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Successful cancer treatment with Kombucha and coli preparations

according to Dr. Rudolf Sklenar

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Who was Dr. Rudolf Sklenar?

Dr. Sklenar was a 20th century physician from Germany who for more than thirty years successfully used kombucha, complemented by specific probiotics, to treat a variety of diseases including cancer. For diagnostic purposes, Dr. Sklenar employed a special blood-staining technique to initially identify and then follow up on the cancer patient's state of health. Additionally, he also practised iridology (iris examination) to determine the location (not the exact nature) of the disease and follow the progress of the treatment.

Treatment of cancer and other metabolic diseases according to Dr. Rudolf Sklenar

Thankfully, all important details on Dr Sklenar's work with cancer have been made accessible to the English-speaking world through a book written by his niece and collaborator Rosina Fasching (see below under "Books").

In the opening pages of this book, Dr. Sklenar writes on the subject of his treatment successes with various diseases owed to kombucha and coli compounds:

"Therapeutics plus kombucha have achieved good treatment results in a number of metabolic diseases, even those of a chronic nature. Good results were particularly obtained in cancer patients in different stages of the disease. No undesirable side effects due to these medications were ever observed, neither in the short nor long term."

Classifying precancerous conditions as well as full-blown cancer via blood films and iridology

Using his own technique of stained blood films, Dr Sklenar was able to show the presence of agents or pathogens which he deemed causative in the development of cancer. Dr. Sklenar's relatively simple and fast blood-staining method allows to positively diagnose precancerous conditions as well as cancer itself, by clearly distinguishing four visible stages of the "cancer agent".

Regarding the use of iridology to determine the patient's general state of health, the seat of any trouble as well as treatment progress, Dr. Sklenar found that various types of "pigment stains" or discolorations appearing in the iris denote illness or impaired function while lightening and disappearance of these blemishes signify a return to health. (The blood film technique, the four cancer stages as perceptible in the blood, as well as examples of patients' irises are explained and illustratated in Fasching's book.)

Dr. Sklenar found that individuals with precancerous conditions not only felt unwell but also displayed — both in their iris and in their blood — similar changes to those he saw in individuals with conventionally diagnosed cancer, and both types of patient could be successfully treated using the essentially identical therapy. According to Dr. Sklenar, all of these cancer stages must be intensely treated with kombucha and coli compounds including a homeopathic kombucha preparation (Kombucha D1).

The treatment itself

The treatment proper must be begun by removing all foci of infection (teeth, gallbladder, prostate etc.). Best successes were obtained by combining kombucha with several coli compounds (Mutaflor [a unique natural probiotic consisting of a bacterial strain named Escherichia coli Nissle 1917], Colibiogen vials, Colivit drinking ampoules, Symbioflor 2 [a concentrated E. coli compound] as well as Gelum oral-rd [blood pH regulator and oxygen activator]).

Exact details of the treatment - which differ between precancerous conditions and cancer, e.g. the former was prescribed three times daily a quarter liter (approximately 8.5 liquid ounces), the latter up to one liter (~ 1.057 US-Quart) of kombucha a day - can be found in Fasching's book below.

Incidentally, as have others before him, Dr. Sklenar noted that mental factors such as worry, shock, fear etc. make the blood ph more alkaline[1] which he found promotes the development of the "cancer pathogen".

Cancer healing successes: some striking cases

In Dr. Sklenar's experience, intense treatment with kombucha and coli compounds according to his specifications will allow patients to recover a sense of wellbeing within a space of four to six months on average (while concomitantly the blood film will normalize and the iris discolorations will clear). For a number of striking cases, see Cancer cure testimonials due to treatment with Kombucha and coli preparations according to Dr. Rudolf Sklenar.

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1 The blood of cancer patients is typically much too alkaline while their tissues are too acidic. More on this subject under Does alkalinity heal cancer?.


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Tea Fungus KombuchaTea Fungus Kombucha: The Natural Remedy and Its Significance in Cases of Cancer and Other Metabolic Diseases

by Rosina Fasching

This book thoroughly covers Dr. Sklenar's approach to healing cancer as well as its historical roots. It includes colour pictures of the blood and iris changes observed by Dr. Sklenar in both precancerous and cancerous patients.

(More kombucha books under Kombucha as a cancer treatment: background information)

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