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Self-applied Qigong for cancer: wellbeing walk demonstrated online

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“When one enters the door of Qigong, before one is a bright beautiful road, endless in possibilities and enjoyment. I am forever experiencing this.”
Jack Lim, Qigong Grand Master

To help you clear and increase the flow of Qi Energy in your meridians ánd to strengthen your body's ability to deal with the illness, Qigong Grand Master Jack Lim's "Cancer You Can Beat It!" video/DVD is now being provided online. (For scientific background & introduction to Qigong, see Curing Cancer with Chi Kung [Qigong] Self-Healing Therapy.)

Qigong Grand Master Jack Lim is also a Member of the Standing Committee - International Qigong Research Association, a Founding Member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, Beijing and the Director of Relaxationmusic.com.au.

It is thanks to his initiative that you can now learn online for free a form of qigong practice particularly suited for cancer patients which previously was only available commercially: the Qi Energy Walk used by 90% of all cancer patients in China.

As Qigong Grand Master Jack Lim explained to me on May 23, 2008:

"I have now made it possible for people to download free the video/DVD ‘Cancer-You Can Beat It!’ (formerly titled ‘Cancer-We Can Beat It!’) [at www.relaxationmusic.com.au/CancerYouCanBeatItVideo.htm].

In this video/DVD I am passing on the ancient Chinese knowledge of balancing the body's energies to deal with cancer. It is an easy-to-learn Chinese Qi Energy Walk [or ‘walking Qigong meditation therapy’] which is used by 90 percent of all cancer patients in China.

Statistics show that it is the most successful form of Qigong for cancer. This had been only sold on my website before. I will now also provide it free to enable many more people to access this knowledge. People may copy and distribute it, but only for free. I hold the copyright which is registered with the US Library of Congress.

I hope that this message will be spread far and wide to as many people as possible. ... I wish to thank my webmaster and student Ray Guy for giving his time and expertise generously to make this downloading possible in the interest of enabling more people to better their lives with the help of this knowledge."

Apparently this unique walking form of qigong called Guolin Qigong is ideal for cancer, either with a view to preventing it or to curing it. In fact, the "President of the world Academic Society of Medical Qigong, Professor Feng Lida, a prominent immunologist, recommends this set on the basis of the successful experience of thousands of cancer patients in China."

5000 cancer patients who continued doing the "walk" while pursuing their normal limited treatment were surveyed after a five year period. They showed the following results:

  • 58,5% had no development in cancer and for some it was no longer detectable.
  • 13.8% had seen development but were still active.

Qigong & chemotherapy side effects: an anecdotal experience

Interestingly, one of Lim's students named David who took part in one of his free classes on the "Qi Energy walk" gave Jack Lim the following feedback after two years during which he had persisted in doing the walk: the chemotherapy he submitted himself to for Hodgkin's disease seemed to have no detrimental effect on him at all, he even continued to work full-time.

Jack Lim adds: "Additionally, any form which pays special attention to the liver would be recommended at some stage, for the health and balance of the liver has a direct effect on the whole body in that only when the Qi in the liver is free flowing and smooth will the Qi in the whole body be balanced and free flowing. It is not wise to learn many kinds at once as the Qi flow can become erratic."

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