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"Disease is, above all, dis-ease, absence of ease or Santi — sweet, joyous peace of the spirit reflected through the mind in the body. Senile decay, which is the common experience of man, is but an expression that covers his ignorance of cause, certain disease conditions of mind and body. Even accidents are preventable by appropriate mental attitude. Says the Siddha: ‘The tone of the body may be so preserved that it may naturally resist with ease infectious and other disease, like plague and influenza.’ The Siddha may swallow germs and never develop disease at all."
Baird T. Spalding in Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East

Intro by Healing Cancer Naturally

This first Cancer Healing & Spirituality page has its general focus on impressive cancer healing testimonials and information on various spiritual healing approaches.[1]

Before we start, some special and important notes...

A number of spiritual teachers contend that a human's spiritual growth is the most important thing in our life, and that challenges of all types always contain a hidden gift in the sense that they can help a person grow as a human being, put them on the path of their "true purpose", make them healthier and/or benefit them in other important ways.

In fact, there are even those who claim that we create our own reality, including both our successes and our challenges.

There are numerous real-life stories that illustrate the "hidden gift" concept (and you may have experienced such gifts yourself with various challenging situations in your life which in retrospect turned out to be to your eventual benefit, perhaps helping you to become a more mature person, create a new and more fulfilling job or relationship etc.).

There are (former) cancer patients who think in similar ways and actually consider their cancer diagnosis a beneficial wake-up call, see for instance quotes such as "Cancer stands for change" and "Cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me" (compare Inspirational Quotes for Cancer Patients and Other People in Search of Healing).

Whether this "hidden gift" concept indeed is true to fact or not, it would seem that the best and most constructive attitude to take with any challenge in life, be it on the physical, emotional or on another plane, is trying to find what opportunity may be concealed inside our challenge, rather than considering oneself the helpless victim of (un)just circumstance and giving up.

Some striking examples of cancer diagnoses being resolved via spiritual awakenings/growth can be read in A Spiritual Healer’s Healing from Cancer through Oneness, Bone cancer patient with two weeks to live back in the pink of health, “Jay D. Allen's terminal brain tumor diagnosis becomes a crucial spiritual growth experience” and perhaps the most dramatic of all, Near Death Experience Followed By Cancer Healing. Also compare Real-life healing stories.

Last but not least, a reminder that Thomas Jefferson has said to “[n]ever trouble another for what you can do for yourself.” In my observation, this may also be good advice when it comes to physical healing.

In other words, I would tend to first see what I can do for myself to get better, such as cleaning up and optimising my diet, detoxifying my body and environment, watching my thoughts and caring for my emotional life, before mainly appealing to other persons or a higher spiritual instance.

This could naturally be combined with asking for guidance from the invisible source of goodness and help you believe and trust in...

My Grandmother's Liver Cancer Vanished

© Cynthia Sue Larson

"If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and every day you have the opportunity to write a new page". — Mark Houlahan

Occasionally, I find myself wishing I could right every wrong, win every battle, and prove every point. The feeling usually passes as I accept whatever uncertainties life has to offer, yet, I am gladdened to find that I can still "write my life" by choosing what attitude I face the world with.

I am very fortunate to have recently learned valuable lessons about attitude from my parents and grandmother, as I watched how they dealt with "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" in their lives.

Something shocking happened in my family just a couple of years ago. Doctors discovered that my grandmother had liver cancer. They performed a biopsy and found cancerous cells in her liver. They took CT scan images which confirmed what the blood tests indicated — she had liver cancer. The doctors estimated she had less than a year to live.

Since my grandmother was in her 90s, she requested only pain medication, choosing to forego radiation therapy and chemotherapy. She had seen many of her friends suffer from those cancer treatments.

As she told us how grateful she felt for having lived such a wonderful life, she prayed for the courage to face whatever came next. When my grandmother was certain of her diagnosis and had a few weeks to prepare herself emotionally for people's reactions, she told friends and family that she had terminal liver cancer.

Immediately, most of the people who dearly love this precious woman began to pray on her behalf. While her own prayers were simply for courage, other people (myself included) were praying for her return to good health.

Within a few months, my grandmother's doctors were astonished to find that her cancer was stabilizing. Several months after that, they were completely at a loss to explain why they could no longer find any trace of cancer in her body!

When doctors told my grandmother that they had no explanation for what had just happened, she assured them that she knew why her cancer was gone — it was because prayer works.

I am grateful to live in a time when scientific evidence is confirming the effectiveness of distant healing. Spontaneous remissions of cancers, tumors, and other apparently lethal medical conditions have long been known to occur when people are prayed for — and we are finally reaching a point where these effects of prayer can be scientifically confirmed.

There was a time, not so long ago, when such stories were routinely dismissed as mere "anecdotal evidence" of something inexplicable and therefore unmentionable. If you want to read about these recent scientific studies, please go the realityshifters.com home page and click on the Scientific Research Confirms Distant Healing article.

My (cancer-free!) grandmother was not feeling frisky enough to journey to the Pacific Northwest this summer for a family reunion this year, but she sent along her childhood memories that she'd written for my mother over a period of several years. My sister painstakingly typed and bound the manuscript, including photographs from the early 1900s.

These simple, personal stories of how each of my grandmother's family members faced trials and tribulations made for fascinating reading, and inspired me to do a better job of connecting with my relatives while we're all still alive.

After the reunion was over, I drove with my parents to drop in on some relatives — with no advance warning. What impressed me most about this experience was the way we were greeted with open arms and hearts everywhere we went — even when we met a complete stranger! I hope you'll read my article Welcome Love about this experience in the September issue of Planet Lightworker.

This article originally appeared in the August issue of RealityShifters News, the free monthly ezine you can subscribe to at the realityshifters.com web site.
Also by Cynthia Sue Larson: Divine Love & Light Healing Meditation.

Bone cancer patient with two weeks given to live back in the pink of health through his contact with Jesus Christ

Edited & published by Healing Cancer Naturally with permission of the author, copyright © 2004

I am a young 60 year old male German.... and please forgive my bad English.

If you are asking me who Jesus Christ is for me and what he has done for me...

First of all, I found Jesus to be my Healer and Comforter. 15 years ago (in 1987), when only a couple of weeks away from a decent cemetery in Bavaria... with bone cancer in my shinbones (half eaten through), my coccyx, my elbows as well as holes in my skull plus organs full of metastases.... No income in those days (and ever since those days).... no insurance, no medical aid, no social security, plain nothing in regard to money and help...

In January 87, Jesus Christ came into my life very much like He came into the life of dear Paul....

Today I am back in the pink of health ..... have gone through a life like Job in the past 15 years, while Jesus Christ helped me to get detached from the world and attached solely to Him.... it has been a journey through a lot of hells made by people which He had allowed to cross my path in order to find out how much I would trust Him.... which then turned into LOVE for HIM, which is HIS Love for me, a spiritual gift.

At a given time, which He knows best, I was able to realize that He truly is my Father... the Father of us all since time immemorial....

Until He found me and picked me up, He hadn't played a role in my life as a businessman with two companies in New York and three companies in Munich, Germany.

But He had other plans with me.

Well ... so far I have covered Jesus Christ the Healer, when I was fatally ill with no human aid in sight,... the Comforter when I went through all sorts of hells made by people who unbeknownst to them were serving our enemy....

The Father, Who was made flesh in Jesus Christ....

Since it is written that He does reveal Himself to those who love Him above all else in the world, I took this for truth and started to pray for His communication with me, the way it is written in the bible, by going "into the closet" in the silence of my mind and by praying to Him in my heart....

Well, this worked too and didn't come as a surprise ...so He is a dear Father who will answer questions....and I started to never ever again follow common procedures or ceremonies and similar things, but to always go to Him first to ask His advise.

So Jesus since became my adviser.... He, Who is the Wisdom, the eternal wisdom Himself.

I did ask Him many things in regard to the Bible and I did ask Him if it was true that He quit talking to people after the crucifixion, as I was told by all kinds of church people...

He showed me the opposite and led me to His sources, to His handmaidens and servants across the past almost 2000 years.... and there are large numbers of them.... and the more one talks with our Father in Heaven and the more one reads His Word in the Bible with His spirit given to us, the better one knows His voice and is able to tell false prophets from true prophets of God on the spot.

But again, as any skill in the physical world, this requires practicing, requires many conversations with Him in your heart (not with the lips).... and after having been led through the centuries to get acquainted with all His servants and handmaidens, inside and outside of churches, I did ask Him about His whereabouts in our days... namely the past 200 years...

... and He didn't take me right to His sources, but instead led me to many false prophets, in order for me to learn to differentiate the false but lovely words of Lucifer and his helpers from those of His true maids and servants, of whom it is written that before the end He shall reveal Himself to them in words and visions.....

So to answer your question, I can say He is not only my Father in Heaven Who was made flesh in Jesus Christ, but even more, He became my life.... and I didn't deserve this at all, but it was His plan of which I did not know, to not let me get lost in spiritual darkness, but to save me, redeem me, teach me every day, leading me on His way and making me act according to His will.

What else could I need?

I own nothing.. I still have no income at all, no savings, no secret funds...plain nothing.... I do have a home, my daily meals and LOTS of work spreading His WORD among the needy...and besides that, I do collect food surplus from shops with friends of mine and give it to the homeless, to widows with children, to foreigners, refugees....

He stopped me from going after the “big names” in the country to share His Word with them.... as it is written... but made me go after all the needy people in the streets.... and this shows, at least to me, how late it is... and how close the new earth and the new Jerusalem is....

So far I have not found anything He did with me which would contradict His teachings in the scriptures....

I did ask Him in 1987 to either take me up to Him or to make out of me a useful tool for Him..... I am still around and praise our Lord Jesus Christ for all the beatings I gladly take every day from lots of people most of which are much much wiser than GOD is.....

Did it come across Who Jesus Christ is for me?

I don't simply believe in Him or in the Bible — I know them to be the Truth in my heart of hearts, which is much more than just blind belief.

Yes, He is at least my Father and He wants to be the Father of all... but He can only become the Father again to those who have asked Him for His love in order to overcome their love for the world and anything and anyone in the world, like idols etc. ...

Love in Christ

I asked Ingo if apart from seeking a connection to Jesus Christ/God he had done anything else (diet and lifestyle modifications) to bring about his healing of cancer. This is his reply: “With respect to nutrition, I have gone 'back to basics', but first and foremost, I always ask for His blessings, and this is what is most important, no matter what I eat. And I have stopped all gluttony, whoring and boozing...

Ingo also offers spiritual healing to others. Here is what he writes:

“(Back in 1987) A phone number given to me changed my life and bones grew back to normal and only scars still give little evidence. The help came via a nonmedical practitioner and this help I want to offer to anyone who may still be in desperate need of health.

Those of you that are not in command of the German language, simply send their request for distant healing with sacred energies regardless where you live, to
ericacatharina AT aol.com
with a copy to me (ISchneuing AT aol.com)
because I do the translation in-between...

Once the initial email request is done, watch out what is happening and report this back on a daily basis to Erica with copy to me, since there must be a constant contact at least by email. And since we all have to make a living, ask your heart as to what should be paid ...and you will know and do.

The Lord may help you all. He may strengthen you, He may heal you by his grace, love and mercy.

This is my contribution from my heart to each and everyone in this group. I did receive salvation not only from cancer and you can have it too, if you want.


Compare Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s German New Medicine which evaluates cancer of the bones as originating with a conflict of self-devaluation occurring under the influence of new psychic trauma.

Stomach cancer healing testimony

written for Shé D'Montford, Shambhallah, Australia

"Dear Shé,
Thank you for your assistance.
I came to you without telling you my problem. I wanted to test you out. Test worked! You very accurately pinpointed my stomach cancer.

I apologize for this because of your psychometric talent you picked up on my stomach pain so strongly it made you ill. I was on painkillers you were not. I did not warn you it was serious, I should have........

I wanted to let you know that I have been performing the exercises you gave me daily. Now not only has my cancer gone into complete remission but some interesting side effects have occurred I believe as a result of the therapy.

As you know I suffer from a profound hearing problem, this has improved....... as has my relationship with my father. As you said .."things would shift on many levels for me"... and they have. I have some friends who would like to come and see you.....They want to know what has helped me so much..... I now want to live again. My life is becoming what I want it to be.

Thank you I hope all goes well for you in everything you try to do.... You deserve it.
For more about Shé’s healing work, see her website www.shambhallah.org.

The Dr Joshua David Stone suggested healing program for cancer

formerly published at www.drjoshuadavidstone.com/cancerheal.htm

”Do not give your personal power to any mass consciousness stigma about Cancer, for this is illusion. Do not give your personal power to your physical body, for you are not your physical body. You are God living in your physical body.”

Christ’s Light Techniques

from www.christslight.org

“Special Trinity Spiritual Healing Techniques have been cognized in order to cure all types of dis-ease, including AIDS. These amazingly powerful techniques will cure all types of dis-ease in all who are ready. One becomes "ready" by going through a process of acceptance and loving forgiveness. There are free spiritual techniques available at www.christslight.org which will enable one to become "ready" for a spiritual healing.”

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally

This website is strictly nondenominational and supports any creed, agnosticism or free thinking that puts “love thy neighbour as thyself” as its highest maxim and guiding light. Personally, my only creed or highest ideal is contributing to the highest good of all living beings as an expression of oneness and Love.

The basic message of all religions is


1 Other novel and successful therapeutic approaches to the healing of mental or physical disease such as cancer which focus on a purely or preponderantly spiritual angle may be additionally added here.

Is there a cure for cancer? After 20 years of research

discover what this German expert thinks.

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