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The Biology Of BeliefThe Biology Of Belief: Unleashing The Power Of Consciousness, Matter And Miracles

by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

A groundbreaking work written by a former medical school professor, cellular biologist and research scientist as well as pioneer in the new science of epigenetics.

The results of his and others’ research experiments in cell biology and quantum physics (such as the quantum nature of information flows) could be summed up into: contrary to the current central dogma of the primacy of DNA, genes do not control our biology; rather, it is the DNA which is influenced and controlled by extra-cellular signals, including our positive and negative thoughts, meaning that our bodies can actually be changed via the energy of our thinking and beliefs.

In spite of what may be expected, a "light" and extremely uplifting read.

Compare book review “The Genie In Your Genes”.

ISBN-10: 0975991477
ISBN-13: 978-097599147

Anything Can Be HealedAnything Can Be Healed

by Martin Brofman Ph.D.

“This healer’s tutorial and reference book looks at the physical body as a mirror of the consciousness within, with specific tensions on the physical level being reflected in the mind.”

Dr Brofman healed himself of “terminal” cancer through a consciousness shift. He now teaches his healing “system through four-day residential Healing Intensive Seminars in various countries, including France, Switzerland, the United States, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Portugal.”

Paperback: 216 pages

You the Healer: The World-Famous Silva Method on How to Heal Yourself and Others

by José Silva

For an example of what has ben achieved using the simple but powerful self-help technique developed by José Silva, read the testimonial Terminal cancer healed through the mind (relaxation/meditation, visualisation, affirmation, reprogramming). While the basic techniques can be learned online, you may find this book extremely helpful since it provides step-by-step instructions for controlling one's health by controlling the mind. Most highly recommended.

Cancer As a Turning PointCancer As a Turning Point: A Handbook for People With Cancer, Their Families, and Health Professionals

by Lawrence LeShan

Elliot Yudenfriend who was diagnosed with lymphoma — considered incurable by mainstream medicine — in 1989 and who cured himself of this cancer using natural & alternative means, writes,

“I strongly suggest obtaining a copy of Cancer As A Turning Point ... . I credit a significant part of why I am alive today to reading that little book! ... LeShan knew decades before MDs saw the link that people with cancer were often seriously depressed. Some of them had been depressed for so long that they no longer even knew they were depressed. They simply thought life was supposed to be drab and dreary.

LeShan found that when he could rekindle the 'life spark' in such people — something to give them reason to enjoy life again and to look forward to awakening each day — that many of his clients with cancer made remarkable recoveries.”

Compare Holistic cancer healing advice by health care professionals (4): Twelve steps to surviving incurable cancer.

Three Months to LifeThree Months to Life

by Gerald White

This is scientist Gerald White’s fascinating story of how he healed himself of terminal kidney cancer after having been given only three months to live, originally told online in his detailed report called "Cancer Wars - MAARS Journey". While this book, written some 15 years ago, is no longer available, its text has been expanded into “Three Months to Life” to include a great deal of recent material along with some interesting patient stories. For excerpts see Guided Imagery and Visualization plus Prayer & Meditation Have Healed Cancer.

Cancer, A Catalyst for Consciousness?: Over 100 Ways to Love You into Blissful Health

by Sara Raso

The title says it all...

Power Healing

by Dr Zhi Gang Sha

A tidbit from the book:on the power of will: A man had an itchy foot fungus that was driving him mad. Nothing he had tried had gotten rid of the irritation that was tormenting him, finally he broke down and started to yell at the foot fungus: "Go away! I hate you! I don't want to live with you anymore, go away and leave me alone." It disappeared. His will, finally communicated in no uncertain terms, commanded his body to get rid of the fungus, and it did.

Food for thought!

The Hidden Meaning of Illness: Disease As a Symbol and Metaphor

by Bob Trowbridge

Illnesses have meaning in the same way that dreams have meaning. They are messages from our psyche — our inner self — which can be interpreted and understood. Bob Trowbridge, a former Presbyterian minister and a well-known lecturer and counselor, examines how illness represents only a symbol of our real problem: the imbalance in our thinking, attitudes, and feelings. This helpful book explains how illness begins, how we use illness, how we can understand it, how we can heal it, and, as a consequence, heal our spiritual selves.

Our illnesses, from colds and allergies to life-threatening diseases, are meaningful, and they occur within the context of a life that is meaningful. That is the premise of this book. Like symbols in our dreams, our illnesses are messages from the psyche — the inner self. In this book you will learn how to understand the meaning of illness and how to take positive steps toward eradicating its root cause.

You will learn to read early warning signs that can help prevent illnesses and learn to recognize when certain actions or life changes are required to prevent the eruption or continuation of disease. Most importantly, this book offers aids to your spiritual growth — finding and staying on your personal spiritual path, confronting and overcoming the obstacles you find, and eliminating the different forms that fear takes. In working with these spiritual aids, you also can aid in physical healing.

Paperback: 279 pages

Publisher: A.R.E. Press (Association of Research & Enlightenment)

Fighting Cancer From WithinFighting Cancer From Within: How to Use the Power of Your Mind For Healing

by Martin L. Rossman

I don’t really recommend this book since it seems to be written for those cancer patients who choose to follow the toxic conventional route, showing them how to complement standard treatments with specific imaging techniques (interactive guided imagery, crossroads imagery etc.) that can help in fighting against cancer.

On the positive side, guided imagery is indeed and of course a powerful tool (see Guided Imagery & the Importance of Caring For the Mind in Healing ff.). The book is described as teaching “patients how to reduce the stress of their initial anguish and turmoil, facilitate healing from surgery faster and more completely, tolerate side effects of chemotherapy and radiation better, and begin the journey of healing and recovery.”

One reader reports “no post-surgery nausea, greatly reduced pain after surgery, less of a decrease in mobility in my neck region and I am much more relaxed. I attribute these benefits in large part to Dr. Rossman's techniques. While my second surgery was not a picnic, using Dr. Rossman's techniques made a big difference for me both physically and emotionally.”

Publisher: Owl Books

ISBN-10: 080506916X
ISBN-13: 978-0805069167

Getting Well AgainGetting Well Again

by O. Carl Simonton, MD, et al.

Bestselling classic by the pioneers in the psychology of cancer and the mind-body connection featuring “revolutionary lifesaving self-awareness techniques”: “Creating a loving, positive outlook toward yourself can indeed help you cure a disease or extend a remission."

“I believe 'Getting Well Again' is absolutely the first place to begin for anyone with a new cancer diagnosis. It is written in an intelligent, rational manner, and takes a positive approach as it encourages you to deal with some difficult issues.

Be prepared to dig deep inside your soul. The reward is that you'll find plenty of hope here — a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence but rather a sure sign that it is time to get very serious about living. It puts everything on the table, and you have to be willing to change your habits and confront your buried emotions.

This book is a journey toward self-love. The end result is a sense of empowerment as you face your disease, not to mention a happier life. Ironically, now that I have leukemia, I have never felt better. I'd give this book six stars, ten stars, even a hundred, if I could.”

"Getting Well Again" takes you through all the questions, fears, and anxieties you have and provides constructive exercises to help you cope effectively.

“...with positive expectancy of treatment and the patient's positive outlook, you CAN turn your cancer diagnosis into one of renewal of health. A patient CAN do this!”

“...still probably the best cancer help book out there.”

“Highly recommended by a cancer survivor! ...In no way did this book make me feel like having cancer was my fault.”

Sadly, also “quite supportive of traditional treatment" (as mentioned, the word "traditional" is a misnomer for chemotherapy (about sixty years at most) or radiation (somewhat older but by far younger than truly traditional medicine such as herbology which boasts outstanding successes in the treatment of cancer and numerous other diseases, see Supplements & Herbs).

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN-10: 0553280333
ISBN-13: 978-0553280333

Love, Medicine and MiraclesLove, Medicine and Miracles: Lessons Learned about Self-Healing from a Surgeon's Experience with Exceptional Patients

by Bernie S. Siegel

Another classic. Highlights the importance of love in healing & the survivor personality, “... an upbeat, positive approach and plan in dealing with any life altering diagosis. A perfect gift of hope and love for the patient, the patient's family, friends or yourself.

“ it has been a favorite gift for those who need positive encouragement; those awaiting, or who have received a frightening diagnosis. ... down to earth and forthright in the information, suggestions and examples given; truly a bright light in what is often a dark tunnel.”

“... it changed the way I live on a daily basis. More than a decade later, I still live differently. “

“... central theme is that there is a strong correlation between emotional health and physical health.”

“If I hadn't read this book first I would have just laid down and died when they told me. But now I've opened myself up to other tools for healing — good diet, wheatgrass, reiki, meditation and absolutely no sugar. Time will tell, but I think I'm on the right track.”

“Although I've read tons of stuff relating to cancer ad, especially, treatments of various types and stripes, I can't think of anything that provided greater value and (even) guidance to me during those challenging days, mainly because getting the "head" right is half the battle — and the half of the battle that all too many completely neglect.

One of the things that Bernie makes eminently clear to the reader is that he/she, the reader, has a great deal of power over the course of his/her illness. That's an important message to someone feeling powerless. Plenty of powerful examples, thought exercises, etc. The messages are uplifting, hopeful, life-affirming, empowering, and above all, realistic.

“... psychoneuroimmunology is real and can potentially be harnessed to the patient's great benefit: change the mind, change the body.”

“... Even if your present health seems to be good, you should still read these books. They will help you live more effectively even if you never get sick. And they will surely equip you to deal with a major illness if you ever have to face one.”

“The only one I could read from cover to cover and the only one I would recommend to someone diagnosed with cancer is this book by Dr. Siegel. Attitude is everything and this deals with that aspect of the healing process.”

“... a read that cheers you up”, “speaks to your soul.”

Publisher: Rider & Co; New Edition

ISBN-10: 0712670467
ISBN-13: 978-0712670463

You Don't Have to Die When Your Doctor Says:
A Practical Guide to Living with Grace and Joy in the Face of a Terminal Prognosis

by David Elliot

DreamHealerDreamHealer: A True Story of Miracle Healings

by Adam

Paperback: 192 pages

Introduction to Dreamhealer by S.L.: ... Adam [is a] healer who has been recognized around the world. He healed his mother of MS, Ronnie Hawkins (rock singer) of terminal cancer, Edgar Mitchell (astronaut) of cancer etc.... all through visualization. He explains how this is achieved in his books and says that everyone has the same ability.

I have his first two books and can attest to their teachings as I used it (as well as a high dosage of vitamins and amino acids after studying Dr. Rath's research) to reverse my heart disease. The angiogram on me amazed everyone, there was no evidence that I smoked for almost 30 years and still did, nor that my cholesterol was quadruple most of my life, etc.). The nurse said that I was the first person she had seen with no damage whatsoever!...

For all interested ..., you will not be disappointed in Adam's books. He explains the (quantum) physics behind healing, why it works and different visualizations for different illnesses. He also provides group healings. His hope is to turn everyone willing into healers, as he acknowledges that there is a large demand in the world.

DreamHealer 2

DreamHealer 2 — Guide to Self-Empowerment

Healing by intention

Over the years, Adam’s work has increasingly emphasized the healing potential of intention. His second book, Dreamhealer 2: Guide to Self-Empowerment, is a manual that urges its readers to tap into their own healing abilities by using Adam’s techniques, such as visualizations.

“What I’m promoting is self-empowerment, the ability of everyone to heal themselves. I think that the power of visualization — the power of intention — is something that’s really overlooked by the medical community. And it’s not the only tool you should use for healing yourself, it’s just one of many tools you can use to influence your own health . . .. There are countless studies out there proving that intentions are influencing health, and this phenomenon is real,” Adam said.

Adam insists that his abilities to heal are not unique; rather, with enough confidence and self-awareness, every human being is able to effect positive changes in their own and others’ health.

Guide to Self-Empowerment contains step-by-step directions on how you can influence your own health. After outlining the role that lifestyle, attitudes and emotions play in self-healing, Adam suggests techniques that can help you become aware of auras and the universal energy field. He then recommends different types of visualizations that may be used to target specific diseases or parts of the body.

Those who prefer a hands-on step-by-step guide over a book may be interested in the Dreamhealer: Visualizations for Self-Empowerment interactive DVD (features 14 dynamic interactive visualizations).

Remarkable HealingsRemarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness

by Shakuntala Modi M.D.

“A wonderfully proactive approach to healing, and a life-altering view of the universe presented in a logical and clinical manner.” (from a reader’s review)

Paperback: 631 pages

Refusing to Die On TimeRefusing to Die On Time

by Beth Duncan

Beth wrote to me, "I was diagnosed with a form of lupus (connective tissue disease) in Jan. 1997. Since I could not tolerate the prescribed medications, I was given up to two years to live. Practically living in the public library, I discovered alternative medicine and what people were learning to do for themselves. I was told that I was too sick to either work or return to school. I taught myself to use imagery to reverse my white blood cells when having a lupus attack.

[This is] the book I wrote about what I learned of the mind-body connection to put my lupus into remission. My book is written for the layperson — especially those who do not have the money to pay for expensive treatments. I wanted others to know what they can do for themselves to improve their health."

Refusing to Die On TimeThe Type C Connection: The Behavioral Links to Cancer and Your Health

by Dr Lydia Temoshok

This is a book for researchers and generally anyone who may wonder whether there is a cancer personality and if s/he has the traits ascribed to it. It is not for those already battling cancer but those who are looking for more potential avenues for staying healthy.

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Time Alterations: An Option to Live

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