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Cancer Research, Toxicity Testing & Animal Experimentation

An Unholy Union?

Is the much-publicised "search for the cure" based on animal research an endeavour worth supporting? As you read Healing Cancer Naturally's extensive information on the subject found on the below pages, you will come to agree that it isn't, neither for cancer nor for other diseases, and that it is in fact deleterious to medical progress and human health.

As summarized by animal experimenter Prof. Dr. Klaus Gärtner[1]: "All results obtained from animal experimentation are valid only for the respective species. More precisely they are only valid for the individual animal experimented upon. Hence it is wrong to simply assume that issues studied in rats are indicative of those found in humans, or dogs, or ruminants."


Animal Testing (Vivisection): General

Animal Testing in Cancer Research

Animal-Based Toxicity Testing of Drugs & Other Chemicals

Better Research & More Humanity in Medicine

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1 Prof. Dr. Klaus Gärtner was the Representative of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft [DFG, German Research Foundation] and Director of the Institut für Versuchstierkunde [Institute of Laboratory Animal Science] and the central animal laboratories at Hannover Medical University. The above quote has been translated from a statement published in Diagnosen magazine on 9 September 1978. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft is a major German research funding organization and the largest organisation of its type in Europe.

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