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Note: Many more details on the background of Dr Budwig’s research can be read under On the development and course of Dr Budwig’s scientific thinking, work and career and in the new book "Budwig Diet — How To Get It Right — The Ultimate Guide" by German Budwig scholars Michael Bierschenk and Ulla Schmid. Published in April 2023 as a Kindle ebook on Amazon and as a downloadable PDF.

Dr. Johanna Budwig (born 30 September 1908, died 19 May 2003, pronounced Yaw-hun-nah Bood-vig), a seven-times Alternative Nobel Prize nominee since 1979, was a qualified German pharmacologist, chemist and physicist with a doctorate in physics who worked as the chief expert-consultant for drugs and fats at the former Bundesanstalt für Fettforschung (Federal Institute for Fats Research) in Germany.

Described as "the world's leading authority on fats and oils", Dr. Budwig studied in-depth the effect of hydrogenated and other denatured fats upon human health and found it to be desastrous, while she discovered the truly "essential" and powerfully healing nature of essential fatty acids on all manner of degenerative diseases including cancer.

Dr Budwig authored numerous books (among them Cancer — The Problem and the Solution, Das Fettsyndrom [The Fat Syndrome, discussing the links between fats and next to all diseases of the heart and lung as well as cancer], Krebs, ein Fettproblem [Cancer — A Fat Problem, on the right choice and use of fats], Der Tod des Tumors [The Death of the Tumor], as well as numerous scientific papers and treatises in which she published her findings on the critical importance of the right fatty acids and the deleterious effect of the wrong fats on human health (the use of "wrong fats" having become widespread since the invention and ubiquitous introduction of the hydrogenation process in order to extend the shelf life of fats and to create margarine).

Three of Dr Budwig's books "FlaxOil As A True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer, And Other Diseases" (read excerpts here), "The Oil Protein Diet Cookbook" and the aforementioned "Cancer — The Problem and the Solution" (excerpts here) have been translated into English. The former, though a slender volume of only about 60 pages, is "packed with the most clear thinking on the genesis of serious diseases and health recovery" including healing cancer.

The fact that so far solely three of Dr. Budwig’s works are accessible to the English-speaking world makes it hard, however, to appreciate the true scope and breadth of her protocol and cancer treatment approach.

While the situation is naturally better for German readers, even these have easy access only to parts of her work since a number of her books — in fact, the majority — are currently out of print and frequently only offered at high prices. Some determination is called for to find a copy of these books in second-hand stores.[1]

As other researchers[2] who have found a non- or little profitable while effective way of healing cancer (or at least keeping it under control by preventing metastasis), Dr. Budwig and her work have been attacked and silenced by vested medical, industrial and pharmaceutical interests throughout her life. As summarized by Cliff Beckwith who kept his prostate cancer under control for over a decade:

"Dr. Budwig to my knowledge had over 1000 documented successes. However, her work was not popular with the Oncology Industry in Europe. Her ideas would have meant a lot of losses in the Food Industry [too]; especially in the fats industry.

My cousin, Richard Beckwith, called her probably eleven years ago and talked to her about forty-five minutes. She told him that American doctors had come to Germany and been impressed with her work. Then they wanted to try to work out some way to have exclusive rights to her methods in the United States and make a lot of money and she wouldn't do that.

She believed her work was very important and was anxious to see it carried on but no one seemed interested unless they could make a lot of money.

I had Advanced [prostate] cancer and I could not wait for scientific confirmation and began to use these ideas immediately. One thing led to another, none of it planned, and we have seen many folks recover from cancer or have lives greatly extended. A lot of that information is at www.beckwithfamily.com (now defunct).

That is all based on anecdotal evidence. Other than the evidence in Dr. Budwig's records [as far as they are available in English] that is all there is. No one is doing any scientific testing. That is done to prove the value of drugs for profit and one cannot patent Flaxseed Oil.

...In my view there should be enough on those lists [the evidence reported on two Budwig discussion lists he founded] and what we have seen to at least cause someone really interested in human welfare to be curious."

And it seems likely that apart from financial interests, human failings such as intellectual pride play a part in the silencing and ignoring of Dr. Budwig’s apparently often life-saving discoveries. Cliff Beckwith again:

"For the most part one cannot expect the doctors to place any real credibility to the use of [flax oil and cottage cheese]. It seems incredible that anything could be successful other than what they are taught in Med school. Imagine the blow to one's ego if it became official that something with which he or she is not familiar would be found to be much better than the things that were studied 10 years to learn."

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1 I have found it the best option to look for and order these books through public libraries in Germany where they are available.

2 Compare History of Cancer Treatment.

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