On forgiving others to promote healing

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For some cancer patients, forgiveness may be a life-saving quality to develop (see the important observation on "cancer miracles" reported by Dr. Bernie Siegel). Similarly, leading alternative cancer treatment researcher Lothar Hirneise considers forgiveness a primordial quality to acquire for cancer patients.

In any case, truly "forgetting" about the wrongs we feel others have done us (letting go of anger, resentment and bitterness) can only make us feel better.

Here is one suggestion how to come to terms with hardships inflicted on us by others, including "Life" itself. There are obviously many ways but this one allows perhaps the greatest peace of mind in the quickest possible time.

  • Believe that whatever "bad thing" happened or was done to you, eventually will serve your (higher) good. And as you truly believe this, you may find that it is or actually will become true.

For a trivial, workaday example, take the man who after decades of good and loyal services, out of the blue gets sacked from his well-paid job at 50.
Understandably, he feels devastated.

He could now drown his sorrow in alcohol and give up on life.


After a period of grief, he could see the seeming catastrophe as an OPPORTUNITY and use it as a stepping stone to start on a new path which involves doing work he is passionate about and which eventually not only makes him feel much more fulfilled than his previous rather humdrum job but may actually make him more money.

The same can apply to any other event that is felt as a catastrophe or injustice - such as a close personal relationship that ends, and yes, even catastrophic-seeming illnesses, as testified to by some (former) cancer patients (see e.g. "Cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me" quoted in On healing cancer).

Sometimes, the benefits we derive may lie purely in the emotional and spiritual realm. We may become wiser, more understanding, more compassionate, more loving (towards others or ourselves), acquiring precious human qualities we did not have before.

In this manner, hard blows dealt by life can eventually turn into blessings - and those who seemingly wronged us into our (indirect) benefactors.

Forgiveness "techniques"

Those who have difficulty with the idea of forgiving those they feel greatly wronged by may find effective help in EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique.

Techniques that have worked for others also can be found at Fighting Terror with Forgiveness and Radical Forgiveness.

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