The best times for surgery and taking medications based upon the moon's transit through the twelve constellations

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Pure superstition or force to be reckoned with?

Similarly to the moon calendars indicating optimum and worst periods for planting and harvesting seeds and crops which hail back to ancient times and which we owe to the astute observation of nature of our forefathers, there also is a moon calendar based on similar principles regarding the best and worst periods for having any type of operation.

To underlign the potentially important role of celestial influences in health and disease and particularly surgery, here is a quote from Dr. Rudolf Sklenar MD[1]regarding a case related by famed physician and astrologer Alfred John Pearce:

A woman had ovary surgery done by a skilled surgeon when the moon was in Scorpio and moving towards conjunction with Saturn. The patient died the following day.

As Dr. Sklenar comments, "Better wait and be called superstitious than kill."

Detailed expert advice on the most advisable times for undergoing surgery based upon the moon's transit through the zodiac signs summarized and compiled into one comprehensive PDF.

What you'll learn:

  • which body part is "ruled" by which sign of the zodiac
  • what is considered an ill-fated configuration
  • when to avoid all neck and throat surgery incl. tonsils, vocal chords, thyroid gland, parotid gland
  • when not to operate on the head, eyes, brain and cerebellum
  • when to abstain from surgery of the lung and trachea, pleura and lung membrane
  • when to shun surgery of the heart, pericardium, cardia
  • when not to operate on the digestive organs
  • when the thorax (rib cage) must not be opened
  • when to avoid surgery on the spinal cord
  • when not to have surgery on the viscera
  • when not to have surgical procedures on the skin
  • when to shun abdominal surgery
  • when to avoid kidney surgery
  • when not to cut in the groin region, urinary and sexual organs
  • when not to open the hip area
  • when to avoid cutting into the muscles of the back
  • when to shun surgery on knees and shins
  • when to avoid surgery on the calves and varicose veins
  • when surgery of feet should be avoided
  • when to avoid hernia and appendix surgery, cutting buboes, hemorrhoids
  • when to avoid tooth extractions
  • when to avoid amputations of arm, hand or leg
  • at what times to abstain from anesthesia
  • PLUS
  • the importance of other astrological influences
  • when (not) to take medications: some additional pointers
  • the results surgeons who followed these principles were able to achieve


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1 German physician Dr. Rudolf Sklenar, besides having found and used a successful treatment for cancer (see Successful cancer treatment with Kombucha and coli preparations), also was an expert astrologer.His book Astro-Medizin als Lebenshilfe (roughly: Help From Astro-Medicine) featuring his astromedical work (published by the Austrian ARCTURUS-Verlag) reunites in fact the essence of the work of several medical astrology experts, including SURYA (Demeter Georgiewitz-Weitzer [1873–1949]) and SINDBAD (Friedrich Schwickert [1855–1930], a widely known expert for astrology and hermetic arts) who together authored the older book Astrologie und Medizin.

Astro-Medizin als Lebenshilfe includes a chapter discussing the medical astrology of Paracelsus and a contribution by US-American naturopath Nancy Coker. The entire book was thoroughly revised by yet another apparent luminary in the field, Prof. Frank Hofmann. Astro-Medizin als Lebenshilfe is described as furnishing an overall presentation giving equal weight to the astrological and medical aspects of the matter and best meeting the requirements of modern times.

Dr. Sklenar very successfully applied astrological considerations in his medical practice for more than thirty years so his written work was based upon practical experience rather than theory alone. For more details see Medical astrology according to Dr. Rudolf Sklenar: On using the astrological birth chart as a diagnostic tool.

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