Selecting the Right Cancer Treatment by Using Applied Kinesiology

Excerpted / adapted by Healing Cancer Naturally from article by Paul Winter

Applied Kinesiology is a technique used by some alternative practitioners for diagnosing illness or choosing treatment by testing muscles (often the arm) for strength and weakness. It uses the same type of energy that acupuncture practitioners work with.

It is based on the assumption that everything at its most basic level is some type of energy, so every supplement or cancer treatment also has a unique energy signature which our bodies can detect.

You can use Applied Kinesiology to test the responses of your body to supplements or cancer treatments without actually taking the treatment. To learn more about Applied Kinesiology you can:

  • Contact an Applied Kinesiology practitioner
  • Read the section below "The Energy Relation to Selecting a Cancer Treatment"
  • Purchase the book "Your Body Doesn't Lie" by John Diamond MD. In this book, kinesiological muscle testing is “explained very nicely” as a reader commented: “A wonderful technique — useful and very easy to do.”

The Energy Relation to Selecting a Cancer Treatment

The existence of this type of energy was scientifically proven as early as the 1950s by Russian scientist Nikolai A. Kozyev. His experiments that show how the energy field of one object can affect another object are still being duplicated in laboratories around the world and have never been disproven.

When the energy of a medicine is placed inside the energy field of your body (such as by holding the medicine), the strength of your body is slightly affected. If the medicine is not helpful to you, your body's energy decreases. This drop in energy produces a change in muscle strength which can be detected by someone who has practiced Applied Kinesiology.

Note: Some also recommend and practice using a pendulum (dowsing).

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