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Who was Dr. Moerman?

Dr. Cornelis Moerman (1893–1988) was a Dutch physician who by keen observation and experimentation on his own flock of homing pigeons as well as by working with volunteer cancer patients developed a dietary and nutritional approach to cancer treatment which was frequently very effective and even reaped successes in terminal cases.

Regarding the latter, Dr. Moerman wrote, "the number of cancer patients healed by myself and my disciples in this manner is so large that no-one can deny the extraordinary significance of the Moerman method.

It's especially significant that all treated patients were so-called hopeless, incurable cases, sent home to die by the hospital, cancer research center and university clinic, since patients who responded well to hospital treatment didn't come to see us.

So we are fully entitled to state that without the Moerman treatment, all of these people would definitely have died within shortly."

While Dr. Moerman just as other successful "alternative" cancer doctors and researchers was much maligned and attacked[1], among other luminaries Nobel laureate Linus Pauling expressed his "sincere appreciation of his great contribution to the solution of the cancer problem".

Dr. Moerman's starting point: what is health and which food components does it depend on?

Dr. Moerman implanted (injected) cancer cells taken from a cancerous pigeon into healthy pigeons and found that nothing happened — the healthy organism apparently destroyed the cancerous cells. This proved to his mind that a healthy organism contains "something" that eradicates cancer cells before they can grow into a tumor[2], and Dr. Moerman called this something the "suppressor".

Pursuing his pigeon experiments, Dr. Moerman determined eight main food substances as essential and indispensable to health maintenance: iodine[5], citric acid, yeast or vitamin B complex, iron, sulfur[3], vitamin A[6], E and C.

Dr Moerman found that a lack of any of these eight substances led to a metabolic "derailment" which constitutes the core of the cancer problem since it entails weakening and eventual absence of the suppressor which in turn leaves the system defenseless against tumor formation.

The proof of the above assertion was furnished by the fact that by administering the eight substances and trace elements, Moerman and his students managed to profoundly improve the health of seriously ill patients and simultaneously make the cancer cells disappear.

Cancer only develops when the suppressor doesn't keep the cancer agents in check

In other words, with his experiments Dr. Moerman proved to his own satisfaction that cancer development as well as the resistance to cancer hinge on the body's ability (or inability) to "suppress" those microbiological elements or "cancer agents" (he called symbionts) which when allowed free reign would start a tumor.

The ability to keep those cancer agents in check in most people depends on their nutritional status (and is also somewhat influenced by their mother's nutritional status during gestation, hence a certain cancer propensity in individuals where the mother was nutritionally undersupplied).

Dr Moerman also used a blood test (at a magnification of 10,000) which showed the blood swarming with those symbionts. After treatment with the eight substances, all of these symbionts were gone, i.e. the suppressor had been reactivated and successfully removed them.

Dr. Moerman further recognized that not all cancers were nutritionally caused but could also be due to carcinogens. For example, a person may have followed a healthy whole food diet all their life but some of the essential nutrients may have been bound or destroyed by carcinogens.

Summary of the Moerman approach to the healing of cancer

  • Cancer is not a localized but a systemic disease or health impairment which precedes the formation of a tumor.
  • It is not true that cancer cells proliferate by themselves.
  • A healthy body will not allow cancer to develop. From time to time, a healthy body will form cancer cells but they will be removed so no tumor can be formed.
  • A damaged organism (metabolic derailment) is the prerequisite for tumor formation (as Dr. Moerman writes, "My research has sufficiently proven that fact").[2]
  • To avoid tumor formation, it is paramount to keep the body healthy.
  • An effective cancer therapy above all consists in recreating a good state of health.

Dr Moerman's treatment for cancer and other diseases in detail

The Moerman therapy is founded on two pillars: a specific diet — the Moerman diet — and nutritional supplements since Dr. Moerman found that a body that has developed cancer needs so many nutrients that food alone is not enough to satisfy the need and requires the patient also follow a supplementation program.

The main diet includes plenty of fresh, preferably organically grown products such as grains, vegetables and fruit as well as buttermilk (an important source of lactic acid bacteria[4]) and oily fish. No meat or poultry, and no or only minimal amounts of white flour products, salt and fat.

In summary the following will be applied:

  • a dietary change, cutting out all foodstuffs that are processed or chemically treated and including large amounts of citrus fruit (for vitamin C) as well as the other items stated above;
  • adding the eight essential substances and trace elements in therapeutic quantities (to be individually determined by a doctor trained in the Moerman approach).

Cancer warning signs to watch out for

Dr. Moerman determined certain "noteworthy" symptoms which should not be taken lightly.

Two stomach cancer cures/remissions thanks to the Moerman diet

translated by Healing Cancer Naturally from the book "Krebs: Leukämie und andere scheinbar unheilbare Krankheiten mit natürlichen Mitteln heilen" [Healing cancer, leukemia and other seemingly incurable diseases with natural means]

Ten years ago, 85 year old Andries Maas was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. He had stomach surgery but in November 1961 the surgeon found metastases along the large blood vessels. He was given no hope and the family doctor told his relatives that his condition was incurable.

Since the doctors had given up all hope of improvement, Maas consulted with Dr Moerman and followed his recommendations. Success soon followed and Maas reported feeling in excellent health ten years later, with his family physician confrming that he was indeed healthy and fit as a fiddle.

A second case concerned Mrs. van der Meer who developed stomach problems in the autumn of 1967, with doctors suspecting an ulcer. Six weeks of a special diet and rest later, her condition had worsened and the hospital finally diagnosed a stomach tumor. She was in a critical state and her husband was told there was no hope.

After starting on the Moerman treatment, Mrs. van der Meer was still alive four years after she was supposed to be dead, and was considered healed in the spring of 1970 (at the time of reporting [1977?], she was back in Dr. Moerman's treatment).

Other cures owed to the Moerman diet from the same book include

  • reactive arthritis (Reiter's Syndrome): two cases healed;
  • blood vessels disease in both legs, one leg already amputated when the patient came to consult with Dr. Moerman, the other leg now healed;
  • incurable eye disease: according to a university professor the patient was likely to end up in a home for the blind, now healed;
  • a case of schizophrenia, the psychiatrist in charge was considering perpetual consignment of the patient to a mental home, now fully healed and working as a plant manager;
  • rheumatism, treated by a university professor for eight months to no avail, fingers bent and stiff, now back in the office typing with all fingers;
  • peptic ulcer, healed in six weeks with diet and therapy, no need for surgery;
  • Graves' disease caused by lack of vitamin E and A;
  • a hospital case, declared incurable by a university professor, completely healed via Moerman diet.

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Book on the Moerman diet

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Dr. Moerman's Anti-Cancer DietDr. Moerman's Anti-Cancer Diet
Holland's Revolutionary Nutritional Program for Combating Cancer

by Ruth Jochems

Links (Holland)
List of doctors who practise Moerman therapy and other nontoxic cancer treatments in Holland
NOW (2018)
Dutch-language site on Dr. Moerman's work including testimonials for breast, intestinal and other cancers, as well as a forum.


1 Compare History of alternative cancer treatment.

2 Many researchers have maintained that cancer is a systemic and not a purely localized disease. Dr. Johannes Kuhl even reported on earlier research with implanted cancer cells which showed that tumor cells will die off in a body that doesn't have cancer or rather that isn't susceptible to cancer (self-experiments by surgeon Prof Dr Kurzahns [Königsberg, since 1946 Kaliningrad] and even unethical experiments performed on US-American prison inmates: physician and cancer researcher Prof. Dr. Dr. Gyula de Szilvay reported that in 1964, Dr. Chester Southam of the Sloan-Kettering Institute inoculated healthy inmates of the Ohio Penitentiary [Columbus, USA] with live cancer cells without any impact on their health. The prisoners were infected with 3,500,000 cancer cells.)

3 Note that to determine the impact of sulfur on health status and maintenance, Dr. Moerman fed the pigeons granulated pyrite (which unbeknownst to him also contained selenium which of course has its own positive influence on cancer).

4 There is an entire successful cancer treatment primarily based on the administration of lactic-acid-fermented foods, see Lactic-acid-fermented food treatment for cancer according to Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl.

5 Iodine is a known powerful cancer fighter, see Seaweed.

6 A number of animal studies have shown that vitamin A or its precursor beta-carotene could prevent for instance the development of bladder, breast and skin cancer (see Chemoprevention of cancer with retinoids and Inhibition of carcinogenesis by retinoids).

As for human evidence, we have inter alia a study in which 1556 men were followed for 24 years. Those who were ingesting more vitamin A and beta-carotene reduced their risk of contracting cancer or heart disease (Dietary vitamin C and beta-carotene and risk of death in middle-aged men. The Western Electric Study). The same study found that those who ate two carrots and two oranges a day lowered their risk of dying in middle age by 30+ percent. It should be noted that zinc can assist the body in using vitamin A (see e.g. Effect of zinc supplementation on plasma levels of vitamin A and retinol-binding protein in malnourished children).

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