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Beating terminal cancer twice just with surgery and plenty of vegetables

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In his important book "Es geht um eine Zukunft ohne Krebs" ["About your future sans cancer") (2007), French-German naturopath Jean-Claude Alix tells the encouraging story of his own grandmother, Josephine.

Born in 1891, Josephine had surgery for a tumor in her left breast in 1948. The surgeon who openly declared that her case was very serious (terminal) cut out more than necessarily required (she later suffered pain from the scar tissue). Her lymph nodes were neither biopsied nor removed and there had been no pre-surgery biopsy either. She was not subjected to radio or chemotherapy (the latter not having been invented yet).

Time passed and grandmother Josephine continued to live. It was 1966, 18 years later, when she finally developed another tumor, this time in her other breast. Again the treating surgeon, Dr Megnan of Le Mans hospital, France, had bad news for the family.

A 2 1/2 hour operation had revealed several inoperable metastases including in her lung and colon, large enough to be visible to the naked eye. Asked how long the patient had to live, the surgeon stammered, "two days, perhaps fifteen...".

Seeing the look of horror on the family's faces, he rushed to add, "perhaps she'll have six more months" and finally, "you know what, everything's possible with cancer, she might live another 18 years just like before, who knows!"

Grandmother Josephine was never told the devastating news regarding metastasis. With grandfather looking after their garden, the couple would consume lots of freshly picked vegetables, and generally led a well-ordered life. Grandmother eventually died in 1985 at age 94 after living another 19 years of happiness. The cause of her death? Gangrene, which set in after a doctor insisted on her undergoing surgery for an ingrown toenail.

Jean-Claude Alix points out the important fact that in spite of visible metastases, her health did not further deteriorate. As he writes, this real-life story could teach all breast cancer patients to

  • watch out that invasive diagnostics (such as biopsies) do not in fact worsen the situation
  • simply forget their cancer and think of Josephine. He quotes his colleague, eminent cancer researcher Lothar Hirneise as saying, "it would be lovely if the doctor said, 'oh good, Ms Doe, I am glad you only have cancer, I thought it was something serious'."

Jean-Claude Alix considers the best option to be surgery WITHOUT biopsy, lymph node removal, chemotherapy and radiation, and considers the scaremongering of official medicine a major factor in the increase in cancer incidence, particularly of breast cancer.

Addendum by Healing Cancer Naturally

The beautiful story above is reminiscent of what has been discovered about cancer and centenarians (see On Healing Cancer: Inspirational quotes) and what is discussed under Cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment in greater detail. It is being shared here not as a blueprint or recipe to blindly follow but for simple inspiration.

Undoubtedly peace of mind and a regular lifestyle including the consumption of fresh vegetables can be essential healing tools, and equally undoubtedly, conventional treatments (with the possible exception of surgery) can be (and typically ARE) highly destructive.

But each person is unique and will have to decide for themselves which path to choose.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

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