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Cancer survivorship thanks to alternative and/or nonconventional cancer treatments

Welcome to this page, the "heart" of Healing Cancer Naturally! There are many amazing testimonials of people having cured or healed themselves of cancer using natural noninvasive treatments & holistic approaches* as well as links to such testimonies on this site, and the reader is advised to look at many or all of them.

To help you find what may most interest you, they are grouped by subject matter below. May these numerous uplifting stories, including many so-called "terminal" cases, inspire you to find your own swift way to healing!


“[A]nyone who rejects evidence simply on the grounds that it is anecdotal would stand on the end of a jetty with a lifebelt in his hand and watch a man drown, not throwing the lifebelt because there was no scientific evidence that it would save the man's life.” Dr Denis Parsons Burkitt, "discoverer" of Burkitt’s lymphoma

Note 1: The following links lead to either testimonials or to articles including references to people having been healed of cancer via the treatment approach discussed in the respective article.

Note 2: An overview of all cancer-related testimonials on this site INCLUDING conventional ones is available here.

Note 3: For longer testimonials in book form see Resources: Books, particularly inspirational personal (first-person) accounts by 'alternative' cancer victors.

* Natural noninvasive and holistic approaches work by supporting the body’s innate healing power, such as through optimised nutrition, detoxification, love, sunlight, emotional healing, energetic, mental and spiritual work.

Special note

Before starting to read any healing testimonials, the reader’s attention is drawn to these very important observations re cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment as well as to the well-known power of the placebo effect as illustrated in these examples.

Holistic & Miscellaneous

Regarding testimonials found on the internet

by Healing Cancer Naturally

The heart of Healing Cancer Naturally of course consists in personal testimonials showing that healing is possible, thus kindling hope and fuelling determination since the “mental” part of healing often seems to be the decisive one (at least in the beginning).

On the other hand, as you may have noticed, many cancer cure websites on the internet have something (or many things) to sell, accompanied by glowing (and usually not placebo-controlled) testimonials testifying to effectiveness. There is nothing wrong with selling a quality product, of course (though a lot with dishonest claims made for a product, compare Negative experiences in the alternative cancer treatment field: on honesty & deception, money & manipulation, commercialism, theft of copyright, ego & “all that glitters is not gold”).

So overall, you may come across much less first-hand testimonials for inexpensive, DIY cures than healing testimonials involving one product or another (or even several of them) incl. the vendors who make a living selling them.

One example of several DIY approaches would be the simple Grape Cancer Cure which since it relies on a natural food product, does not attract business-oriented interests. Others would be the cancer cures achieved via juicing, lactic-acid fermented diets or even water fasting!

In other words, if you should encounter a relative lack of testimonials for any one simple and inexpensive and/or DIY approach or treatment, this does not denote a corresponding lack of quality or merit. It rather reflects any of the reasons given above or in the following (or even other reasons).

It is for instance possible that those who were cured nonconventionally restrict themselves to personally tell as many people as possible (for instance for technical reasons).

Additionally, it may be sad but possibly true that some or many don't care about others and/or the world as much as they do about their own person and circle of "loved ones" so they don’t even think of spreading the news beyond their own circle of friends (I do suspect that the world would be in better shape than it's in [at the possible brink of environmental destruction etc.] if everyone did care and was concerned as much about the welfare of others/the animals/the environment etc. as they care about what they consider their own interests.)

It's equally thinkable that after overcoming cancer, many want to just forget about it completely due to the trauma involved. By leaving a testimonial and thus a "trace", it may seem less easy to do so in their eyes.

A good place for impartial testimonials can be internet discussion groups.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

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