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The following information on smart meters complements the advice given on Electromagnetic fields and radiation (EMFs and EMRs): critical protection and avoidance measures since most individuals nowadays are exposed to all the types of noxious radiation discussed.

Smart meters

A smart meter is a device remotely recording electric energy consumption and transmitting the gathered data to the utility (electric company) at regular intervals.

While smart meters are "sold" as a supposedly useful ecological monitoring tool helping households to reduce their energy consumption, real-life experience has shown that smart meters are used as a spying and marketing tool, i.e. not serving the purpose they are supposedly serving.

Once installed, a smart meter sends microwave impulses at 900 megahertz between 17,000 and 190,000 times a day throughout your home. The radiation can be more than 600fold over the standards set as acceptable by the US EPA (which are much too high for health protection to start with).

On health effects of smart meters

According to eminent physician Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, smart meters probably rank as number one in their devastating effect on human health — being actually worse than incoming cell phone tower radiation — with cordless phones coming a close second.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt has observed many cases of formerly healed patients of his (who had been healed of illnesses such as Lyme disease, Parkinson's, autism, asthma, cancer etc.) who six months after installation of a smart meter in their homes relapsed, e.g. brain cancer came back within half a year, seizures and autism resumed etc.

What's more, in his experience even those who continued to feel healthy were affected (compare Reducing electrosensitivity), since after installation of a smart meter, certain sensitive health parameter of these individuals deteriorated:

  • irregular heartbeat developed: this was one of the first warning signs
  • increased blood pressure was the most common newly developed symptom
  • TGF-Beta1 (inflammatory marker) dramatically increased
  • MMP-9 (inflammatory marker) dramatically increased
  • Copper serum level (a marker of chronic inflammation) increased
  • Hormones as well as neurotransmitters and the nervous system became abnormal.

Dr. Klinghardt commented that individuals' lab results who for ten years had tested healthy suddenly started looking like those of a dying person (all of the above made him come to see smart meters as the most noxious of all wireless communication technologies).

Smart meters: what you can do to protect your health

Since utility companies are actively forcing this new technology (the safety of which has never been established) onto people, including installing smart meters while the home owners are away, vigorous remedial action is in order.

  • Do a search for "smart meter lock" and put the device in the position on the wall the utility company would put it in in your absence; send them a letter by registered mail requesting they abstain from installation since there is a highly electrosensitive person in your household who has been shown to suffer severe health effects from exposure to the 900 megahertz wavelength range. This approach has met with success.
  • If you already have had a smart meter installed, put a lead lining between it and the house. The electric company will soon complain since it no longer gets correct readings (make sure to remove the lead shield when they come around to investigate), and will eventually backtrack.
  • Dr Klinghardt even mentions what he jokularly refers to as the "German method": friends of his repeatedly destroyed the device and after three such axings (with the culprits remaining undiscovered since the smart meter was installed on the outside wall of the house), the company returned to the previous system.
  • There are even kits available for DIY replacement of the smart meter with a safe analog meter.
  • Also see takebackyourpower.net and for detailed actions you can take against smart meter installation or for smart meter removal if you already have one installed, www.takebackyourpower.net/take-action/.

Addendum: smart meters can kill directly...

According to a Spanish study into "energy poverty"[1], smart meter technology has caused 7000 deaths in the year 2014 in Spain. The reason: smart meters can be used to switch off electricity remotely. Anyone who can't (or perhaps simply forgets to) pay their electricity bill in time, can and frequently has been cut off their supply at the click of a mouse — with sometimes fatal consequences.

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1 See https://www.cienciasambientales.org.es/index.php/comunicacion/noticias/567-3er-estudio-pobreza-energetica-en-espana-nuevos-enfoques-de-analisis . Also reported in the German Spiegel news magazine on 19 November 2016.

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