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...harm inflicted on others via thought energy and protecting oneself

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Do the energy and content of our thoughts impact others?

It seems to be a well-established fact that our thoughts have a major impact on ourselves, possibly on all levels including our physical body. But how about the thoughts we occasionally or continually harbour towards others? Here is a fascinating answer:

In the book by Swiss German Dr. Hans-Peter Zimmermann “Geld ist schön”, the author relates the following in a chapter headed “Three Experiments On Thought Energy” (excerpted & translated by me):

"Gather about 50 more or less neutral persons in a room (neutral meaning neither ‘blind esotericists’ [‘New Agers’]’ nor disruptive dyed-in-the-wool skeptics). Send two of these people outside, after designating one of them the ‘test person’ and the other ‘the assistant’. Once both out of earshot, ask the remaining 48 in attendance to think something negative about the test person.

Ask the two persons back in and proceed to test the muscle tone of the ‘test person’ (kinesiological muscle testing), such as the assistant trying to press down the outstretched arm of the test person.

This will be quite quickly and easily accomplished when everyone is thinking something bad about the test person.

In the next experiment, everyone is asked to think something positive about the same test person, and lo and behold: the test person will now be able to display greater muscle resistance than beforehand....

‘If that’s true’, you’re going to say, ‘then I’ve to watch out not to make others depressive by my negative thoughts.’ That seems indeed to be the case! A good personal ‘psycho-hygiene’ is not just your right but your duty towards humanity. Perhaps you’ll also start wondering if it isn’t dangerous to have many enemies who think negatively about you...let me set your mind at ease.... if your conscience is clear and you send positive thoughts even to those who don’t like and support you, then the negative thinking of others cannot harm you.

In one of his books, Dr. Joseph Murphy gives a good example of how this may work: he narrates the story of a client who asked him for help after having been cursed by a Voodoo priest. Murphy advised the client to not allow this negative energy near him by mentally surrounding himself with a protective shield of clear white light every day.

Hardly three weeks had passed when the Voodoo priest was run over by a car. His victim hadn’t accepted the negative energy which apparently came back to the sender by return of mail.”

Now here is an important caveat concerning the above thought experiments:

Quantum physics has shown that the experimenter’s expectation influences/determines the outcome of the experiment (such as in the famous “Schroedinger’s cat” setup). In other words, to prove that the above-quoted effects of negative/positive thoughts on a target person are indeed factual and in themselves the cause of the effects observed, such experiments should be done by a group completely unaware of the “expected” effect, i.e. in some kind of double-blind setting.

On the power of thought & visualization

Another amazing experiment on the power of thought reported by Hans-Peter Zimmermann: “Sit a medium-weight test person on a chair. Tell him/her to close their eyes and to imagine being as heavy as a rock. Gather four persons around the chair. Tell them to try lifting the person from the chair, each using two fingers only, with two of them putting their fingers under the armpits and two putting them under the knees of the test person.

Lifting will be impossible or very hard while the test person thinks of him/herself as heavy as a rock.

The second part of the experiment starts with a short meditation. The first ‘lifter’ holds his left hand about 2 inches above the test person’s head, the second puts his left hand a bit less than an inch above it, followed by the third and forth each doing the same; finally the first one puts his right hand over the four left hands, with the others again following suit.

Now everyone closes their eyes. The test person imagines being light as a feather or as a tuft of cloud floating in the sky in spring. The other four visualize themselves lifting the test person easily and effortlessly one yard above the chair.

Once all have clearly seen the picture in their mind’s eye, you softly command: ‘Now open your eyes. Put your fingers under his/her armpits and knees respectively. Upon the count of three, lift: one... two... three!’ You’ll have to watch that the test person’s head doesn’t hit the ceiling and that the four lifters don’t drop him or her in surprise, it’s so easy!”

Some conclusions & recommendations following from these experiments

We have to watch out not to influence others negatively (such as making them depressive) with our negative thoughts about them.

If we have "enemies", who, say out of jealousy send us negative thoughts, we can protect ourselves by sending positive thoughts every day even to those who aren't well-disposed towards us. In this manner, their negative thoughts will be unable to get at us or do us harm.

The above would also mean that every negative thought about someone has a weakening effect upon the target of the thought, unless this person has put on an "armour of love", sending loving thoughts to you (or as implied in Murphy’s report, visualises a protective shield of clear white light around themselves which also seems to have the effect of sending negative energy right back to whence it came).

A number of spiritual teachers (such as Orin) seem to say a similar thing about the power of love (and light respectively) to protect you.

On prayer & curses

Since prayer is known to help heal (see Cynthia Larson’s grandmother’s liver cancer healed by prayer alone) it stands to reason that negative thoughts, curses etc. can have a comparably strong inverse effect on any unprotected target. (And if one thinks of the cumulative effect of many such negative thoughts upon someone [such as a parent's repetitive negative thoughts towards their unloved child], the implications are staggering...).

Here is a beautiful story illustrative of the power of prayer reported by “Marcela” in one of her daily "Spirit and Love" letters:

”The highest emotions/thoughts we can have are gratitude and love [for tentative proof cf. the fascinating water experiments of Masaru Emoto showing that sound and the spoken word can affect water molecules, and how we, as beings mostly composed of water, can be affected by sound and words, as described in his illustrated work ''Messages From Water”, Vol. 1][1]. [Gratitude and love] heal, transform, enlighten. A portion from a tape on ascension of the Ishaya monks relates the following:

... It is our habitual thoughts that create the universe we currently experience. It's our choice what to think. How we make that choice determines how we will experience this adventure we call life. Let me tell you a story that illustrates the power of our thought:

Carolyn Mase, a well-known medical intuitive, in her Energy Anatomy tape program, recounts the incident of a woman who had been in a car accident. She had a near-death experience.

During this experience she found herself hovering over her car. While she was hovering over she could hear the responses in the cars backing up behind her. She could hear them saying,

"Damn, oh damn, this is just what I need," and other similar comments. Many of them were mad, and cursing her for making them late. She started feeling weaker as a result of what she heard. [Compare the above-related weakening effect negative thoughts have on a target person.]

Then she noticed that the fifth car was filled with light. It was pouring out of the top, going far up into the heavens and being directed directly to her, and she thought, "What is that?".

As soon as she asked that question she was present. And what she heard was this woman, this perfect stranger, praying for her.

Hence, by the power of thought in the form of a prayer, came healing, life, happiness, and peace. All creation is created by thought. All living things respond to praise. Our thoughts create, and are infinitely more powerful than we have any idea. It has been said by those who can see what and how thought creates that if one could see the nature and effect of our thoughts we would change them forever.”

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1 Update regarding Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments: it seems that his experiments have not been carried out according to rigorous scientific standards. William A. Tiller, a professor emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering and likely THE scientific figurehead for credible research into paranormal phenomena (he has authored Some Science Adventures with Real Magic and other books) has criticised Emoto's experiments as failing to provide proof since they "do not control for one of the three key factors in the supercooling of water".

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