Terminal cancer healed without treatment by a return to nature

Given nine months to live, still alive and healthy 40 years later

by Healing Cancer Naturally, copyright © 2019

Stamatis Moraitis was a Greek war veteran who came to the US in 1943 to have his arm treated for a gunshot wound he sustained during world war II. He decided to settle in America, married and had three children.

In 1976 when he was 62, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer confirmed by several doctors. His life expectancy was nine months.

Offered chemotherapy and radiation he decided against it, preferring to die in peace on his native Greek island of Ikaria where he could be buried with his ancestors in a graveyard overlooking the sea.

So he and his wife moved back to his parents's home on Ikaria. He was bed-bound and his wife and mother were looking after him. Preparing for death, he rediscovered his religious roots and on Sundays managed to climb up the hill behind his house to visit the little orthodox chapel in which his grandfather used to serve as a pope. Childhood friends came to visit every afternoon for long conversations and a bottle or two of wine produced on the island. Stamitis thought "I might as well die happy"...

But the weeks passed and he didn't die. Instead, he felt his energy return and he was no longer short of breath as he used to be. He decided to plant vegetables in his parents's garden, not expecting to live long enough to actually eat them.

But he did. To cut a long story short, he started working in the family vineyard and turned into a farmer following the peaceful and relaxed rhythm of the island. Getting up when he felt like it, he worked in the vineyard until the mid-afternoon, fixed himself lunch with lentils or beans, potatoes, homegrown vegetables, a salad made with dandelion or fennel and olive oil. This was followed by a long nap. His evenings were frequently spent in the local tavern playing dominoes deep into the night.

40 years later, he was still alive and finally died at age 102[1] (or 98, there is disagreement about the year of his birth), still free of cancer.

Ironically, when he returned for a visit to his former doctors in the US to tell them about his recovery and ask them how they explained it — they had all died in the meantime.

There is an interview with Stamatis Moraitis at www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVJ1jtkUW_s

What can be learned from this cancer cure regarding the healing of cancer?

This terminal cancer survivor story contains all the crucial foundational elements that promote health and healing — except placebo because Stamatis actually expected to die (which makes it all the more remarkable as a testament to the healing power of a natural lifestyle)!

1 Nutritional change switching to a mediterranean-style diet containing lots of fresh home-grown vegetables and red wine (a rich source of resveratrol which has anticancer effects).

2 Eating wild medicinal plants such as dandelion.

3 Getting many hours of sun or daylight every day.

4 Daily exercise in unpolluted fresh air and a natural environment.

5 Freedom from noxious EMFs.

6 Enjoying his life every day, doing what he wanted following his own rhythm.

7 Support of friends and family: it is well documented that cancer patients surrounded by a support group fare better than those who aren't.

8 A spiritual connection via his faith.

All of these factors combined helped to boost his immune system to the point where it was able to destroy all the malignant cells in his body.

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1 Of interest here is the observation that apparently a number of centenarians have had cancer earlier in their lives, see powerful inspirational quotes.

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