; Subtle Energy Systems and their Relevance to Ancient Approaches to Healing; Modern Investigations into Psychic Healing; Healing Qualities of Gems and Stones; The Chakras; Holistic Healing and Paradigm Shifts; Recent Developments in Vibrational Medicine, including Healing with Sound, and Electromagnetic Healing Devices.

The Genie In Your GenesThe Genie In Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention

by Dawson Church

What at first sounds like a rather enigmatic title, hides a book that “should be read by ... people who have ... chronic health problems believed to be caused by genetic defaults. [It] will open your eyes and give you hope that you can control your life. ... [and] can prove life-changing for those who take it seriously.”

Our current scientific understanding says that our genes or DNA determine much of our behavior as well as physical characteristics. Frequently, this argument is put forward to “explain” cancer “running” in a family as well. While this makes little sense considering the steep rise in cancer incidence over the last century, this book adds another exciting perspective.

Its central thesis is the amazing malleability of our genes many of which apparently change from moment to moment according to our thoughts and feelings.

As shown by hundreds of scientific studies in the new field of epigenetics (epi=above, i.e. the concept of healing coming from outside the control of the gene), beliefs and emotions are able to trigger the expression of DNA strands, with particular genes responding within a few seconds of a stimulus. These in turn can activate other genes which affect our immune system (e.g. the production of white blood cells), our brain, and our hormone system.

“The Genie in Your Genes demonstrates that by taking control of our consciousness and using it to influence our genetic expression, we can sometimes bypass years of therapy, as well as harmful drugs and invasive surgeries, to, in effect, do continuous genetic engineering on our own bodies. This can produce both immediate relief from long-standing anxieties and neuroses, as well as ‘miraculous’ healing of persistent physical conditions, especially autoimmune diseases.”

In other words, "consciousness and intention (thoughts, beliefs, feelings, prayers, faith and attitudes) is medicine" and you are “the ultimate epigenetic engineer" in the driver's seat of determining your health.

“Science has given us the understanding that genetic changes occur within seconds of changes in consciousness, [so] it is high time we began looking for miracles as a first resort, not as a last resort."

The author discusses and recommends various techniques from energy medicine and energy psychology (specifically EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique) to overcome certain chronic health and autoimmune conditions, as well as psychological traumas, incl. an appendix with further information on finding a practitioner and exercises one can do on one’s own.

Pat Carrington, Ph.D., comments on this “extremely well written book” (excerpted):

“...Dr. Church gives us the most convincing explanation I have seen yet for the remarkable effects of EFT. He brings together the latest advances in gene theory, the electrical systems of the body, cell membrane conductivity, string theory of quantum physics, and other leading edge concepts, and ties them all together in such a way that they explain previously inexplicable results such as those obtained from practicing energy psychology techniques –– and, of course, practicing EFT.

This work, linking genetics, electromagnetism, medicine and social change, is a monumental feat of scholarship and imagination, and provides a fascinating glimpse of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead."

If you are not particularly interested in scientific theory, you may nevertheless be fascinated by reading numerous stories and anecdotes from both modern and ancient sources ... . For example, in talking about energy medicine's ancient roots, Church shows us how the principles of acupuncture may predate the time of the Yellow Emperor in China by thousands of years.

... between 50% and 80% of physicians -- even those of weak religious faith -- believe that miracles can happen today and report having seen miraculous recoveries.

His discussion of almost instantaneous change and how it is brought about, is in itself worth the price of the book. He makes what he calls ‘routine miracles’ seem easily explainable.”

Also compare the book review of “The Biology Of Belief: Unleashing The Power Of Consciousness, Matter And Miracles”.

Our Invisible BodiesOur Invisible Bodies: Scientific Evidence for Subtle Bodies

by Jay Alfred

"There is growing evidence that human beings possess a series of very high frequency (currently invisible) electromagnetic bodies ... sometimes ... referred to as "bioplasma" bodies by leading contemporary metaphysicists and "subtle bodies" in the general metaphysical literature.

This book provides detailed descriptions of the anatomy of these bodies and how they operate in 'counterpart-Earths' - using theories found in established fields in physics ... It also offers ... breakthroughs in understanding the nature of qi, prana and kundalini; in the context of plasma physics."


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