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Ozone Home & Medical Uses (II):

Ozone Therapy for Lyme Disease Case History

On Home Uses and Medical Applications of Ozone (air and water purification of pathogenic germs & pollutants, treatment of viruses, cancer, Aids, Lyme, gangrene & many other illnesses and complaints)

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Part II

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— here you have it, a better therapy. At least one that works!

A recent case...

I have taught a young girl, 13 years old, Miss R.S. of Bend, Oregon, to introduce one liter (one quart) of pure ozone, derived electronically from medical oxygen, into her descending colon by means of rectal insufflation. This was done once daily over a period of one week.

Her condition before treatment was alarming because she was in her second month after being bitten by a tick during a Colorado vacation, and all the initial classical Lyme Disease symptoms had indeed manifested in her body despite the recommended oral antibiotic treatment. Severe pain had her doubled over constantly, she was unable to walk upright, and was crying with constant pain.

The solution...

After only three days, three one-minute treatments, she walked upright, without pain. Slight recurrences manifested after the fourth day when excessive flatulence and a larger-than-usual meal prevented her from taking the full measure of one liter of the O3 gas rectally via a small catheter.

This disease (Lyme) is a bacterium, a toxic pathogen, introduced into a victim's body through the skin as the result of an insect bite, a deer tick. The symptoms of Lyme Disease appear due to the body's valiant efforts to deal with this toxic overload.

Under normal circumstances I would call it a tall job for the immune system but when this is compromised in any way, even with simple fatigue, then this bacterium easily invades the body — with impunity and with vim and vigor.

My rationale...

In the future, the preferred treatment for Lyme can very well become Ozone gas. As I said above, this pathogen-killing gas is produced from medical oxygen and becomes an unstable multi-atomic free oxygen source with the use of a portable electronic cold plasma or corona discharge process.

Taken into the body rectally, Ozone enters the bloodstream via the portal circulatory system, detoxifies the liver and enters the bloodstream. There it oxidizes the bacterium wherever it is found and deactivates it in vivo, in the bloodstream.

If we analyze the available literature, we come to the conclusion that, as effective as Ozone is against the tick bacterium, so it is also against cancer, AIDS, hepatitis and most bacterial, fungal and viral conditions. Ozone therapy has been practiced in Europe for the past 40 years with tremendous success and practically NO side effects have been reported. There are many sites on the Internet that show information on this subject.

Further advice...

Aside from Ozone treatments, the better the immune system functions and is able to cope with the morphing toxins, the faster it will be eradicated. It is very much like getting bitten by a snake or getting Salmonella poisoning. After a period of crisis, of disease symptoms, the body goes into a healing crisis, regenerates and heals, if given a chance.

Normally, the various antibodies of a good immune system should be able to cope with this assault but the more run-down one is, the worse one's lifestyle is, the more degenerated the diet is, well, you can image that not much energy and strength is left over to fight tick toxins. So, the cleaner the patient lives, the faster he/she will recuperate and none of those possible repercussions, like heart problems, arthritis etc. need to manifest at all.

Addendum by Healing Cancer Naturally: herbal, naturopathic and "alternative" approaches to overcoming Lyme disease

1) Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt who inter alia specialises in Lyme disease treatment has some interesting observations re Lyme to share under Exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation (EMFs and EMRs) Critical protection and avoidance measures.

2) You can read the story of a "hopeless" Lyme disease sufferer who was rescued by alternative medicine after having been left to her own devices by conventional doctors at www.melhorn.de/Borreliose/indexenglish.htm and another serious case history "Lyme disease, Chlamydia, Meningitis Mycoplasma and alternative medicine" at www.melhorn.de/BorrelioseIII/indexenglish.htm . A warning regarding Lyme treatment by antibiotics can be found at http://melhorn.de/Antibiotika/indexenglish.htm .

3) An "energetic" approach has been used by French researchers. Using a patented microcurrent device, they were able to achieve complete remissions in 30 percent of patients in an observational study running over eighteen months. Their report can be downloaded from https://www.electrophotonique.com/ask-download/ .

4) Dr. Wolf-Dieter Storl, an anthropologist, sociologist, and ethnologist as well as author of twenty-eight books on topics such as folk medicine and ethnobotany, overcame his own Lyme disease after researching native healing approaches around the world. He condensed his advice, centered around (but not solely confined to) the use of the root of the Dipsacus (teazel) plant, in the below book.

Healing Lyme Disease Naturally: History, Analysis, and Treatments

by Wolf D. Storl PhD

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