On Soy & Soy Risks

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Soy apparently has many beneficial constituents along with harmful ones. While being touted as the perfect food, antinutrients and toxins in many soy products interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

As summarized by a knowledgeable source:

"Among other things, nonfermented soy contains allergens, several toxins, and (particularly if uncooked, unfermented, & unsprouted) powerful protease inhibitors, which inhibit the critical anti-cancer action of proteolytic enzymes, particularly trypsin. Sprouting also diminishes the enzyme inhibitors. Soy also contains PHG, which interferes with digestion ... I'd try to switch to organic tempeh as much as possible, and perhaps a little cooked tofu as a last resort."

People have reported very serious health complications arising after adopting soy foods (the worst affected being babies apparently, and even Alzheimer’s may be partially caused by “too much soy”). Additionally, most soy beans sold in the US today may be genetically modified.

The only safe soy foods to consume seem to be organic fermented soy products (tempeh and natto), since fermentation is the only way to rid soy of its undesirable constituents and "kill" the anti-nutrients it contains. Heat — including very high temperatures (above 400 deg. F) for long periods of time — does not do it. (Fermentation also doesn't involve the multiple chemical processes required in the production of tofu and other processed soy products.)

So it is best to avoid all nonfermented soy products.[1]

Important articles on soy

    On soy and low thyroid function (according to a naturopath using radionics, all people with cancer have low thyroid function).

Addendum by Healing Cancer Naturally: lists among other things the following likely toxicities of soy products:

  • increases blood estrogen levels to 22,000 times normal
  • blocks absorption of zinc, which is necessary for brain formation
  • introduces free radicals into the system, which can retard any formative tissue
  • blocks stomach enzymes, promoting chronic indigestion
  • cannot itself be digested, promoting chronic indigestion and allergies
  • high levels of aluminum prevent normal brain and intestinal formation (aluminium apparently is implicated in the causation of Alzheimer’s).


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1 Compare Fermented soy beverage “the best nutritional supplement” for cancer?.

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