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Introductory note

Healing Cancer Naturally, a humanitarian labour-of-love site, occasionally receives emails from site visitors asking one of the following questions (or a combination of them):

"I am interested in H2O2 therapies (in addition to other protocols) to help reduce cancer & looking to buy an ozone generator/ozonator that can ozonate water and oil.

However, I have no clue as to who has legitimate machines for sale at reasonable prices. There is so much info out there, I am simply overwhelmed and trying to find something that will help.

I have done extensive research on ozone, own several books on oxygen therapies, including Ed McCabe's and Nathaniel Altman's, and have high regard and belief in the use of ozone. However, I don’t know the first thing about differentiating one ozonator from the next, or whether an air ozonator is the same as an air purifier, or a water purifier…

Do you have any suggestions on credible retailers, any good websites or links to a reliable room ozonator, any info or contact to find affordable equipment to make ozonated water to drink and improve the air we breathe at night?

Do you know of any good name brands and/or what TYPE I should be using? Something that would be reliable, safe, and not incredibly expensive? What was the ozonator (or similar one) that Gaylen T.'s wife used in her room?"
(Once I even received the terse no-nonsense request, "Please send me information about the best personal machines and where to get them.")

My answer:

I do not have personal experience or advice re ozonators to share since I neither use nor trade in them. The only advice I can give is to visit and/or write to the websites and people listed on Medical Ozone Therapy Links. Gaylen T.'s email address (which may or may not be current) can also be found there as well as on the bottom of this page.

Q 1: Will you give me some details on the type of ozone therapy that your wife was taking.

Basically all we did was make ozonated water and drink it, and breathe the ozone while sleeping and later, when we had a more powerful ozonator, while we were making the water. Please remember that I'm not a practitioner. I'm just someone who has found a cure for the cancer my wife had.
See Gaylen’s wife’s double breast cancer healing story.

Q 2: It seems your wife used both ozone and chemo?

She just used ozone while she underwent chemo. The ozone is what saved her. The chemo was working except for the 3 largest tumors, and was killing her.

Q 3: Did you simply put the ozone in a vapourizer, to humidify the air, for when you slept?

No, I just turned on the generator and it puts ozone in the air, so after turning on the generator in our bedroom we went to sleep (note: ozone cannot be breathed in higher concentrations unless one first bubbles it through virgin olive oil, see book references in More medical ozone therapy info).

Ozone is great, because it kills all the bad things and helps all the good things. It kills ALL bacteria, odors, viruses, mold, & fungus. We have one side of our house that never sees sun (in Washington State where it rains all the time) and had mold growing in the outside of the house.

After using ozone for one winter the mold on the outside of the house died off. Ozone is a great penetrator. It will get rid of that toxic building syndrome and get rid of all the smells also.

Q 4: How do you ozonate your water or where does one get ozonated water?

You make your own ozonated water with an ozone generator. You make ozonated water, because ozonated water you would have bought contains no ozone (it breaks down in about an hour). Put the tube from the generator in a glass of water for 5–15 minutes and drink it.

Q 5: What is the best way to either make or buy ozonated water?

As mentioned, you have to make ozonated water, you can't buy it with enough ozone to do any good. The best ozone generators are at plasmafire.com $1,800. Buy less expensive ones at appliedozone.com.

The former generator gives you all the equipment to apply it in all the different ways & it's guaranteed forever. With the cheaper models make sure you can ozonate water with them. I would also get one that uses oxygen tanks with it so you get the best ozone possible.

Q 6: How much ozonated water does one need to drink? What diet does one follow?

You drink 1–8 glasses a day. Yes, you can drink other fluids. I would wait 1–2 hours after drinking the ozonated water so you get the effects from that best. You can do whatever diet you want, but I think the raw or vegetarian diet or "Maker’s diet" is best for health. (Compare Nutrition and Cancer healing testimonies through raw food & fresh vegetable juices.)

Not sure what type of cancer produced so many tumors, just that it started out as breast cancer & spread from there. (They did a ct scan with marker dye to determine it was gone.)

Q 7: Isn’t $1,800 more than most are able to spend on their healing? What are these people supposed to do?

I realize $1,800 is a lot for some people, that's why I mention there are cheaper models. They start for $400. We cured my wife with about $400 the first time, and that's the cost of a few visits to a doctor, so I'll let you judge if that's a lot or not. I'm just telling what got rid of 18 tumors throughout my wife’s body.

Q 8: Do those machines require liquid oxygen, and if yes, where do you get it?

The best one does, and it's at plasmafire.com. The $400 one doesn't. You can find one that does for around $600 at appliedozone.com. Just call him and tell what you're doing and he'll set you up.

Q 9: Is breathing ozone the same thing as breathing ions (like from an ionizing air filter machine)?

No, ozone is not the same as ionized air.

Q 10: Can you please tell me the difference between ozone and oxygen therapies.

The difference is, ozone has one extra molecule of oxygen (O3) that doesn't want to be there, so it breaks off and tries to join other elements like carbon monoxide (CO1) which is deadly, and changes it into carbon dioxide (CO2) which the body knows what to do with. That extra molecule also oxidizes (destroys) all toxins except for about 6 or 7 things.

All parts of the body love oxygen, so that extra molecule is gobbled up by everything that is good in the body and destroys all that is bad, because things like bacteria, viruses, molds, fungus, parasites, and cancer don't like oxygen. After this molecule is gone, oxygen (O2) is left. Oxygen doesn't destroy toxins, or do any of the things I just talked about nearly as well. So ozone is A LOT more active. It's like oxygen therapy one level higher.

Q 11 re keeping my pets: I am doing Dr. Clark's protocol and my prognosis is very good. I have not as yet been tested for ascaris as yet, but it is in all likelihood there, due to the animals. How do I know if I really need to give up my pets since I have contracted cancer. Specifically with reference to Dr. Clark's recommendations that pets have the ascaris parasites and anyone with cancer should not have them. Her new book does give info to pet owners to treat them for parasites also, which we are doing, but I wonder if that will do any good. I and my family love our animals, so it tears me apart to possibly have to give them up.

It's not required to get rid of your pets. There are a few things Dr. Clark says I feel aren't really necessary. The pet thing is one. We've had two cats while curing my wife’s cancer, and we still have them.

We did throw out all cleaning products into the garage, use natural cleansing products, and moved the cat box out there too. Use a mask when cleaning the cat box. Also you don't have to do the parasite cleanse before the liver cleanse. These are some of the things we did and it worked. Hopefully it should work for anyone.

Compare Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark's detoxification protocols and Excerpts from Dr. Hulda Clark’s The Cure For All Cancers.

Q 12: I remember you said to drink ozonated water on an empty stomach. How long after drinking before we can eat?

Ten minutes is sufficient, unless you are planning on eating an orange. Then I would wait 20 minutes. (Credits: Dr. Saul Pressman)

Q 13 Why did you need to cure your wife’s cancer twice? If you cure cancer the first time, why a second cure?

If you have cancer then sometimes you need to do more than get rid of your cancer tumor[s]. You also have to get rid of whatever caused that first cancer tumor[s], which usually involves lifestyle changes, otherwise you are at risk of getting more cancer tumor[s] in the future. For example, a smoker needs to stop smoking.

We've found (what we think) is the cause for her cancer : leaky gut & parasites. I believe the leaky gut is probably caused by the parasites, and the chemo before. She has a few different kinds of parasites, and has probably had them since being a kid. The only thing is, she can't take wormwood. We've tried to find some other way, but haven't had any luck.

Also we've found there are two ways to live with the threat of cancer. Eliminate the cause, or keep the cause "under control", and keep the cancer from manifesting. The first way is much better, but the second works. Until we can find a way to kill the parasites, we have to go the second way.

As to the smoking, we are addressing that now. Bottom line is killing the cancer first, so you can address the other problems later.

Q 14 What primarily causes cancer from your point of view?

The PRIME cause of cancer is hypoxia at the cellular level. When a cell chronically cannot get enough oxygen, it will revert to fermentation as a backup in order to survive. It becomes surrounded by its waste, lactic acid, and as that increases, T-cells and macrophages passing the area interpret the acidity as 'damage' requiring replacement of damaged cells, and so they secrete enzyme growth factors, which stimulates the fermenting cell into making copies of itself.

More lactic acid is produced by more fermenting cells, followed by more enzyme growth factors, resulting in more cell replication, in a vicious circle. (credits: Dr. Pressman)

Q 15 What do you suggest as a possible brain cancer treatment?

All I know for brain cancer is ozone. Ear insufflation has had excellent success with brain tumors of all types. Daily, 15 minutes per ear, 1–3 times per day.

It kills parasites, candida, reverses Parkinson's, and brain fog also. It helps repair damage done by radiation & helps repair nerve damage. The brain uses 15% of the body's oxygen supply, being only 2% of the body, so it will love extra oxygen. The ozone goes through the ear drum, into the sinuses, and through that thin spot behind the nose & into the brain.
But see Budwig Brain Cancer Cure Testimonials.

Q 16 Why did you mention using ozone as a possible brain cancer treatment? Is there any proof that ozone can diffuse through the eardrum in medicinal quantities, waft its way down the Eustachian tube to the sinuses and then diffuse through "that thin spot behind the nose into the brain." Or evidence that the ozone or its extremely reactive decomposition products can ignore healthy tissue and find its way to maybe half a trillion tumor cells?

I doubt that even a single molecule of ozone could make it to a brain tumor, and if it did then it would be like attacking grazing rhino with a pea shooter. Also should be examined the extent that the process works on comatose patients with cancer (both primaries and metastatic) in the brain. This would help separate out those patients who benefit from a placebo effect.

It never ceases to amaze me why people think they know something about it without ever even using it.

You asked what proof there is that ozone can penetrate the eardrum. Have you heard of "sick house" syndrome before? This is where a building gets mold, or fungus growing in it to the point where it becomes unhealthy to live in the house any longer. It can make you sick, or kill you.

Now guess what is used to solve this problem? Besides totally tearing out the walls infected with the mold, ozone. They come in and apply ozone throughout the house, because ozone penetrates paint, mud, sheetrock, insulation, and wood. Truth is ozone can penetrate everything except Teflon, silicone, glass, Kynar, & Viton, which are inert to ozone. Ozone cannot oxidize fluoride either.

My experience with the penetration of ozone is with my house. I live in Washington State where it rains a lot. One side of my house never sees the sun. One year after painting the cedar siding on my house, mold started coming through the stain I used.

We bought a cheap ozone generator in October 2001 the first time my wife had cancer. We didn't know too much about ozone then, and decided to get as much ozone into her body as possible. We just about had the generator on 24/7, and drank lots of ozonated water. Within three to four months she was cancer-free.

That next spring we happened to notice the mold on the outside of our house was gone. The ozone had gone all the way through our walls to the outside of the house and killed the mold. I ask you, which do you think is more dense or easier to penetrate, a wall in your house, or a thin highly porous membrane that has been heated so the pores are open even more?

I have ozonated my ears, and trust me, ozone penetrates the eardrum. For me, after about two months a clear liquid started coming out of my ears. This liquid is lymph fluid carrying toxins out of the body. My ears drained so much at night that my pillow was soaked through to the bed. I started noticing I could think clearer also.

When I first started "cupping", I wanted to cure this itching head thing I had for about 20 years. When my ears started oozing and my head started itching, I quit doing the ears and just applied ozone to my head. My head oozed a lot and had bumps all over it for about 10 months. I ozonated my head once a week to once a month.

So after about 30 applications the itching is gone now. The skin on my head and forehead looks younger and is softer now. Some of my hair has grown back too, and is less gray.

I also had athlete's feet for about 30 years. After ozonating my toes for a couple of months that is all gone now. There was no oozing or itching with this. I also had a bad neck problem for at least 10 years. There was a lump at the base of my skull that made it hard to turn my head to the right without pain. My neck cracked A LOT. The last few months I started having really bad headaches from this too.

I thought one night, I wonder if ozone could help this too. I had read in the ozone group I belong to, that it could help backaches, and nerve problems.

After 5–8 applications the knot in my neck was gone and so are the headaches. My wife has also cured her asthma, allergies, and burning in her feet due to a back injury years ago.

I was a total non-believer about all this when I started using ozone. I belong to the ozone group at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/ozonetherapy/ which is monitored by Dr. Pressman, who has been healing people from MANY diseases now for at least 15 years [Note: This group is moderated and not all opinions are allowed expression].

I read about the famous ozone rash & the oozing and thought it was just their imagination or something else. It turns out, I found everything Dr. Pressman has said is true. Ozone is the closest thing to a cure-all there is.

Ozone can cure abscesses, acne, aids, allergies/hayfever, anal fissures, arthritis, arthrosis, ascites, asthma, athletes' feet, back problems, bacterial infections, blood disorders, Cancers Of ALL types, candida albicans, candidiasis vaginalis, cerebral sclerosis, CFS, Crohn’s, circulatory problems, cirrhosis of the liver, cleans the lymph system, constipation, corneal ulcers, cystitis, decubitus ulcers, diarrhea, ear infections, emphysema, fibromyalgia, fistulae, floaters, FM, fungal diseases, furunculosis, gangrene, HIV, gastroduodenal ulcers, gastrointestinal disorders, giardiasis, glaucoma, hepatitis, herpes simplex & zoster, hypercholesteroemia, IBS, ileitis, lipomas, lung problems, Lyme disease, lymphoma, macular degeneration, mucous colitis, MS, muscle cramps, (Lance Armstrong uses ozone) mycosis, nerve related disorders, osteomyelitis, parkinson's, Peyronie's disease, polyarthritis, rabies, raynaud's, Polyps, Pulmonary Fibrosis, retinitis pigmentosa, rheumatoid arthritis, rosacea, SARS, scars after radiation, scleroderma, senile dementia, sepsis control, sinusitis, Sjogren's, skin problems ALL types, spider veins, spondylitis, stomatitis, sudeck's disease, thrombophlebitis, ulcus cruris, vaccination damage, vitiligo, vulvovaginitis, viral infections, wound healing disturbances, among many other diseases and problems.

Ozone has the ability of oxidizing all toxins except the few I mentioned earlier. It boosts the immune system, and oxygenates the body. If you want more "evidence", call the "Townsend Letter" and ask for the 2004 December edition. 360–385–6021.

Supposedly back when the Earth was first formed, there were only bacteria. The Earth didn't have any oxygen then. Bacteria were everywhere. That's all there was. This is the environment bacteria thrived in, a low or no oxygen environment.

Then at some point in "evolution" oxygen started popping up and bacteria started dying and were overrun by oxygen-breathing things. Ever since this point in time, bacteria and viruses have had to find low or no oxygen environments to live in, like underground, in plants or trees, or in us. They can't survive for more than 24 hours in most cases without a host.

After "billions" of years bacteria and viruses haven't been able to "evolve" to breathe oxygen. This is where ozone comes in. Applying ozone to bacteria or viruses is like making us breathe carbon monoxide. None of us can survive that. Medicine is like giving alcohol to bacteria or viruses, or us. Some of the bugs could survive an extreme amount, just like some people could. If you take away the air they breathe NONE will survive. This is why ozone kills ALL bacteria and viruses it comes in contact with.

Also you can go to the FDA's web site and see that they approve ozone for purifying food & water. You can also see that it is MUCH more effective at killing these bugs than ANYTHING else.

All bad things like low or no oxygen environments. Parasites, bacteria, viruses, & cancer. Have you ever heard of heart cancer? It doesn't exist. The oxygen goes straight from the lungs to the heart. It's the most oxygen-rich organ in the body. Cancer can't survive there.

Oxygen is the element we have the most of in our body, more than any other element. When the cell becomes unable to process oxygen for energy, it starts processing sugar for energy. This is when cancer starts. This is why so many people say sugar is bad for cancer patients.[1]

You asked how ozone knows what is healthy and what is not. Healthy cells have 4 enzymes that protect them from being oxidized, unhealthy cells don't. Cancer is really weak in this way, along with bacteria, viruses and parasites. They can be oxidized easily.

Every healthy cell in our body requires oxygen, and loves it. Oxygen is the most important requirement for our survival. Without it we die in 7 minutes, or less.

Another thing, once ozone enters the body and comes in contact with H2O, it turns into H2O2. Look up what this treats. If you went to the FDA's web site and read about ozone, now go to the EPA's web site and see what they say about ozone. They say it's a toxin. This is how stupid using science as "evidence" is.

The EPA's theory on ozone is since there's ozone where the highest concentrations of air pollution is, ozone is a toxin. This is as stupid as saying there are always firemen at fires, so they must be the cause of fires. This is like saying LDL is bad, and HDL is good. They are only the carriers of cholesterol; it's the buildup of cholesterol that's bad. Cholesterol is a requirement in the body.[2] Saying LDL is bad is like shooting the messenger.

How many times have you heard "science" say alcohol is good, and then say alcohol is bad? Science has the doctors and us so screwed up no one could give you an honest answer if their life depended on it. Science only sees part of the picture and then thinks they know it all. Science says evolution is real, yet science is supposed to be something that can be observed, demonstrated, repeated, and verified by others.

Evolution meets none of these requirements, and therefore requires faith in something that can't be proven, and is therefore a religion. You can keep your "scientific evidence". I'll stick to something that works! I don't need to count the branches, or leaves; I come to eat the fruit. You can doubt or believe whatever you want about ozone. I can't say, or teach you anything. I can only bring you to where you can learn it for yourself.

I ask you though, what evidence or proof you base your doubt in? I base mine in actual personal experience. Actual curing! I have a friend who has a tumor on the outside of her breast, and applies ozone to it and sees the tumor peel off in front of her. She can hold the evidence in her hand!

You know as well as everybody else in alternative groups that there is going to be NO research done in something that can't be patented and sold for profit. God created ozone to keep our planet clean, keep us healthy, and protect us from the sun. Who's going to infringe on his patent?

You either rely on testimonials or keep your cancer in most cases. I am singing from the rooftops to everybody I can about ozone. The truth is in front of you, yet you can't see. I could give you more "evidence", but what good would it do if you don't want to see for yourself? Use this knowledge and turn it into your wisdom.

Q 17 How soon can one drink ozonated water before or after food. If I eat when can I drink Ozone water. If I drink Ozone water when can I eat?

If you eat, then wait two hours before drinking ozonated water. If you drink ozonated water, wait ten to fifteen minutes before eating. (credits: Dr. Pressman)

Q 18 Mercury: does ozone stir up mercury in the body? Help the body get rid of Mercury?

Ozone will oxidize mercury, allowing it to be sweated out through the pores. (credits: Dr. Pressman)

Q 19: If I ozonate water by putting the tube into a plastic bottle of water and bubbling it for 15 minutes, will the ozone react at all with the plastic putting toxins in the water?

It depends on the type of plastic. Some are more resistant than others. The jugs that orange juice comes in are very resistant. They are HDPE, which is high density poly ethylene. Other jugs may be a problem. A Thermos is a good container to use, since it is glass. It is best to ozonate in glass, and then transfer to plastic if you want to freeze it. Ozonated water that is frozen will last for many months. (credits: Dr. Pressman)

Gaylen T. has graciously offered his help in answering questions (to be directed to golfegg AT hotmail.com).

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.


1 Compare On the Link Between Sugar Consumption and Cancer.

2 In fact, elevated cholesterol actually can have anti-cancer benefits, see On the link between cholesterol and cancer incidence: high cholesterol levels associated with lower cancer risk.

Is there a cure for cancer? After 20 years of research

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