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Guided Imagery Meditation Script 3

excerpted from Gerald W. White’s former book Cancer Wars MAARS JOURNEY (now “Three Months to Life”, see Books on Mind Power, Cancer, Illness & Healing), for background information see How & Why Guided Imagery works.

Chapter 4: The Attack of the Good Guys

This imagery session assumes a more aggressive nature. Many people object to anything other than peaceful images. A cemetery is the ultimate in peacefulness but this is what we are working to avoid.

The author was once asked by a psychiatrist during the course of a symposium, just how he could justify killing living organisms (cancer cells). The author, after pausing to reflect, replied with another question, "Have you ever had cancer?" When the answer came back, "No", then "I thought not" was the only reply made but it ended the discussion.[1]

One of the worst attributes of the Cancer Wars is an enemy that executes POWs. Before a patient gives up on hope and surrenders the battle to someone else, it should be well recognized that humane treatment under the Geneva Convention will not be an outcome. As one goes through this exercise, the characteristics of the immune system should be uppermost in subconscious thought.

Again, after going to the alpha state, we will this time involve the use of lights to illuminate and awaken the immune system as well as to expose the muddy footprints (antigen) of the invaders. This hand to hand combat will be pressed until the battle is over and the invaders are destroyed. Picture perfect health is the desired outcome and the subconscious will be given the task of achieving this through effective use of the immune system.

Again, make yourself comfortable. Loosen restrictive clothing, remove glasses and assume a relaxed posture, preferably an easy chair of even in bed. Begin to breathe as deeply as you comfortably can.

With each intake of breath, imagine breathing in peace while you breathe out stress. Breathe in healing, breathe out disease. Now let a feeling of relaxation begin at the top of your head. As you relax, begin to feel the relaxation flow down through your body.

Relax your jaw muscles and allow your jaw to open slightly, releasing the tensions that build up in the jaw. As you allow the relaxation to flow down through your body, begin the relaxation countdown starting with 10 and counting slowly down.

As you reach the number five, affirm that you are relaxing deeper and deeper as you go on to the alpha state when you reach number one. As you mentally reach the number one, just affirm to yourself that you are now at the deepest state of relaxation, the alpha state. You will use this state for the purpose of achieving picture perfect health.[2]

Allow the relaxation to continue. Feel the breath rush in and out. As you breathe in, imagine the healing breath going to all the right places to achieve just the right result. Allow your body and thoughts to wind down to a peaceful state. Wind down, wind down, wind down. Acknowledge that there will be noises reach you from the surroundings. After you have acknowledged these normal sounds, just send them out with the breath and order them not to intrude on the substantive thoughts of the exercise.

Suddenly, you are aware of the presence of a warm, golden light, glowing in the space just above your head. Just relax and take comfort in the presence of this light as it begins to slowly descend through your scalp and begins to illuminate your body, within and without with the warm glow of healing.

Allow the glow to descend downward through your body, bathing your bloodstream and all organs with this most intelligent, healing light. As the glow proceeds downward through the chest and abdomen, the lungs, kidneys and all other organs are illuminated.

Cancer cells come under the influence of this intelligent light. Antigens, the muddy footprints that identify the cancer cells as an enemy, stand out and glare, caught in the stream of the healing light, for all the immune agents to see. The light knows just what to do and just how to do it as it proceeds to the very soles of your feet.

Now you find yourself bathed in this warm and comforting light. You are fully relaxed and for a few precious moments your mind is empty and you are blessed with stillness and picture perfect health.

Just imagine your mind as a lake with no ripples and this blessed stillness permeates your entire being, body and soul. Gone are the stresses of the day and the anxieties of the mind – sent out with the breath never to return as you just reject disease.

From this moment on, the intelligent light knows just what to do and just how to do it without any instruction from you. Just allow the healing process to continue on its own with no more instructions than you give to your heart to beat and your lungs to breathe. Now become aware of an intense light glowing from within your body. This is a response to intruders that have come uninvited into the warm hospitality of your body. Now you have accessed the body/mind communication and are about to experience its wonders.

Practice shining the beam of light. Do this until you become accustomed to it, knowing that it already knows just what to do and just how to do it. Sometimes this is easier to do than others, just allow it to happen.

As the light continues, your immune system in heightened and on the alert. Trust in it to know just what to do and just how to do it.

The immune journey begins in the marrow of the bones. Practice shining the light deep into the middle of a long bone such as the leg. This is the birthing center for all the blood. Billions upon billions are continually being generated to replenish, nurture and protect your body from the ravages of invaders. Just repeat these words – to nurture and protect.

Spend a few moments in gratitude for these faithful warriors who continually nurture and protect you. Each cell has a specific job to do in this nurturing and protecting process and they have names. These names you have already studied. Now we repeat them as we send them into action: neutrophils, macrophages, T-cells, B-cells and natural killer cells.

The neutrophils attack the enemy from the bloodstream. Active and alert, energized by the light, they move by the millions to attack and destroy the invaders. Sensing the enemy, they attach themselves to the sticky walls of blood vessels. There they change their shape just enough to slither through the vessel wall to enter the tissue. There they encounter and surround the enemy, penetrating the wall of the enemy cell and spraying it with caustic chemical, enzymes, in a chemical warfare attack.

The poorly organized cancer cell cannot orchestrate a defense mechanism and is unable to repair the damage [to] its cellular wall. It is shut down forever. Shut down forever!

The macrophages, the giant eaters, have lived in your body for years knowing you and loving you, waiting for the call to arms to repel the enemy. They enter into the tissue and press the attack by joining ranks with each other and marching in flank formation to the attack.

These giants actually ingest all or portions of the cancer cells. They chew up and process the antigen from the cancer cell and hold it up as a tattered flag for all to see and recognize the antigen on the enemy cell. The attack of the macrophage leaves the tumor cell shattered and unable to repair itself.

Those fragments that are not actually eaten are washed away in the feces and urine, never to return. Washed away. Spend a little time with this image. Remember that the macrophage did not need your verbal instructions once it recognized the antigen of an intruder. It knew just what to do and just how to do it.

Take a moment now to place the open palm of one hand over your breastbone, just below your neck. This is the location of the combat intelligence-targeting center for your T-cells, which is the thymus gland.

Place the other palm over the region of the Peyer’s Patches, in the area of the skin just below the belly button. These are the immune intelligence centers that send out billions upon billions of cells, T-lymphocytes, with specific instructions to attack the identified intruders. Feel a sense of gratitude for the two lobed thymus and the little sacs of Peyer’s Patches for their watchfulness as they send out billions of highly trained and intelligent cells to protect you from any and all intruders.

These fearless T-cells attack with relentless ferocity, penetrating the cell wall like a sharp bayonet under the thrust of a master warrior. Wearing the enemy thin, they can multiply themselves to provide an endless number of reinforcements.

Never far away are the B-cells. This dedicated Reconnaissance Corp is continually identifying the enemy and calling down fire from the warrior T-cells. Dedicated and purposeful, these keenly intelligent cells know just how to dispose of the poorly organized, lumbering cancer cells.

Just keep using the light to illuminate the battlefield. Allow the action to attract the attention of the Natural Killer cells that are constantly patrolling for enemy agents. These instinctive killers attack and penetrate the helpless cancer cell wall and inject it with deadly perforin, causing the cell to literally come apart, shutting it down forever. Shutting it down forever.

Just allow yourself to bask in radiant appreciation for these highly intelligent warriors that know to respect your own cells while wreaking havoc on the invaders. Finally, just imagine one of these cells holding aloft a shattered fragment of a defeated cancer cell as a signal to the others that the battle is over and you have won. The battle is over and you have won.

Now as your defensive army withdraws to await the next call to arms, you are blessed with a newly found appreciation for the wisdom of your body and you are blessed with picture perfect health.

Now as the healing white light begins to diminish, become aware of another glow starting to permeate your body. This is the healing green glow of perfect health. This life-giving green, like the evergreen trees of the forest, sends a reminder throughout your body to all the cells that your are blessed with stillness and picture perfect health.

Imagine the beautiful colors that exist in nature. These remind us that the intent of the human body is for health and the absence of disease. This is your time, your healing time, and you should just take this time now to reject disease and imagine future events wherein you are an active participant in picture perfect health.

Once again approach the lake with no ripples. This time pause to look at your reflection and see that you are indeed blessed with picture perfect health and a future filled with those events that illuminate and enrich our lives.

This has been your time, your healing time and you should trust in the experience. As you repeat these exercises, you may find that sometimes it takes a long time and sometimes no time at all. Just allow the experience to develop, as it will, knowing that in the mind/body relationship, you have the means necessary to initiate the response of Mind Activated Antigen Recognition. Once this recognition occurs, the good guys of the human immune system know just what to do and just how to do it.

Now take some time to reflect on what has been done in this session and, as the subconscious mind allows the conscious mind to drift up to waking awareness, affirm to yourself that you are healed. And you are healed.

This exercise is easily adaptable to use while undergoing treatment. Whatever the treatment it can participate visually in a modification of the above regimen. One could, for example, think of Interleukin, in the militaristic program as being an airborne drop behind enemy lines to further harass them and initiate killing on another front.

A radiation beam is another example of a potent, intelligent beam of light attacking the enemy. This concept of an intelligent beam of light is perfectly valid in this age of encoded laser beams and digital signals. These coded beams are routinely used to carry out various commands. It is used in this context to instruct cells, equipped, as we now know with neuron receptors, to carry out objectives that are achievable by the elements of the immune system. We are merely asking the routine, not the impossible of our immune system.

Do not be concerned if you go to sleep while listening to a tape of this exercise. The subconscious is readily accessed while sleeping and this is the one we want to reach. Of course, do not attempt to listen to such a tape while operating machinery or any other activity that requires your attention for safety. Falling asleep at the wheel of a car would most likely result in physiological problems that the immune system would be hard pressed to handle.


1 There is an even more incisive answer that springs to mind: none of us would likely be alive longer than a few days if there were not a constant battle going on in our very own bodies - that of our immune system "army" waging perpetual war, fighting off and killing intruders (pathogens ranging from bacteria, viruses,and fungi all the way to a variety of parasitic organisms) that would gladly take over and eventually kill us off otherwise.

2 Reaching and working with the alpha state was also a central requirement in the healing reported under Breast cancer remission (case with bleak diagnosis healed after a single regression [past-life] therapy session) and Terminal cancer healed through the mind.

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