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Most cancers are not found until autopsy. That's because they never caused any symptoms. For example 30–40 times as many cases of thyroid, pancreatic, and prostate cancer are found in autopsy than ever presented to the doctor.

According to a study cited in top British medical journal Lancet 13 Feb 93, early screening often leads to unnecessary treatment: 33% of autopsies show prostate cancer but only 1% die from it. After age 75, half of males may have prostate cancer, but only 2% die from it.

This means simply that the immune system can hold many problems in check, as long as it is not compromised by powerful procedures. Guess which system is the most important to you at this time, more than it's ever been before in your whole life. Right — the immune system. Guess which system suffers most from chemotherapy and radiation. Right again.

So the one time in your life you most need it, your immune system will be weakened by those therapies. If you're one of the few cancer patients who's refused standard treatment from the get-go — good, but your immune system still needs all the help you can give it.

A 1992 study in Journal of the American Medical Association of 223 patients concluded that no treatment at all for prostate cancer actually was better than any standard chemotherapy, radiation or surgical procedure. (Johansson)
Dr Tim O'Shea in TO THE CANCER PATIENT www.thedoctorwithin.com
Compare Cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment: Do be aware!.

I rarely see distant metastasis until after a biopsy — and then it rapidly goes everywhere including the bones.
Vincent Gammill
More on Biopsies

In 2002, a mammogram showed a tiny anomaly in my left breast. Then the nightmare began...
L. P. who has come to consider conventional cancer treatment an “evil industry”
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Having been screened for cancer, you may receive a "false positive" (... tests yielding a false positive ... can be up to one third or 33.33 percent) and consequently receive unnecessary treatment, not to mention the enormous stress of a "cancer scare", itself a possible contributing cause of cancer ... If a screening does find cancer, this does not necessarily mean that it will grow rapidly. Rather, it could reabsorb itself ... It could also remain the same for years, never causing any problem, or it could grow at such a slow pace that it causes no health issues, with the person dying of an unrelated cause before it ever does.
Different diagnoses (cancer positive or negative) are pronounced for the same tissue samples ... pathologists give different opinions as to whether a tissue specimen is cancerous or not.
From Cancer screening in healthy (asymptomatic) people: risks vs. benefits

Unexpected shocks can lead to cancer — brain metastasis wrongly diagnosed
...[Dr] Hamer named the "foci" formed in the brain in response to shocks HHs ("Hamersche Herde"...). ...This brain alteration can be photographed via computer-tomography (CT) ... radiologists have mistaken this phenomenon for a defect in the equipment or a "brain metastasis".
A. Stahel in My Interpretation of New Medicine: A Revolutionary Biological Paradigm

All surgeons performing autopsies and dissections have stated that in many cadavers, one finds callused, encapsulated "cancer vestiges", i.e. remains of tumors the body has broken down and rendered harmless.
Prof. Dr. Dr. Gyula de Szilvay, physician, cancer researcher, author, translated by Healing Cancer Naturally

It's not the results of the "bone scans" or "CTs" which are of crucial importance ... but whether the cancer can be gotten under control or not. While many of the test methods used by us physicians are certainly scientific, they say nothing about the patient's state of health.

Dr. Budwig's approach is not a method of healing cancer but a technique which strengthens the body's own immune defence against cancerous cells.
Dr Armin Grunewald, MD
Compare “Modern Medicine Is Not A Science”.

After one recent survey two pathologists reported that after carrying out 400 post-mortem examinations they had found that in more than half the patients the wrong diagnosis had been made.

This presumably also means that in more than half the patients the wrong treatment had been given. And since so many modern treatments are undeniably powerful it also presumably means that a large proportion of those patients died because of their treatment.

The two pathologists reported that potentially treatable disease was missed in one in seven patients. They found that 65 out of 134 cases of pneumonia had gone unrecognised while out of 51 patients who had suffered heart attacks doctors had failed to diagnose the problem in 18 cases.
Dr. Vernon Coleman, M.D., D. Sc., author of 114 books with translations into 23 languages selling in over 50 countries (from Dr. Vernon Coleman’s article “Modern Medicine Is Not A Science”)

Like so much of what we do, the true benefit, if any, is likely to be confined to a very few patients. One of the major problems in clarifying the discussion lies in getting 'authorities' to clearly define the exact nature of the 'benefit' they claim for the test. For instance, 'early detection of a tumor' is not of benefit unless this leads to a genuine improvement in the quality of life, over that which would have been expected if the tumor had not been detected early.
An M.D./natural physician commenting on the article "Prostate test 'all but useless', Researchers say men put at risk of impotence"

You can never be too cautious in your prognosis, in the view of the great uncertainty of the course of any disease not long watched, and the many unexpected turns it may take... Beware how you take away hope from any human being...It is the height of cruelty and the extreme of impertinence to tell your patient he must die...
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., physician and poet (1809–1894) in his Valedictory Address to medical graduates at Harvard University (10 March 1858), published in The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal Vol. LVIII, No. 8 (25 March 1858), p. 158

Patients who undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are often given drug injections to enhance the quality of scan images. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced that these drugs will now require a black box warning label — the strongest in the industry — because they can cause a rare, and sometimes fatal, condition known as nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy (NFD).
Jonathan Benson

Compare review of Dr. H. Gilbert Welch’s book “Should I Be Tested for Cancer? Maybe Not and Here's Why” (on the risks vs. benefits of cancer screening in healthy [asymptomatic] people) and Alternative Diagnostic/Screening Methods For Detection & Follow-Up of Cancer & Malignant Tumors.

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