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More cancer victories thanks to fasting

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The story of two Frenchmen who healed themselves of bladder cancer (after unsuccessful allopathic treatment) by extended water fasting seems to have inspired other people in France. A French-language website devoted to the benefits of fasting features a number of people who used fasting to successfully fight cancer as well as other illnesses (comorbidities).[1]

Several of them had bladder cancer or a combination of bladder and prostate cancer such as Serge Lemaille who suffered from an infiltrating cancer of the bladder and of the prostate.

Serge's illness had worsened between July 2012 and February 2013. Urinating blood, he was urged to have his bladder and prostate removed or he would die within a couple of years. He decided on an altogether different route and embarked on a fast of a full 53 days. To the greatest astonishment of his doctors, he was completely healed.

Guy Lacoste had prostate cancer and osteoarthritis. After a lifetime of illness — at 56 he suffered from constipation, depression, colitis, kidney stones and cysts, urinary infections, arthrosis, prostate cancer, and bladder pain, he recovered perfect health thanks to a 25-day fast and a change of diet. Today 80 years old, he has been in perfect health since 24 years.

Other testimonials featured where fasting helped against cancer concern a case of colon cancer (after surgery and chemotherapy), a second case of colon cancer (stage 1), a case of metastasised breast cancer that was healed, a case of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) which was stabilised thanks to water fasting as well as a number of people who are using water fasts as part of their treatment plan.

Important note: Please make sure to read both the Introductory note and caveat re fasting in cancer patients and Two Bladder Cancer Cures Achieved via Water Fasting, including the Addenda giving more information on fasting in cancer patients.

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1 and Should you find these links not working, please know that there are powerful pharmaceutical/medical interests which prefer keeping "patients" unaware of healing options requiring no medical drugs and interventions since it would affect their bottom line.

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