Spirituality (III)

Hurricane Jeanne and the Healing Stream

(Bruno Groening)

by Rhoda Freed, published with special permission by copyright © Healing Cancer Naturally

While I have been working with a lady from Germany who actively looks after people abroad who are working with the Healing Stream, my health continues to leave a lot to be desired so I wasn't overly impressed with the Bruno Groening work.

On the morning of hurricane Jeanne, I realized I would be alone this time and I was concerned. So I emailed Marita in Germany. She called me and we meditated together and I turned the whole hurricane issue over to Bruno. By the time I got off the phone with her I was calm and stayed that way.

That night and the next day we had winds with gusts of over 60 miles per hour for about 24 hours. Usually, in my area power would go immediately. During Frances I lost power for 5 1/2 days. During this storm I had phones and power. I was sitting and watching tv and holding real steady. I did not want to lose power again.

My grandson came home the next night, about 30 hours after Marita had called. He came in and said "you have electricity?". NO ONE had power since that morning. 4 miles down the road the next day the post office did not have power. I was the only one. I am a believer. I was so grateful. It took up to 3 days for everyone in my close vicinity to get power.

P.S. I spoke to a man about 1 1/2 hours from me who is disabled and retired from the fire dept. He was in the hospital with supposedly Parkinson’s. He was shaking so that he could not feed himself. He is now fine and feeds himself and doesn't shake.

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Note by Healing Cancer Naturally

I personally once experienced a short (and very moving) session where we were invited to tune in to the "healing stream" and I immediately felt a distinct tingling sensation in my right knee (where I was having a bit of trouble in). Here, as described in greater detail on this page, are the simple instructions we received:

Sit relaxedly with legs uncrossed and right hand on right, left hand on left thigh. Ask for the healing stream or "divine force" (German: göttliche Kraft) to pour into you. (Personally I would also thank in advance for receiving it.) I don't remember any time specifications being given.

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