The world’s largest medicineless hospital’s successes

include cancer tumours dissolving in minutes via chi

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China boasts “the world’s largest medicineless” hospital — the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center. Patients are called students here and treatment consists solely in the strengthening of the students’s belief in the healing power of chi or life force energy, as well as the daily practice of easy-to-follow ancient Qigong movements to bring healing energy from the universe to each individual, complemented by the emission of chi from teachers to students.

The students‘ belief is built by listening to testimonials of recovered patients (who often become teachers) and learning about chi and its healing effects.

Tens of thousands of documented healings over a period of eight years have been collected (including miraculous recoveries from “incurable” diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, severe depression, paralysis, and systemic lupus).

The most dramatic healings involve using chi for treating cancer: e.g. a bladder cancer patient was being treated by four teachers while the patient's bladder was being monitored ultrasonically by two western-trained doctors. The cancer on the screen literally disappeared in front of people’s eyes in less than a minute as the teachers simultaneously emitted chi into the patient, dissolving the cancer!

This amazing feat and several other spontaneous cancer healings were videotaped in 1995 by the author of “101 Miracles of Natural Healing”, with similar spontaneous remissions being filmed by a major German TV station crew.

“Ordering cancerous tumours to disappear in seconds” however does not work on everyone and further research is being conducted.[1]

This miracle (in conventional terms) of a 3.5 inch inoperable bladder tumour vanishing in three minutes on ultrasound screen used to be available for watching on youtube but may not be freely available at the moment (2015).

Update 7/2006

I recently came across the statement that the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center was closed in 2001 "for political reasons". I would suggest to those who might have wished to visit this hospital to simply opt for a course in Chi Kung [Qigong] Therapy which should be available in a number of places, or even easier and less expensively, buy a DVD with instructions on how to practice qigong exercises in the comfort of your own home. Also compare Curing Cancer with Chi Kung [Qigong] Self-Healing Therapy.

Three Amazing Cancer Healing Stories Thanks to Life Force Energy

excerpted from “101 Miracles of Natural Healing”

A Chain of Miracles

In 1972, Teacher Lin Shua-Hua underwent surgery to remove a benign tumor in her throat. The tumor reappeared five years later, spreading to her esophagus. It was so painful that she couldn't eat solid food. In 1983, she underwent further surgery and lost her voice. Seven years later, the tumor reappeared and this time it was malignant, and she became immobilized and had to be fed intravenously. Eventually she weighed only seventy-nine pounds, a mere skeleton.

"When the doctors told my husband that there was nothing more they could do for me, I gave up all hope of survival. I merely laid in bed, in terrible pain, waiting to die.

"So when my son suggested that I learn ChiLel [=chi therapy; Chi-Lel is a trademarked version of Zhineng Qigong] I was in no mood to listen. However, my son was so persistent that I finally agreed to try it. At first I needed three people to carry me to ChiLel practice, but after twenty days I was able to go there by myself.

When my stomach began to hurt a lot my teacher reassured me that it was a good development, and that I was responding to chi. Incredibly, within three months I had regained my health! When I went back to my doctors for a checkup they couldn't believe their eyes, for I had survived against all odds."[2]

"Why was your son so persistent in persuading you to learn ChiLel?"

"Because he himself had been cured of a strange illness. He used to wear gloves to school because his hands had many tiny flesh particles hanging from them. But after practicing ChiLel for fifteen days, his hands were cured."

"In addition, my son told me that our ChiLel teacher had also been saved by ChiLel. In 1986 when Lao-shi came to our city, three quarters of her heart was not functioning and her skin was almost black. After listening to Lao-shi, she began to study ChiLel and recovered completely."

Indeed, as I was to encounter again and again at the Center, a chain of miracles had occurred.

If It Disappeared By Itself It Couldn't Have Been Cancer

"Four years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and told that I had only three months to live. I cried and couldn't eat for three days."

"Did your doctor give you any advice?"

"Yes, he told me to eat whatever I wanted and to rest well."

Seeing I was puzzled with her answer, Ms. Wu continued, "They couldn't operate on me because I had heart problems and anemia. I would surely die on the operating table.

Furthermore, I couldn't undergo chemotherapy because my body wouldn't take the strain. Imagine, even before I had cancer I needed to rest ten times in order to climb five flights of stairs. I was finished. But even facing death, I couldn't accept that my son would be a little orphan in the world.

So I was desperate for a miracle. When someone mentioned that ChiLel could help my condition, I immediately went to see a ChiLel master. He emitted chi to me and I responded well. I saw the light and took up ChiLel. By the end of 1992 I was cured, and could climb five floors without resting or panting.

When I returned to my doctor for a checkup, he was surprised to see me still alive. He confirmed that I was cancer free but said, 'If it disappeared by itself, it couldn't have been a cancer.' Yet at the same time he denied that he had misdiagnosed my case. I guess sometimes it's difficult to face facts when they are contradictory. But I don't care because either way I defeated a life-threatening illness.

My whole family has taken up ChiLel. By doing ChiLel, my son's intelligence has improved. He has jumped from ranking as one of the last two students in his class to one of the top. ChiLel is really wonderful."

Entering the Back Door to Recovery

With her smooth skin and fair complexion, Ms. Chen looked much younger than her age. Speaking in a soft voice, she described her heroic struggle against disease.

"As long as I can remember I have been fighting diseases. Besides suffering from diabetes and kidney disease, I had bladder stones in 1960, and a liver tumor in 1963. Just when I thought I'd had enough of surgeries, my thyroid gland became cancerous and required an operation in 1977. But the cancer didn't go away after this surgery and, a few years later, I underwent a second operation."

"So this time the cancer left for good?"

"That's what I thought at the time, but unfortunately, the cancer reappeared three years later. The doctors were now afraid to operate on me anymore and my cancer continued to grow as nothing was done about it for another three years. Finally, another hospital suggested that I undergo a third operation."

"Did you follow this advice?"

"It was very tempting because someone was at least trying to take care of the cancer instead of letting it eat me alive. But the doctors weren't sure if another surgery would help because it was likely that the cancer had spread to my bones. I couldn't move my left hand at all and my right hand only to chest level. I couldn't lay down to sleep because my back hurt and gradually, I lost my speech too. Finally, the doctors predicted that I had only two months to live."

"Did you cry upon hearing such dreadful news?"


"Why not?"

"I had no more tears to shed."

"So you had given up?"

"Not quite. I was used to bad news. So when my sister, who was practicing medicine in Beijing, invited me to live with her for my final days, I jumped at the chance. Once in Beijing, I saw hundreds of people practicing ChiLel and became curious to learn it."

"How could you do ChiLel if you couldn't even move your hands?"

"That's what I wondered at first. But my teacher told me that I should move as much as I could with my body and use my mind to gather life energy from the universe. I believed him and practiced diligently. Gradually, I regained my speech and could take care of myself."

"So you recovered completely and lived happily ever after?"

"Not yet. After a year's practice, I decided that I was well enough to go to the Center for further training. However, I was turned away by the Center."

"Are you kidding? I've been told that the Center is a place of mercy."

"Yes, but it has a rule that anyone who is severely ill should have an accompanying family member as a caretaker. They told me that the Center was a self-help place and students need to help themselves to get meals, take baths, and so on."

"Did you then go home and bring your sister with you?"

"No, I felt I had already burdened my sister too much. Fortunately my ChiLel teacher, who just happened to be at the Center, persuaded the registrar to admit me through the back door.

But when I told my teacher that I wanted to register as an instructor trainee and not as a student, his mouth dropped. 'Are you crazy? Even healthy people sometimes have difficulty getting through this vigorous training program.' I continued to insist so finally he gave in and admitted me to the program through another back door.

Once in the program, I believed that I was already a healthy person and followed the routine as much as possible. Although the teachers didn't know my weak condition when they admitted me, they soon found out when I had three near-death experiences during the first month of training. Fearing that I would die in their class, these teachers very much regretted my admission to the program.

However, I was silently and stubbornly fighting my diseases during every training session. Each time I fell down, I would get back up on my feet; when I fell again, I would get up again. With tears and sweat, I would hang on to the practice without giving up.

Finally, my teachers got the message that I was striving to live by working myself to death. They cheered me on. So with a strong will to live, I survived triumphantly. Not only did I win my battle against cancer, I also gained certification as an instructor. That was three years ago. This time I've come back to train more."

"Would you recommend people with severe illness to go through the same program?"

"No. My teacher was probably right in saying that I was crazy. People should go through the front door to learn ChiLel."

I guess that anyone who is crazy enough to enter the back door deserves healing.

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Compare Curing Cancer with Chi Kung [Qigong] Self-Healing Therapy.

P.S. Even if all the above astounding healing successes were solely due to a placebo effect (power of belief) — wouldn’t this mean that this effect should be given the highest priority in any future medicinal research?

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Footnotes by Healing Cancer Naturally

1 Compare Thoughts on Why It Doesn’t Always Work: Why is spiritual /energetic/radionic and similar healing treatment and prayer — both by others or oneself — not invariably followed by the desired result?

2 For another “terminal” esophagus cancer healing testimonial, see for instance this report (involving the Budwig diet cum determination).

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