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A natural wonder drug against cancer?

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The Indian D. S. RESEARCH CENTRE has cured thousands of cancer patients — even terminally advanced — with 'SARVAPISTI' — the “wonder medicine” for all types of cancer combining the nutrient energy extracted from 1621 human edibles.

"Nutrient Energy is the sole prescription of Nature for keeping up health, resisting unfavourable conditions of health and curing ailments. Our food is the reservoir of nutrient energy ... which strengthens the immune system and increases the power of resistance against unfavourable conditions that cause diseases and ailments."

Convinced that a) cancer was basically a single disease despite its occurrence in different systems of the human organism, b) that the cause of cancer was extreme deviation in metabolism and c) that this deviation might be removed only with the help of nutrient energy, SARVAPISTI was developed by Shiv Shankar Trivedi and the late U.S. Tiwari.

Applied on terminally ill patients who had been sent home as being beyond the limits of any hospital treatment (but not before destroying the patients' physical vitality and immune system by dangerous chemo drugs), Sarvapisti was able to cure cancers of all forms and stages — acute leukaemia, liver cancer, gall bladder cancer, sarcoma of the bones, astrocytoma and other types of brain cancer, stomach, oesophagus and pancreas cancer as well as dangerously advanced metastatic cases.

A May 2002 article[1] published in The Times of India relates the impressive case of the clinical director of a Center for Radiation Oncology and associate professor of clinical radiology at Cornell University (USA), himself affected by pancreatic cancer, who attributes his cure to Sarvapisti.

When by May 2001, conventional treatment was no longer able to keep his disease under control — the cancer had metastasised to the liver — he began the Sarvapisti treatment. At the time of reporting, he considered himself cured, had regained weight, his liver was functioning and the metastases had dried up.

The D. S. Research Centre‘s book CANCER IS CURABLE NOW contains evidential and scientific details of 111 cancer victors and vivid descriptions of the cancer-curative 'Nutrient Energy Therapy' and other applications.[2]

Note: While not comparable, the Sarvapisti supplement with its 1621 ingredients is remotely reminiscent of the Manda Koso supplement, a fermented fruit and vegetable concentrate from Japan based on 50 edible ingredients which also claims health effects on cancer & other diseases.

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1 "Wonder drug up for expert scrutiny" at .

2 This book may no longer be available.

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