Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Healing mind and body by reestablishing healthy energetic flow

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The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. This includes fears, phobias, anger, grief, anxiety, depression, traumatic memories, PTSD, worry, guilt and all limiting emotions in sports, business and the performing arts. That ... covers just about every restrictive emotion we can experience. ... [and] the emotional and energetic releases brought about by EFT frequently result in profound physical healings.
Gary Craig in The EFT Manual

I am blown away by this relatively new DIY technique to overcome emotional and, simultaneously and frequently, physical problems. Such bodily challenges, apparently based on energetic blockages caused and held in place by previously “unresolved” emotions, are frequently reported to disappear in what appears like veritable miracles of emotional and physical healing.

It has long been my belief that disease of many kinds, and particularly the disease of cancer, can be basically and frequently due to the inhibition or blockage of normal “energy” flow (see Energetics). This is where EFT (as well as other energy healing techniques) come in as possiblly potent stimulators and “reestablishers” of the healthy circulation of life energies.

In essence, using a process akin to the application of acupuncture and acupressure, the tapping of specific “energy points” (addressing the body's energy or meridian system) while “tuning into the problem” is said to trigger heretofore blocked energies into starting to run normally again.

And this reestablished normal flow of life energies (through the energy meridians discovered by the Chinese thousands of years ago) allows body and mind to function healthfully again or to gradually regain their health by renewed optimum functioning of our inbuilt self-healing “mechanisms”.

Very interestingly, one of the key parts of EFT is the use of a set-up phrase to undo any possibly present "psychological reversal" that might render any EFT applications ineffective. The basic recipe for this setup phrase is saying words to the effect of “Even though [e.g. I have this problem], I deeply and completely love and accept myself”, pointing yet again to love - both for others and oneself - possibly being one of the crucial healing factors as well.

While EFT in many ways is still in its infancy, the wide range of ills it has been successfully applied to[1] already permit it to be ranked among the most promising healing avenues and speedy, accessible and thorough DIY emotional and energetic healing tools ever discovered or devised by mankind.

While Western-born homeopathy and Chinese (TCM) energy tools such as Qigong seem to be equally excellent and often powerful modalities capable of addressing, balancing and healing our energetic foundations so crucial to our health, they generally appear to involve (or are likely to involve) greater financial and/or time expenditure.

According to Gary Craig's EFT Manual, “EFT has dramatically reduced therapy time from months or years down to minutes or hours. ... we kept noticing that profound physical healings were also taking place. Vision improved, headaches disappeared, cancer pains and symptoms subsided and so on. The reason for this, we found, is that EFT addresses causes that Western Healing Practices have largely ignored.

Medicine, for example, pays very little attention to disruptions in the body’s energy meridians nor does it give much weight to emotional causes. These causes, of course, are the centerpiece of EFT. ... Thus it is no wonder that EFT produces benefits where the medical profession has thrown up its hands. ...

EFT is based on the discovery that imbalances in the body's energy system have profound effects on one's personal psychology. Correcting these imbalances, which is done by tapping on certain body locations, often leads to rapid remedies. By rapid, I mean, most of the problems vanish in minutes!!! (This is especially so when you reduce the problems to specific negative events in your life...)

The true cause of negative emotions, it turns out, is not where everyone thinks it is. It is not where psychologists have been looking. That's why they haven't found it. They have been looking in the wrong place. The cause of all negative emotions is involved with the body's energy system. This is an important, paradigm shifting concept...even though it sounds a bit strange.

But the proof is in the results. For me, the only laboratory that counts is the real world and that is where these techniques excel. ... The speed, efficiency and long lasting nature of these techniques is far beyond anything I have come across in 40 years of intensive searching.

By simply tapping near the end points of your energy meridians you can experience some profound changes in your emotional and physical health. These changes would not occur if there was no energy system.

Western medical science tends to focus on the chemical nature of the body and has not paid much attention to these subtle, but powerful, energy flows until recent years. However, they do exist and are attracting an expanding group of researchers.

EFT applies to almost every emotional and physical ailment known to mankind and the procedure itself is basically the same for each ailment. However, the APPROACHES can vary widely.

There is no long, drawn out, ‘tell me your life story’ feature to EFT ... no pills ... no painfully reliving past traumatic events. It doesn't take months or years [only] a fraction of the usual time and is often done in minutes. People simply get beyond their emotional luggage, usually permanently, and go about their lives more effectively.” [end of Gary Craig quote]

It is important to add that while a large percentage of people appear to (sometimes extraordinarily) benefit from EFT, some do not (compare this quote, for instance, of a woman who may have self-applied EFT [which of course can be less effective than having a competent practitioner do it for you]).

PS. Incidentally, a case history discussing the EFT treatment of issues involving “Depression and confusion about God” casually mentions as a “side effect” that the patient’s breast cancer “is healing ‘miraculously’ according to the MD.”


1 from ADD-ADHD, Agoraphobia, Addictions, Allergies, Anorexia/Bulimia, Asthma, Back Pain Relief, Blood Pressure, Carpal Tunnel, Children's Issues, Claustrophobia, Depression, Diabetes, Dyslexia to Eating disorders, Fear of Flying, Headaches, Neuropathy, Pain Management, Panic/Anxiety, Sports and other Performance, Vision, Weight Loss and many other physical & emotional issues, incl. a number of cancer cases suggestive of EFT having played a pivotal role in bringing about healing.

See for instance the two DVD sets: “Using EFT for Serious Diseases” (possibly no longer sold) which feature at least two cases of cancer cures achieved with the help of EFT, including a case of stage 4 breast cancer, as well as Stage 3 uterine cancer remission testimonial: healed via EFT, healthy diet and detoxification, Stage 4 breast cancer remission testimonial: healed via EFT, healthy diet and supplementation, EFT in Cancer Treatment and Pain Management and Terminal breast cancer with abdominal metastases: improved & under control via EFT.

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