Cancer early warning signs to watch out for

according to Dr. Moerman

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Dutch physician Dr. Cornelis Moerman developed a highly successful nutritional approach to cancer treatment which helped many apparently hopeless cases to gain back their health.

Details of his approach which centered on the administration of eight central substances and trace elements indispensable to health in order to counter and reverse the metabolic derailment which allows cancer to grow can be found under The Moerman cancer cure diet.

Physical warning signs which should not be ignored

Dr. Moerman inter alia found the following physical symptoms to be indicative of a beginning metabolic derailment:

  • skin changes (dry skin that tends to keratinise and form calluses, particularly on the heels = lack of vitamin A),
  • changes in the mucosa, hair, nails,
  • easy bruising,
  • apathy, lowered vitality and fitness, exhaustion without apparent cause,
  • loss of appetite,
  • increased blood sedimentation rate (BSR),
  • anemia (= lack of iron),
  • red tongue (= lack of nicotinamide).

When any of these silent warners occur, they should be taken seriously since they indicate the lack of one or several of the eight essential food substances. Remedial treatment, i. e. dietary change plus supplementation according to Dr Moerman's specifications should be undertaken immediately.

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